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Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

Let's remind ourselves that to be compassionate and forgiving doesn't mean we are endorsing dysfunctional behaviour. On the contrary, it's essential the harm that was inflicted upon us is properly validated and grieved. Forgiveness isn't an intellectual concept or an airy-fairy idea. It's a painstaking process. To be compassionate and to forgive mean we are gradually letting go of poisonous, toxic feelings that are trapped in our minds and bodies. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

It's important to be aware that many families are dysfunctional, but we can change the patterns. Even if a child grew up in an aggressive or addictive household, they can heal and move past that with immense emotional resilience, wisdom and gratitude. This is what recovery can offer anyone who, like you, is open-minded, willing and ready to explore self-awareness and take action. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Jacob Nordby

Every pain, addiction, anguish, longing, depression, anger or fear
is an orphaned part of us
seeking joy,
some disowned shadow
wanting to return
to the light
and home
of ourselves. — Jacob Nordby

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Josh Lanyon

How sad that I couldn't get myself sober to share a life with him, but I could do it to show him I didn't need him. — Josh Lanyon

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Amy Reed

And now they're telling me I have to get rid of the only thing that loosens its grip. That's the irony, isn't it? [...] The thing that helped has become the thing that imprisons us. We keep feeding it and it keeps wanting more. This is a disease that tries to convince you that you don't have it. This is a disease where the medicine that gives relief is the same thing that kills you. — Amy Reed

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Doreen Dyet

She realized with shock now that her current husband also had a mistress. Her name was cocaine. — Doreen Dyet

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Bessel A. Van Der Kolk

How many mental health problems, from drug addiction to self-injurious behavior, start as attempts to cope with the unbearable physical pain of our emotions? If Darwin was right, the solution requires finding ways to help people alter the inner sensory landscape of their bodies. Until recently, this bidirectional communication between body and mind was largely ignored by Western science, even as it had long been central to traditional healing practices in many other parts of the world, notably in India and China. Today it is transforming our understanding of trauma and recovery. — Bessel A. Van Der Kolk

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Marya Hornbacher

There are a lot of times the heart burrows deeper, goes tunnelling into itself for reasons only the heart itself seems to know.They are times of isolation, of hibernation, sometimes of desolation. There is a bareness that spreads out over the interior landscape of the self, a bareness like tundra, with no sign of life in any direction, no sign of anything beneath the frozen crust of ground, no sign that spring ever intends to come again. — Marya Hornbacher

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Russell Brand

What was so painful about Amy's death is that I know that there is something I could have done. I could have passed on to her the solution that was freely given to me. Don't pick up a drink or drug, one day at a time. It sounds so simple; it actually is simple but it isn't easy; it requires incredible support and fastidious structuring. — Russell Brand

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

It was only when I started to reconnect with my inner child four years into recovery (I was over four years clean and sober off drugs and alcohol) and started to attend a love addiction support group that I was able to trust again and have faith that there are just as many honest and trustworthy women as there are women who are not interested in monogamy.
However, it was after ten years of continuous recovery that I started to really dig deep into my childhood grief work and was finally able to reclaim my inner child. I started to take risks again. On a practical level, you can't get very far in this world if you resent and distrust the opposite sex and, sadly, many men and women suffer in this area. Rather than celebrating the opposite sex, they fear them. Empathy and self-compassion has helped me in this area too. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

The Karpman drama triangle is a classic model of codependent behaviour. First of all, a codependent will rescue someone. Then, when their 'brave and charitable' work hasn't been acknowledged, they become very angry at the person they have attempted to rescue. And finally, they start to feel like a victim. They feel sorry for themselves and complain how the person they rescued never appreciated them. The important thing to learn here is that if a person wants to change, it's because they have made a decision to do so. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Birgit Waldschmidt

Ironically, the road to the dark side
most often remains brightly lit,
fancy-colored and all, while the road to the light remains dark until you reach a destination, at which point it becomes a feast for the eyes--provided you haven't gotten mugged during your travels. — Birgit Waldschmidt

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Gary Goldstein

Issues are like tissues. You pull one out and another appears! — Gary Goldstein

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Irene Tomkinson

Alcoholism or addiction is a disease because it fits the definition of disease. It is progressive and chronic, and left untreated, it will kill. — Irene Tomkinson

