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You've no choice with whom you fall in love with.Love finds us at the most unexpected times in our lives.One dare & I fell hopelessly in love with the one man who has the potential to help me move forward from my past. — Rebecca Shea

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You were the brightest star in my darkest moment. Every wish, every dream, every hope I had that vanished was replaced with something better - you. — Rebecca Shea

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People say death is scary, and I used to be scared. I used to fear death. But death doesn't scare me anymore. I welcome it. — Rebecca Shea

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don't go" I whisper "love me enough to stay". — Rebecca Shea

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There is nowhere in the world I'd rather be than buried deep within her. All of her. Her body. Her heart. Her soul. She is the good I seek. She is the pure I long to be. She is worth everything I will give up to be with her. — Rebecca Shea

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We will get thru this, together. You and I. Nothing will break us, ever. Not this. Do you hear me Jess? Nothing. We're Unbreakable. — Rebecca Shea

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We all have scars; some scars can be seen and others cannot. Every scar has a story and every story needs to be told. — Rebecca Shea