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When Michael died I was tipped over the edge. I was beyond grief. — Paula Yates

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My mother was always in those films where it's the end of the world and a meteor's about to hit London; there's only six people left, and one of them's in purple underwear. That was always my mother, running from this meteor in purple underwear and spraining her ankle. — Paula Yates

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Now I'm starting, relatively, to think straight again. I live one day at a time, one hour at a time. What makes it all worthwhile is my children. — Paula Yates

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I don't remember my parents together, ever: my father was much older, and really only interested in collecting magazines and bathroom suites; we were the only family in the area to have a bathroom suite on the lawn. — Paula Yates

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You might think about putting some heavy-duty hooks into the ceiling joists and beams so that you can have a rope ladder, or a small swing inside your house. — Paula Yates

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Until Eve gave him the apple, Adam didn't even know he wasn't wearing underpants. — Paula Yates

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I don't think that sleeping with one of the owners gives you the advantages people think it does. — Paula Yates