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Famous Quotes By Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2109973

God is with me. Jesus is near. The Spirit is greater than my fear. — Ted Dekker

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The good news is, you can love yourself because you, too, are now love. Everything else is of your own making: a lie you believe; a story from an accuser that ravages you and keeps you locked in that cage of hell. — Ted Dekker

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He read reports, examined evidence, and poured more reports up the chain than the Pentagon could read. Nothing short of a human sieve. But in the end he was just one small piece on this game board called war. End of story — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2178047

A Christian in many American circles, for example, means 'right-wing, gun-toting fanatic who hates Democrats.' As such, a pacifist Democrat who called himself a Christian in those circles, would be lying, albeit unwittingly. To most of this world, America is Christian, just as to most Americans being an Arab means being a Muslim. Both labels have only limited usefulness.
I have been called a Christian writer, but I'm not a right-wing, gun-toting fanatic who hates Democrats, not by a long shot. So am I a Christian? Yes and no - it depends on what Christian means to you ... But labels are almost impossible to shed. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1103165

My writing is a very authentic journey of discovery. I'm going out there to learn who I am. My readers, consequently, take the same journey as my protagonist. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1591130

If you could find a way to peel back the skin of this world so to speak, would you really see this supernatural reality that is greater? Is it true that we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers? Every young person wants to know. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1554724

In living we die, in dying we live. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1699690

I'm here to say that you can't make the troubled waters of life go away by defending yourself against them. You can only walk over those troubled waters if you offer peace to them and leave the safety of your boat. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2135490

Talya was so taken by the magnificent creature that for a moment he forgot where he was. But then he remembered, and he looked up to see Saba on both knees, his arms spread wide and his face lifted to the sky, weeping softly. How wonderful was Saba! And beyond Saba, Kahil, seated tall on his stallion, staring at him with black eyes, frozen in shock. Lost. How beautiful was this poor man, so wounded to hurt so many! Still not a soul moved. Talya looked past Kahil to the warriors, who seemed not to know what to do, and beyond them to the platform where the queen and the king stood, staring dumbly. Shaquilath has lost her daughter, Talya thought, and his heart broke with hers. The king has great kindness that's been covered up by fear and greed. How or why these things came to Talya, he didn't know, because he wasn't as much knowing them as experiencing them. And — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 750621

Suffering is an oxymoron. There is unfathomable peace and satisfaction in suffering for Christ. It is as though you have searched endlessly for your purpose in life and now found it in the most unexpected place: In the death of your flesh. It is certainly a moment worth of laughter and dance. And in the end it is not suffering at all. The apostle Paul recommended that we find joy in it. Was he mad? — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 504147

He plunged beneath the surface and knew that these were Elyon's waters, and his lake had no bottom. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 562500

Every moment of your life, every choice and every circumstance, has carved a path to this very moment," Mom said. "You're always exactly where you're meant to be at precisely the perfect time. You can trust that always. When it's dark and when it's light. In those times when you scream at the sky or when you turn your face up to catch the warmth of the sun - you can trust that. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 898170

What then do you think is my advantage over you? — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1755473

Don't wear your mask too long or you might start to forget who's beneath it. -Austin — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1916843

Living is about clucking your tongue and enjoying the sound.
~Slater — Ted Dekker

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But the more I succeeded in the world's eyes, the more I realized that that success itself was only another prison, fashioned by the values of this world. More wealth only demanded I maintain that wealth. More status only begged me to rise higher. And fame ... What a cruel and jealous mistress fame is. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 368466

To know. Not to know about. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1927909

So many Christians today see a system in which they cannot measure up and so they feel unworthy. The church seems to have failed them. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 721381

This will wreck you! Today, treat everyone you meet as if they're going to be dead by midnight. extend all the kindness and understanding you can, and do it with no thought of any reward. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 422132

He knew me. He knew me through and through and he found no shame in me. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1530459

Cause I don't think we ever really get over our childhood. It's always there, waiting. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 215874

The day is brimming with freedom. He took another draw of the air. There's nothing like the clean smell of freedom, wouldn't you say Eden? — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1709115

Another world. Another life. And for me it was much longer than five measly years. A world with more darkness and less hope than I care to remember. Bleak and starless, full of diseased men. It's inside them there. In some ways it makes it worse. You don't know who's diseased and who isn't. You don't know when you've become a Scab. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2154027