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Robert Black

I cannot trust my other side, my drunken side, to act in my best interests anymore. — Robert Black

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Amy Reed

Getting rid of the drugs doesn't get rid of all the other ways you learned to deal with the world. It's not that easy. — Amy Reed

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Anne Wilson Schaef

We must move in our recovery from one addiction to another for two major reasons: first, we have not recognized and treated the underlying addictive process, and second, we have not accurately isolated and focused upon the specific addictions. — Anne Wilson Schaef

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Toni Sorenson

We exist to fully participate in the creation our own lives. — Toni Sorenson

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Dianne Harman

He could still remember how the first sip of wine made him feel. — Dianne Harman

Addiction Recovery Quotes By David Foster Wallace

Gately can't even imagine what it would be like to be a sober and drug-free biker. It's like what would be the point. He imagines these people polishing the hell out of their leather and like playing a lot of really precise pool. — David Foster Wallace

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Kimberly Nalen

I chose to share both the good and the bad parts of my story, and of my imagination, so that it might help even one person realize that there is hope. You are not alone. And it does get better. I promise you it's worth it. — Kimberly Nalen

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Norah Vincent

This will sound strange, and yet I'm sure it was the point: it was a bit like being high. That, for me, anyway, had always been the attraction of drugs, to stop the brutal round of hypercritical thinking, to escape the ravages of an unoccupied mind cannibalizing itself. — Norah Vincent

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Toni Sorenson

When we think we can manage our time, our circumstances, and our relationships without His help and inspiration, we know what unmanageability is. — Toni Sorenson

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Russell Brand

Spurred by Amy's death I've tried to salvage unwilling victims from the mayhem of the internal storm and am always, always just pulled inside myself. — Russell Brand

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Mallory Ortberg

You don't need to hide the fact that you're in recovery, but you don't have to share your history of addiction with acquaintances at work, either. — Mallory Ortberg

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Ann Marlowe

The fear of the drugs running out is managable-the fear of time running down isn't. — Ann Marlowe

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Paul O'Brien

The Bible does not deny that we were various things - addicts, homosexuals, hateful, prideful, pornographic masturbators - but that is what we were (past tense) (1 Cor. 6:9-11; Titus 3:3-5). The emphasis in Scripture is on what we are and what we are called to be. The Christian does not say, Hello, my name is _ and I am an X Y or Z." The Christian says I was dead, but now I am alive. The Christian says I am a struggling sinner, yet I am a saint. The Christians says I am a new creation; I am transformed. — Paul O'Brien

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Kate Madison

Most memoirs about alcoholism, promiscuity, and addiction are deep, sobering tales full of scars that will never heal and include alarming statistics and reflection about recovery.
This is not one of those memoirs. — Kate Madison

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Shannon Egan

Today I share about my addiction and recovery journey as often as possible because I don't want to die all alone in a dark closet, shrouded in shame beside the decomposing skeletons I tried so desperately to hide. I want to live. — Shannon Egan

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Stevan V. Nikolic

God wants you to be truthful and humble to yourself and others. He made you good and industrious, but you can't benefit from it if you always stumble on pride. — Stevan V. Nikolic

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Andy Behrman

Like Sylvia Plath, Natalie Jeanne Champagne invites you so close to the pain and agony of her life of mental illness and addiction, which leaves you gasping from shock and laughing moments later: this is both the beauty and unique nature of her storytelling. With brilliance and courage, the author's brave and candid chronicle travels where no other memoir about mental illness and addiction has gone before. The Third Sunrise is an incredible triumph and Natalie Jeanne Champagne is without a doubt the most important new voice in this genre. — Andy Behrman

Addiction Recovery Quotes By David Stafford

Alcoholism is above all a disease of denial. — David Stafford

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

Think of an untreated sex addict who spends hours every night until the early hours watching pornography on the internet instead of spending that time with their wife or husband, and then becomes so tired due to the late nights that their professional life suffers. The sex addict's behaviour will cause resentment, destroy trust and create economic insecurities in the family and home. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

Healthy and non-shaming mirroring is an important part of the process. We can gain this from a highly emotionally intelligent and effective peer group that has our best interests at heart. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Carol M. Ford

