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Shannon MacLeod Quotes & Sayings

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Lunch looks grand, Meg. You've really outdone yourself," James commented, loading his plate. He frowned down at an escaping carrot extending precariously over the plate edge and
eased it back with his fingertip, then grunted and promptly stuck the burnt digit in his mouth. "I've been trying to eat better, organic and all. Are these vegetables free range?" he asked with a straight face.
The table fell silent as several sets of eyes blinked owlishly back at him. With an equally straight face Beth speared a roasted wedge and studied it. "I don't think potatoes require much
grazing room, genius," she deadpanned. — Shannon MacLeod

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Here's a secret for ye, mo chridhe," Maggie smiled, smoothing his hair back from his forehead, "nothing ever dies. The gift stays the same, no matter the wrapping. — Shannon MacLeod

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Sweet bleedin' Jesus," Faolan exploded, snatching up the shirt and yanking it back down over her head in one fluid movement. "Do ye think to display yerself for every man on the
beach? Ye doona allow me to look and I'm bloody livin' with ye. — Shannon MacLeod

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I'm going to make the coffee, and then we're going to have the personal space talk. — Shannon MacLeod

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I'm not holding out a whole lot of hope for you," she snapped. "And quit calling me that. I liked it when I thought you loved me, but I'm not particularly fond of your endearments right now. Or you, for that matter. — Shannon MacLeod