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Easier to demonize than to understand, and that's the truth on both sides of every war. — Plague Jack

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In the Queen's dream she ran hazily through an emerald mist. Behind her trailed caricatures of elves. Their bodies were shadows, long and twisted. Just one of their strides covered two of hers. They were like harlequins, and their smiles gleamed white as they fired arrows that left bare trails in the Nixus. She looked over her shoulder just as an arrow sliced at her face and severed locks of her scarlet hair. Her bones made an unpleasant jolt as the Queen hit what felt like a wall. A great shadow towered over her, its face a porcelain white mask. Unlike the elves, however, the figure did not smile. Claws plucked her from the fog as if she were a child's toy, and the shadow's mask flipped open, revealing a familiar face. — Plague Jack

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Mortals live but their souls are little more than raw energy coursing through flesh. When they die that energy is broken down and returned to the cosmos. There is no heaven, and no hell. Only delusion. — Plague Jack

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The innocent curiosity of children gives them astounding courage. — Plague Jack