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These waters are sacred to us and for you to be allowed to swim in these waters is a rare honour. What are you waiting for?"
Vartan turned to look at Trisa.
She winked at him and whispered, "Don't worry young man, I've seen it all before. You have nothing to be shy around me for."
"I wasn't ... " began Vartan, his cheeks reddening, "Never mind. — Peter Koevari

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Our destinies are riddled with challenges that have a tendency to ruin well laid plans. Many have attempted to take fate into their own hands and have been unsuccessful in changing it.
Others find that their paths differ from what they have dreamed for themselves. We must be aware that our choices may come back to haunt us later in life, but to trust that is is all part of fate's desing. — Peter Koevari

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You can't expect to conquer the world in one day, you know. All good things will come in time. — Peter Koevari

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I suppose that one's years spent living do not reflect a measure of our souls or strength of character. — Peter Koevari

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True evil can indeed be defeated, but it can never be completely eradicated. Even if you destroy every dark soul that comes your way, others will rise up to replace them. — Peter Koevari

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In the blood of scales and days of kings,
Will come a boy to save us all.
Let us pray to the gods above, our voices large and small.
For all we fear in the shadows, will be destroyed with light.
Talonsphere will rise from the ground, and bring fire to the night. — Peter Koevari

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Some consider me as a bad influence, but I prefer to see myself as indifferent. To define an act as good or evil is solely to see an action from one perspective or another. A mortal who kills another in the act of vengeance is branded a murderer, but a mortal who kills another in the heat of the battle is celebrated as a hero. — Peter Koevari

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I can only show you the doors, you must choose one to walk through and discover what you find on the other side. — Peter Koevari

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To die in a battle is often referred to as a heroic act, but I will never understand that. What glory is there in bleeding to death in agony on the battlefield? I have no intention of dying at the hands of my enemy. — Peter Koevari