These were his people
a strange thought. Maybe not his very own people, as in father, mother, brother, sister, but people just like him. He was lost but not so lost after all. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1140234

But sometimes imperfect tools lead us toward perfect ends. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1440389

To love in any way is to be like a child - it means to be vulnerable, to be wide-eyed, to be selfless. There is no such thing as free love; love is the most
costly expression in the world. To love romantically is to give of
oneself fully and completely, a merging and meshing of souls so
that the twain become a unity. It is to allow the sense of wonder
to fully enrapture. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1944328

The only way to identify with your true identity is to let go of all other identities, and all offense that blocks your vision, and all vain imaginations of what else might fulfill you or save you from trouble in this life and that to come." "This is true surrender," I said. "Walking in the realm of the Father's sovereign presence here on earth, we will find peace in the storms; we will walk on the troubled seas of our lives; we will not be poisoned by the lies of snakes; we will move mountains that appear insurmountable; we will heal all manner of sickness that has twisted minds and bodies. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 682728

Women could be quite crafty, he knew that much. His father said it often. Smarter than men, too, most of the time. You had to know your way around if you wanted to fall in love with a woman. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1556098

Light came into the darkness, but the darkness didn't understand it," Susan said. "Look to the light. Only the light can save you from yourself. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1774222

People reveal their true character when they're off center. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1962092

I'm a skeptic of religious systems, not of the faith. Someday I will be happy to discuss the difference with you. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1554190

In the space of so many scant hours, a new world had lifted the hem of her skirts before him. A world of seething pleasures and sweaty rage. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1642238

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Halleluiah amen, you are dismissed. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1813249

What is pure Bill? Or excellent or admirable? The death of a million people in a flood? God evidently through so. He is incapable of acts that are not admirable, and it is He who brought about the Flood. How about the slaying of children in Jericho? There are a few Bible stories that are not as terrible as they are happy. We just prefer to leave out the terrible part, but that only makes the good anemic. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1621657

I now embrace the pleasures of this life with as much or more passion as I did before, but I do so without expecting those pleasures to provide any more than a foretaste of what is to come - a tremendously liberating knowledge. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1752109

If enslaved to the desire for wealth, let this go. If enslaved by grievance, turn the cheek. If your significance is in being mother or father or wife or husband or child or in having any of these - indeed, if you cling even to your own life - these too let go. Have instead a new mind set upon the kingdom. Do not be anxious, but rather repent - see beyond your old mind, you see? Only have eyes to see what is true beyond what you think. Trust the Father. Then you will master this world with pleasure rather than be mastered by it. Then you will find the power to command any storm. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1847901

What matters isn't our stated belief and doctrine but how we live and what we experience in the story of our lives, as Jesus, John, James, and Paul all make so abundantly clear. It's our actual experience and expression of life that shows us and the world what we truly believe and to what extent we truly love, not what we say we believe or who we say we love. If we say we have faith, but the workings of our life don't reflect that faith, that faith is either asleep or dead. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1883995

What love can you possibly need from the world if you are already full of His? None. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2122744

There's different ways to be impacted by truth. One is to read the scriptures. Another is to read other works by other people who have read the scriptures, non fiction for example. Another is to do studies. Another is to go to a place of worship. Another thing is to sit and listen to someone who's speaking. There's all kinds of ways. Another way is to write. About the truth. Discover the struggle through your character. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 75029

When I sit down to write a novel, I am exploring my own relationship with God, with the struggle between good and evil, my own purpose. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2254677

The Gospels and the Epistles say next to nothing about emotional stability or midlife crises or a bad day at work. But they are practically overflowing with this one word: hope. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2218848

Everything was really a story, penned or thought or acted out at some time by someone. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2199392

There was nothing he could ever do that would cause him to be loved less than he was in that moment - or in any moment of his existence. Nor could he possibly be loved more. Nor could he disappoint the One who'd breathed him into being. Austin was fully known in ways that he couldn't understand, and yet he was fully, completely accepted and treasured."
"How was it possible that such unfathomable perfections would love him so completely? He wasn't perfect; nobody was. And yet, he was loved. He knew that without question. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2169387

Whoever said that a straighten hand was more dramatic than a healed heart? — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2158999

What matters is discovering myself under the veneer, under the layers that are wrapped around me. There are two 'yous'; there's 'you', the real you, and then there's the image. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2148229

Anything unnatural was not naturally believed. Faith, in essence, was unnatural. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2144955

