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Famous Quotes By Pam Bachorz

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I'm done waiting for someone, even my father, to save me. Today I'm the one who will be doing the saving. — Pam Bachorz

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But I can't leave, not yet. I'll stay with her until sunrise. If I brace my feet, I won't slide. I can rest my cheek on the roof tile and still see her. Pacing. Pulling her hair.
"I'll fix you," I tell her. "I promise."
Even though I don't know how.
It's better than good-bye. — Pam Bachorz

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You have points on the tip of your ears." she tilts her head and stares at me." like a big, tall elf. — Pam Bachorz

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We don't talk; it's family night, not miracle night. — Pam Bachorz

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It's disgusting. They melted my girl down and poured her into their mold. And this perversion is what she cooled into. I can't be near her. Can't see her, smell her, hear her voice chirping like a bird.
I tell her the same thing I've been whispering every night on the roof. I'm sorry. It's my fault. — Pam Bachorz

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Cookie!" The kid holds up a carrot with the feathery green still attached to the top.
The woman gives me a wide-eyed don't say anything look and walks away fast. — Pam Bachorz

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In a few minutes nobody will know what I did. Everything will be perfect again. Except for my life.
[Oscar Banks] — Pam Bachorz

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I run my hands down her bare arms. Shoulders to elbows to wrists. She has goose bumps, even in the muggy Florida night. Maybe that's because of me.
Sometimes I forget she likes me the same way I like her. — Pam Bachorz

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She drew me. But not who I see in the mirror. Nia saw the Oscar i keep hidden. And she put him on paper.
Nobody sees the real me. — Pam Bachorz