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Top Pilgrim's Progress Quotes

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Charles Spurgeon

Next to the Bible, the book I value most is John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. I believe I have read it through at least a hundred times. It is a volume of which I never seem to tire; and the secret of its freshness is that it is so largely compiled from the Scriptures. — Charles Spurgeon

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By John Bunyan

Follow your heart — John Bunyan

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Marilynne Robinson

It seems these days as if the right to bear arms is considered by some a suitable remedy for the tendency of others to act on their freedoms of speech, press, and assembly, and especially of religion in ways and degrees these arms-bearing folk find irksome. Reverence for the sacred integrity of every pilgrim's progress through earthly life seems to be eroding. — Marilynne Robinson

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

Truth should be the very breath of our life. When once this state in the pilgrim's progress is reached, all other rules of correct living will come without any effort, and obedience to them will be instinctive. — Mahatma Gandhi

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By George MacDonald

No words can express how much the world owes to sorrow. Most of the Psalms were born in the wilderness. Most of the Epistles were written in a prison. The greatest thoughts of the greatest thinkers have all passed through fire. The greatest poets have "learned in suffering what they taught in song." In bonds Bunyan lived the allegory that he afterwards wrote, and we may thank Bedford Jail for the Pilgrim's Progress. Take comfort, afflicted Christian! When God is about to make pre-eminent use of a person, He put them in the fire. — George MacDonald

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Doris Kearns Goodwin

In Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress," he began, "you may recall the description of the Man with the Muck-rake, the man who could look no way but downward." Bunyan's muckraker, he suggested, "typifies the man who in this life consistently refuses to see aught that is lofty, and fixes his eyes with solemn intentness only on that which is vile and debasing. — Doris Kearns Goodwin

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By John Bunyan

O my Mansoul, I have lived, I have died, I live, and I will die no more for thee. I live that thou mayest not die. Because I live thou shalt live also; I reconciled thee to my Father by the blood of My cross, and being reconciled thou shalt live through me. I will pray for thee, I will fight for thee, I will yet do thee good.
Nothing can hurt thee but sin; nothing can grieve Me but sin; nothing can make thee base before thy foes but sin; take heed of sin, my Mansoul. — John Bunyan

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Mark Twain

Pilgrim's Progress , about a man that left his family, it didn't say why. I read considerable in it now and then. The statements was interesting, but tough. — Mark Twain

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Samuel Johnson

Was there ever yet anything written by mere man that was wished longer by its readers, excepting Don Quixote, Robinson Crusoe, and the Pilgrim's Progress? — Samuel Johnson

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Hope Jahren

We plowed through Chaucer, and I learned to assist her using the Middle English dictionary. One year we spent the winter painstakingly noting each instance of symbolism within Pilgrim's Progress on separate recipe cards, and I was delighted to see our pile grow to be thicker than the book itself. She set her hair in curlers while listening to records of Carl Sandburg's poems over and over, and instructed me on how to hear the words differently each time. After discovering Susan Sontag, she explained to me that even meaning itself is a constructed concept, and I learned how to nod and pretend to understand. My — Hope Jahren

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

From a child I was fond of reading, and all the little money that came into my hands was ever laid out in books. Pleased with the 'Pilgrim's Progress,' my first collection was of John Bunyan's works in separate little volumes. — Benjamin Franklin

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Thomas A Kempis

If you wish to stand and progress as you ought, hold yourself an exile and a pilgrim on the earth. — Thomas A Kempis

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Frederica Mathewes-Green

As I ponder my pilgrim's progress to Orthodoxy, however, I realize that I didn't make the trip alone, but in a two-seater. And I wasn't the one driving. — Frederica Mathewes-Green

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By H. Richard Niebuhr

It is imperative that the past of the pilgrims' progress be intentionally carried forward into the present as we work into our future. Without it we cannot know who we are, why we are here, or where we can go. Without a common past to live out of we become aimless and wandering individuals instead of a pilgrim people. — H. Richard Niebuhr

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Wallace Stegner

Ambition is a path, not a destination, and it is essentially the same path for everybody. No matter what the goal is, the path leads through Pilgrim's Progress regions of motivation, hard work, persistence, stubbornness, and resilience under disappointment. Unconsidered, merely indulged, ambition becomes a vice; it can turn an man into a machine that knows nothing but how to run. Considered, it can be something else - pathway to the stars, maybe. I suspect that what makes hedonists so angry when they think about overachievers is that the overachievers, without benefit of drugs or orgies, have more fun. — Wallace Stegner

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By John Bunyan

When he was taken this last time, he was preaching on these words, viz.:Dost thou believe the Son of God? And this imprisonment continued six years, and when this was over, another short affliction, which was an imprisonment of half a year, fell to his share. During these confinements he wrote the following books, viz.: Of Prayer by the Spirit: The Holy City's Resurrection: Grace Abounding: Pilgrim's Progress, the first part. — John Bunyan

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Samuel Taylor Coleridge

On Pilgrim's Progress: I could not have believed beforehand that Calvinism could be painted in such exquisitely delightful colors. — Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By George Bernard Shaw

In an article on Bunyan lately published in the "Contemporary Review" - the only article on the subject worth reading on the subject I ever saw (yes, thank you, I am familiar with Macaulay's patronizing prattle about "The Pilgrim's Progress") etc. — George Bernard Shaw

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Carl Jung

In my case Pilgrim's Progress consisted in my having to climb down a thousand ladders until I could reach out my hand to the little clod of earth that I am. — Carl Jung

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Joel Osteen

John Bunyan, author of the classic book the Pilgrim's Progress, said "You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who cannot pay you back." Make a decision that you will live to give. Be on the lookout each day for somebody you can bless. Don't' live for yourself; learn to give yourself away, and your life will make a difference. — Joel Osteen

Pilgrim's Progress Quotes By Eric Weiner

The name itself is trouble. "Slough" means, literally, muddy field. A snake sloughs, or sheds, its dead skin. John Bunyan wrote of the "slough of despond" in Pilgrim's Progress. In the 1930s, John Betjeman wrote this poem about Slough: Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough! It isn't fit for humans now, There isn't grass to graze a cow, Swarm over, Death! Then he got nasty. To this day, the residents of Slough rankle when anyone mentions the poem. The town's reputation as a showpiece of quiet desperation was cemented when the producers of the TV series The Office decided to set the show in Slough. — Eric Weiner