Like all human beings, Bob [Crane] had feelings and emotions. He danced on the moon, jumped for joy, laughed in ecstasy, and leapt in triumph. He also cried in grief, mourned losses, threw his hands up to the sky in frustration, and felt desperate, scared, sad, and alone. Bob's flaws - the mistakes and bad choices he made, the most difficult moments he faced, and his descent into the jaws of a powerful addiction - were all but a part of his whole life journey. His flaws were merely the specks, like the specks on the Parthenon that comprise any person's entire time on earth... In spite of his flaws, he was a kind person, a joyful person, a talented person, a courageous person - a whole person. — Carol M. Ford

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Note: addiction diverts attention — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Birgit Waldschmidt

Fathers who initiate their sons' first sexual experiences by taking them to prostitutes might as well deal them a crack pipe. — Birgit Waldschmidt

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Oswald Spengler

This is our purpose: to make as meaningful as possible this life that has been bestowed upon us ... to live in such a way that we may be proud of ourselves, to act in such a way that some part of us lives on. This is our purpose: to make as meaningful as possible this life that has been bestowed upon us ... to live in such a way that we may be proud of ourselves, to act in such a way that some part of us lives on. — Oswald Spengler

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Samantha Leahy

Resentment is like a drug. Once you pick it up, it will only get worse and worse until you surrender and do the work to let it go. — Samantha Leahy

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Stevan V. Nikolic

Not maybe. Definitely! We have an expression back home in Haiti, which says something like 'a man who is thinking with his penis.' That is what you are Michael. That doesn't mean that you are addicted to sex or pornography. You are not a pervert of any kind. Contrary! You are just too sensitive with women. You fall in love at the blink of an eye and all your decisions are based on your passions towards a particular woman. Your mind gets blurry because not enough blood goes to your brain. And your heart pumps all the blood back to your penis and that is why you are a man who thinks with his penis." (Ch.7) — Stevan V. Nikolic

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Ken Novak

It will all be over in 2 weeks — Ken Novak

Addiction Recovery Quotes By David Sheff

Openness is the first step toward recovery ... addiction remains a secret because of the overwhelming shame associated with it. — David Sheff

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Toni Sorenson

The world teaches us to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-motivating. But anytime we put self before Savior, we're in trouble — Toni Sorenson

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

If we are continuing to attract partners that are emotionally unavailable, then it's essential that we observe our own addictive patterns rather than focusing on theirs. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Rob Portman

Working together with Democrats and Republicans, I passed legislation to help break the grip of addiction. By investing in prevention, treatment, and recovery, empowering law enforcement, and stopping the overprescribing of painkillers, we can turn the tide. — Rob Portman

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Oliver Markus

When you push someone's head under water for 5 minutes, they will drown. It doesn't matter if the person is a sinner or a saint. It's just a natural process. If their head is under water, the lack of oxygen will make them drown. That rule applies to everyone, good or bad, equally. It doesn't matter if the drowning person has strong moral fiber.
And it doesn't matter if you're a good or a bad person, once you become addicted to drugs. What happens next is inevitable. It's a natural process that happens in everyone's brain, once the drugs take over. So don't ever fool yourself into thinking that only weak or bad people get addicted. — Oliver Markus

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

Scores of high-powered men and women are addicted to substances or destructive addictive patterns of behaviour. As a matter of fact, it is easier to hide one's addiction while maintaining a high-powered position compared to the addicts and alcoholics we see sleeping on street corners. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Vera Tarman

I believe that food addicts need the same type of support offered to alcoholics and drug addicts. They need to detoxify first first and then learn about their disease, while dealing with the thoughts and feelings that arise once they are off their drug. Quite often, psychological issues do not become obvious until food addicts have been abstinent for a long period of time. That's why ongoing support is needed to prevent addicts from relapsing in a panicky effort to cope. — Vera Tarman

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Cornel West

I grew up in traditional black patriarchal culture and there is no doubt that I'm going to take a great many unconscious, but present, patriarchal complicities to the grave because it so deeply ensconced in how I look at the world. Therefore, very much like alcoholism, drug addiction, or racism patriarchy is a disease and we are in perennial recovery and relapse. So you have to get up every morning and struggle against it. — Cornel West

