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Famous Quotes By Sherryl Jordan

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Always at the heart of my life there has been fire. — Sherryl Jordan

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This love frightens me, it causes me fear and ecstasy and pain and a thousand other things I never knew I could feel.
It terrifies me, leaves me wounded and open and vulnerable.
But I want you to know it exists.
And I want you to know that if there ever comes a day in your life when you want my love, then it is here.
I will be here.
That is all I want you to know. — Sherryl Jordan

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Those silent times, those times when I was one with the mountains, earth and the black stones that held fire - those times were the strength and joy of my life. — Sherryl Jordan

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What is your name?' she asked.

The youth ignored her, lowering his eyelids against the sun. She repeated her question. Again he ignored her, so she touched his arm, and he turned his head and looked at her, suddenly back from his own world, his eyes wary, half afraid. But he saw no anger in her; only the stains of tears, and an awful despair. His face changed, and a look of profound sorrow and compassion came over him. Very slowly he lifted his hand and wiped the tears from her cheeks. No other man could have touched her that morning; but the mad youth, with his extraordinary tenderness, gave such a depth of consolation that she found herself leaning her cheek against his hand, and sobbing. He wept with her, and there wove between them an understanding, a unity deep and poignant and powerful. — Sherryl Jordan

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Never had I been so conscious of the earth of the toughness and fragility and flowing life of it.
I realised for the first time that the stones were not dead, nor the dust devoid of life, nor the waters vacuous.
Our earth lived.
It lived and breathed and sang and flowed and ached, in ever tiny part.
And it's singing called to me - whispered, hummed, through the skin of my feet, through my whole self, until with all my being I was attuned to it. — Sherryl Jordan

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I ran then, following the power, ran with joy and a wild, winging certainty, right into the hearth of everything I loved.
And there was no earth, no cold, no dust, nor stones nor water rushing past; but only this joy, this singing, awesome flight straight into the soul of God.
Into fire. — Sherryl Jordan

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They cannot put their stamp upon your soul — Sherryl Jordan

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Victory does not always come with trumpet-blasts and glory. — Sherryl Jordan

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I want you to come with me when i go. But maybe you will not see your cave again, or the stonee rings where we danced. We will maybe not stay near the sea. Will you be happy?
If I can see your face, he signed, I'll be happy.
he embraced her again. For a long time they stayed with their arms about each other, and Marnie did not notice that the potatoes in the embers were burning black, or that the rabbit had jumped out of its box and was drinking the cup of ale she had placed on the hearth to warm for Father Brannan. — Sherryl Jordan

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Her spirit is all spit and fire — Sherryl Jordan

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Be cool, my fevered brain.
And it wouldn't hurt you, body, to take a tumble in the snow. — Sherryl Jordan

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People don't lose their lives, Your Majesty. Their lives are taken from them, or else they lay them down themselves."
And which will be your fate, Gabriel?"
I'll lay mine down, Lady. — Sherryl Jordan

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The earth grieves, and I grieve, and I am weary of the fight — Sherryl Jordan

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No matter what happens tomorrow," she whispered, "they can never take away today — Sherryl Jordan

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And it was then, watching him eat before me, that I realised there was inconsistency in him. He said there was no difference between Chosen and Quelled; he said men were not more sacred than women, nor women less than men; he said we were side by side, matched in every way; he said all these things - but his life spoke differently. He still ate before me, first, as my lord. And in that simple act, he undid all his words. — Sherryl Jordan