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I take my own experience and other assassinations through history and get a lot into the drone program, which doesn't work, as well. — Robert Baer

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It seems to me it's always the evil we refuse to see that does us the greatest harm. — Robert Baer

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My take on the torture thing and even drones is: If we're going to get into assassination and torture, the second question is the morality, but the first is the effectiveness of it. — Robert Baer

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I don't trust American intelligence. You look at the torture report from the Senate: People inside the CIA are saying that it doesn't work, and we're getting the information not from torture, but simply from questioning people. — Robert Baer

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Did bin Laden act alone, through his own al-Qaida network, in launching the attacks? About that I'm far more certain and emphatic: no. — Robert Baer

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Bethlehem was God with us, Calvary was God for us, and Pentecost is God in us. — Robert Baer

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Egypt is the next domino to fall and, as they say, so goes Egypt so goes the Middle East. — Robert Baer

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Destroying Iraq was the greatest strategic blunder this country has made in its history. Unless we change course, there's every reason to believe the Iraq War will end up changing the United States more than it will ever change Iraq. — Robert Baer

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I truly believe that if torture had worked and there was a case to be made for it, we would see that on the front pages of the American press. — Robert Baer

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The CIA is an incompetent bureaucracy, generally. — Robert Baer