You'll have to learn to control your emotions. They're new, like achild's now, bursting with passion. Never let them fade, or part of you will die. But they cal also destroy you. Hold them dear, but don't let them take hold of you. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2132940

You should know something, Miriam ... God changed our futures yesterday. There's no other explanation for what happened. And it wasn't the first God. If you ever need hlep, you might want to try the second God. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1900774

There is indeed good and there is indeed evil, and both walk the earth. But good has little to do with the forms of religion, and evil has as little to do with so much behavior condemned by religion. Both good and evil vie for the passions of the heart. For love! — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2112192

Because she, too, was the Dark One, wasn't she? They all were, as much as they were all Forest Dwellers, without Elyon's cleansing waters. Yet they were chosen. It was up to them to follow either the one who had made them dark, or the one who had chosen each of them. Teeleh or Elyon. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2054036

The problem with any philosophical consideration is that once you open a door in your mind, you can never close it. Once you learn something, you can never convince your mind that you didn't learn it. If you learn the world is round, you can never fit in with a world that thinks it's flat. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2019775

Will you follow my path and be the light of the world to shine in that darkness? — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2003592

Their lust to win the love of mortals away from God knows no bounds. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 2256117

You're pretty sharp, Clive. Do you believe in God?"
Clive smiled. "I don't know, should I?"
Actually, approaching the matter from a purely logical perspective, yes. All the evidence points to the existence of a creator. The single greatest body of evidence is the dismal failure of man's desperate attempts to come up with a reasonable alternative, beginning with evolution. I've always looked at the universe and seen a creator as plainly as most people who look at the ocean see water. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1943902

Born of Black and White, Eaten with worms, I'm a Saint, a Sinner, a Siren of the Word, The Circle knows me, the rest just wanna trip on Grace Juice, Baby Showdown at midnight — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1941571

It's the sorrow you feel that allows you to crave love. Without the suffering, there would be no true pleasure. Without tears, no joy. Without deficiency, no longing. This is the secret of the human heart, Rom. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1913477

Let go of your right to take offense at all that ever threatened you and all that threatens you still. Release the fear your understanding shows you in this storm. Turn even the other cheek. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 463442

Mine was less a crisis of doctrine than a crisis of experience. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 872737

My journey is so similar to everyone else's journey, because we all are human. We all have been defeated by the powers of darkness, and we all find redemption in the light of Christ. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 826227

The Beatles insisted he let it be, let it be. Stephen ejected the tape from his eight-track and threw it on the floor of the passenger seat. Whispered words of wisdom, please. They had no idea. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 753476

How can there be love without a true choice? Would you suggest that man be stripped of the capacity to love? — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 733416

Your history is no less important to your survival than your ability to breathe. In the end, you can only determine whether to saturate your memories with pain or with perspective. Forgetting is not an option. I tell you the truth now: Pain was not God's plan for this life. It is a reality, but it is not a part of the plan. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 711721

Never mistake a woman as an opportunity for bliss. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 706860

What attention would death pay to his pathetic voice? He was powerless without her. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 687010

That's it?" Jason asked. "You spent an hour talking about how lucky you were to be dying?"
No, not dying, Son. Living. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 676766

You will only see who you are and thus be who you are as you surrender your attachment to all other identities, — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 496747

If you look to anyone to satisfy your longing, you will think you need something more than him and what he has made you to be complete and at peace. The expectation of fulfillment in relationships will always fail you, and you will hold grievances that darken your world. You will become blind to the light that guides to the narrow path. You were taught this on the mountain alone, and yet among others you forget. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 486242

There's always risk in life's most rewarding pursuits, isn't there? — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 908645

You want to forget your pain. I mean to tell you that doing that will only cause you more hurt. - Khai — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 452009

The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 451273

You never read Spider-Man? Accepting your true identity means understanding that you are a stranger to this world. A freak, ostracized by the very people you want to help. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 430432

Evil was predictable, always painfully expected. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 404322

It seems as though we Christians have developed a nasty habit of leading people into a radical encounter with God's unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, and union only to spend the ensuing years teaching them how to become close to God to earn his approval. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 344947

Her fear was gone, not only mostly, but completely, because it had been sustained by an illusion that was no longer part of her reality. The — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 263336

Keep your words. This pain is no life." "You only feel pain because you're alive, boy!" the keeper thundered. "This is the mystery of it. Life is lived on the ragged edge of the cliff. Fall off and you might die, but run from it and you are already dead! — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 258790

