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... there is a very fine line between lust and anger; both are passionate emotions. — Sarah West

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Anti-submarine warfare is the military version of chess. You must work out what the enemy is going to do before they even think of it. — Sarah West

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Years at sea probably explains why I'm single. But every person in the military makes sacrifices. — Sarah West

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I don't know what this feeling is... I only know that I feel safe in your arms. My heart races every time I see you, I can't catch my breath when I'm around you, and I'm on fire whenever you touch me... — Sarah West

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I am very proud to be taking command of a Type 23 frigate, which is an extremely flexible warship, and I'm looking forward to taking HMS Portland on operations with a professional and focused team. — Sarah West

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Don't gape at me, Logan, everyone sees the way you look at her, how you watch over her like a hawk. You're too protective of her. Combine that with your competitive nature, add a dash of lust and a pinch of anger, and you have a perfect recipe for trouble. — Sarah West

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I worked as a trainee manager for two years after leaving university - then got bored with the nine to five. — Sarah West

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I realized that a life without you in it was meaningless. The adventure I was living seemed so dull and lackluster when compared to the way my heart fills with happiness when I see you. I could give it all up, and start a new adventure with you, as husband and wife. Let me protect you, let me take care of you. Let me love you. — Sarah West

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Taking command of HMS Portland is definitely the highlight of my 16 years in the Navy. It is a challenge that I am fully trained for and ready to undertake. — Sarah West