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Successful Events Quotes By Atul Gawande

In psychology, there's something called the broken-leg problem. A statistical formula may be highly successful in predicting whether or not a person will go to a movie in the next week. But someone who knows that this person is laid up with a broken leg will beat the formula. No formula can take into account the infinite range of such exceptional events. — Atul Gawande

Successful Events Quotes By Svante E. Cornell

The subsequent course of events there (in the Republic of Georgia) confirmed the truth that if America or the West as a whole fails to shape the aftermath of wars in areas of vital interests, unfriendly powers will do so, and with dangerous consequences for the West. Among the likely consequences of Russia's successful aggression in this instance are the likely permanent truncation of Georgia, its long-term exclusion from NATO, further division within NATO, and the emboldening of Russia to take further military actions in neighboring countries when it considered it necessary to do so. — Svante E. Cornell

Successful Events Quotes By Niccolo Machiavelli

When fortune wishes to bring mighty events to a successful conclusion, she selects some man of spirit and ability who knows how to seize the opportunity she offers. — Niccolo Machiavelli

Successful Events Quotes By Jack Canfield

Leaders cannot work in a vacuum. They may take on larger, seemingly more important roles in an organization, but this does not exclude them from asking for and using feedback. In fact, a leader arguably needs feedback more so than anyone else. It's what helps a leader respond appropriately to events in pursuit of successful outcomes. — Jack Canfield

Successful Events Quotes By Ilham Aliyev

Events and developments that we have observed in 2014, prove that this year will be very difficult for the world economy, but thoughtful economic policy, diversification and unity between the country's leadership and people guarantee that this year will be successful for us. — Ilham Aliyev

Successful Events Quotes By Robert M. Gates

..."the unpredictability of war - that once the first shots are fired or first bombs fall, as Churchill said, the political leader loses control. Events are in the saddle. It seems that every war is begun with the assumptions it will be short. In nearly every instance, going back far into history, that assumption has been wrong. And so it happened again in Iraq and Afghanistan, as swift and successful regime changes gave way to long and bloody conflicts. In light of history, how could anyone have been surprised that our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan took unanticipated turns? — Robert M. Gates

Successful Events Quotes By Jeet Banerjee

Failure is an event, something that happens at a specific time on a certain day. If you want to be successful, you have to embrace failure and get back up every single time. — Jeet Banerjee

Successful Events Quotes By Jacqueline Ripstein

In the School of Life events, situations, and the people you have attracted to be part of your personal experiences are synchronized perfectly in order to teach you the lessons that need to be learned. They show you exactly what is needed to be successful in your Life. — Jacqueline Ripstein

Successful Events Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

If we try to do the events of tomorrow today, we may not become successful. — Sunday Adelaja

Successful Events Quotes By Christine Stovell

He's been a bit grumpy since Potato Day.'
She heard Gethin choke back a laugh.
'He set up an all-day workshop on all things potato after reading up about successful winter events at other nurseries,' she went on, unable to hide her own amusement. 'It was a terrible failure. Hardly anyone turned up apart from our poet, Wilfie, who wrote a Potat-Ode to celebrate the occasion. — Christine Stovell

Successful Events Quotes By Maxwell Maltz

Successful people are able to rise above crises by relaxing no matter what the external situation. Their belief in themselves, the strength of their self-image is impenetrable armor, which protects them against shattering events. — Maxwell Maltz

Successful Events Quotes By A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Within the mind are all the resources required for successful living. Ideas are present in the consciousness, which when released and given scope to grow and take shape, can lead to successful events. — A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Successful Events Quotes By Brian Baumgartner

I moved to Los Angeles, and 'The Office' became successful, and the charity/cocktail party circuit is really not my scene. But I played golf, and I started getting invited to charity golf events, and I just fell in love with the game ten-fold, and at a lot of these events, there were athletes. — Brian Baumgartner

Successful Events Quotes By Bill Johnson

A successful story always offers its audience more than a simple resolution of events. A story offers a dramatic affirmation of human needs that are acted out to resolution and fulfillment. Even when that resolution and fulfillment are dark, the journey can still be vivid, potent and illuminating. — Bill Johnson

Successful Events Quotes By Bill Rancic

Ask any successful person to look back over the events of his or her life, and chances are there'll be a turning point of one kind or another. It doesn't matter if that success has come on a ball field or in a boardroom, in a research laboratory or on a campaign trail - it can usually be traced to some pivotal moment. — Bill Rancic

Successful Events Quotes By George Ellwanger

To remember a successful salad is generally to remember a successful dinner; at all events, the perfect dinner necessarily includes the perfect salad. — George Ellwanger

Successful Events Quotes By Daniel Quinn

The theory I'm putting forward here is that storytelling is a genetic characteristic in the sense that early human hunters who were able to organize events into stories were more successful than hunters who weren't - and this success translated directly into reproductive success. In other words, hunters who were storytellers tended to be better represented in the gene pool than hunters who weren't, which (incidentally) accounts for the fact that storytelling isn't just found here and there among human cultures, it's found universally. — Daniel Quinn