All my books are very spiritual. I started out writing what was most natural to me, many years ago, which is religious, because I grew up in the jungle, the son of missionaries. I want to know, is God real? What's a priest's role? — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 213475

How can you hope to recognize good and evil for what they truly are if you have no belief in a moral authority greater than yourself? — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 212006

The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness cannot understand it — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 176628

I never write my stories as a wake-up call as such. I simply explore the kinds of situations that I find personally challenging by placing characters into situations that challenge them in similar ways. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1140332

Most people are quite dense. They like little white houses with big stained-glass churches and prefer to do their killing with looks and words behind one another's backs."
He paused.
"Welcome to my house. No secrets allowed. Here we all do our killing with guns and axes and knives. It's more bloody than what most people are accustomed to, yes, but it's far less brutal. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1505443

He didn't think of the rot as a disease. His mind was sharp, but he'd been swallowed by lies that had long ago persuaded him that this was the way all good men should look and move and feel. Pain was natural. The smell of rotting flesh was more a scent of wholesome humanity than a stench. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1479407

And yet when you get right down to it, we're all the same - rich, poor, old, young, fat, skinny, white, brown, or purple - pick your costume, none of it really matters too much. What does matter is whether or not we take offense when we think we've been wronged, regardless of who we think we are or what costume we're wearing. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1431164

Not wonderful that you've forgotten, mind you. Wonderful that you have so much to discover. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1393320

It is critical that writers who embrace the light of Christ's redemptive love characterize the darkness arrayed against us in a way that is consistent with its true nature. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1326767

They were truly new people. No longer Forest People, certainly not the Horde. They were outcasts. They were the chosen. Those who had died. Those who lived. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1240682

In the same way, we who are clothed in Christ have great power and none greater than to love - without which, to quote Paul, the rest is nothing. But only in surrendering the old business suit do we see who we really are. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1206801

She blinked and looked back at me. "Lazarus? He's changed. He was always close to Yeshua, but now they seem to share something words cannot express. At times I think he cannot truly understand what happened to him." "What does he say?" She hesitated. "He has no fear of death now. None. Truly, I believe he longs to be absent of body once again. He saw much but can explain little. But more, Lazarus knows only love for others now. It seems he has become a child once again. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1204687

A person who finds silence and solitude boring is a person who is himself boring, empty of anything worth consideration. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1197706

When you have a desperate love for God,' Father Micheal would say, 'the comforts of this world feel like paper flowers. They are easily put aside. If you really have God's love. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1157230

Elyon was restoring the Great Romance. Teeleh had stolen his first love, but now Justin had reclaimed her. The price had been his own life. He'd taken her disease on himself and he'd drowned with it, inviting them to embrace his invitation to the Romance by following him into the lake to drown with him. To live as his bride! — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1517999

When the world hates you, remember that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you. But you do not belong to the world. I have brought you out of the world and that is why it hates you. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1109241

The Great Romance is for you. If only one of you would have followed me, the heavens would not have been able to contain my cries of joy. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1071574

I've always wanted to go to the desert. It's so vast. Uncaring of the rest of the world. It's just there, no matter what else happens. Golden sands and towering rocks. Coyotes that roam the land, free. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 1061092

Everything I've written up to this point is crap. Now I'm going to write the real one — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 995479

She suddenly began to jump up and down, screaming at the top of her lungs. "The arks are after me! The arks are after me! Help me, the arks are after me!"
"The arks! You don't understand, I have the ring and the arks are after me!"
(and so the police officer is puzzled long enough for Miriam and Seth to escape) — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 984146

Perfect, that's our plan then. But you'll have to give up being a priest first. I wouldn't want to just sit around whispering and sipping hot chocolate. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 954293

As Paul wrote, a love that is patient, showing no jealousy or arrogance, keeping no record of wrong, not seeking its own and not provoked by another's behavior. These are the evidences of true love which flows from those who know the Father and His limitless love for them. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 950453

- It's their way. They don't understand suffering like we do. They live with it every day.
- It's not their way. It's the way of Teeleh. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 924149

It's rude to run off a guest.
It's rude to wear out your welcome. — Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker Quotes 923177

Most believers struggle to really believe in the supernatural as a meaningful, deterministic reality except during moments when they are drawn to it, perhaps during a worship service or while reading a novel like 'Adam.' Being drawn to this truth is the first step to living a life in accordance to this truth. — Ted Dekker