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Jennifer Ho-Dougatz

Be aware of your addiction to the addicted. — Jennifer Ho-Dougatz

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

Mental stories can literally spoil a human life. It took me a long time to become aware of my mental commentary, such as: "Everything always goes wrong", "I won't be accepted", "I'm a failure" or "What's the point?" Those fears were deep-rooted and triggered many upsetting addictive patterns of behaviour — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Tom Rachman

Did she answer my email yet?' That's the new obesity. — Tom Rachman

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Violet Yates

I am a work in progress. — Violet Yates

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Richard Rohr

Right Relationship With Life Itself Gerald May, a dear and now deceased friend of mine, said in his very wise book Addiction and Grace that addiction uses up our spiritual desire. It drains away our deepest and true desire, that inner flow and life force which makes us "long and pant for running streams" (Psalm 42). Spiritual desire is the drive that God put in us from the beginning, for total satisfaction, for home, for heaven, for divine union, and it just got displaced onto the wrong object. It has been a frequent experience of mine to find that many people in recovery often have a unique and very acute spiritual sense; more than most people, I would say. It just got frustrated early and aimed in a wrong direction. Wild need and desire took off before boundaries, strong identity, impulse control, and deep God experience were in place.2 — Richard Rohr

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Maia Szalavitz

I felt utterly stripped of safety and love. And so, what tormented me most as I shook through August of 1988 wasn't the nausea and chills but the recurring fear that I'd never have lasting comfort or joy again. — Maia Szalavitz

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Robert And Stephanie Tucker

Addiction is merely external behavior that is the "fruit" in a person's "tree" of life. If the fruit is cut off but the root left intact, the addict will be "changed" for the moment, but that seed will eventually regenerate the "plant" of addiction and produce similar fruit. Removing the fruit alone won't change the production cycle! This is one reason people often switch addictions. Recovery is about dealing with the seed and the roots. An addict will require an entirely new system change. In fact, all those "bad seeds" (lies) will need to be uprooted, and new seed sown in order to establish the production of God's fruit - fruit that leads to abundant life in Him. — Robert And Stephanie Tucker

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Ann Marlowe

It was painful to contemplate the distance between the future of accomplishment I'd imagined for myself twenty years earlier ... it was painful to understand that the cushion of exceptionality invoked by the drug had made me oblivious to my inertia. And it was painful to have to define myself again, at an age when most people are happy in their own skins. — Ann Marlowe

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

When we practise self-compassion, we look after ourselves just as though we are nurturing a small child. In fact, a major part of grieving our original pain work (so that we can heal and be emotionally liberated) is to re-parent ourselves and reconnect with our inner child.

This is what the author, John Bradshaw, meant by 'reclaiming our inner child'. In recovery, we can begin to nurture our inner child and connect deeply with our heart and spirit. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Stephanie Brown

Recovery is a resumption of the work that was not completed when the woman was a girl. It is a coming into her own. It is an opportunity to resume the normal process of development that was sidetracked, perhaps first by constrained roles, perhaps by trauma, and then multiplied many times by hiding in the addiction. Her development was sidetracked by not accepting her needs as legitimate and not finding healthy ways to meet them, by not even knowing her needs. And so this is what recovery is: a developmental process of finding and building a new self. Recovery is a process of radical growth and change. When you are in recovery, you give birth to a new self. [...] Many women initially think that recovery means a move from bad to good. They think that being addicted is evidence of shameful neediness, of deep and lasting failures. Recovery is not a move from bad to good, but from false to real. [...] It is reality, being real, that now guides her rather than her efforts to be good or bad. — Stephanie Brown

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Alcoholics Anonymous

Not being a man of means, I knew that if I did not stay sober enough to earn money, I would run out of liquor. — Alcoholics Anonymous

Addiction Recovery Quotes By David Foster Wallace

Why do prostitutes when they get straight always try and get so prim? It's like long-repressed librarian-ambitions come flooding out. — David Foster Wallace

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christina Greer

Sometimes it's hard to see the rainbow when there's been endless days of rain. — Christina Greer

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Super Star

Always love, always encourage, and never let despair get in the way. — Super Star

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Asa Don Brown

Always make your familial environment a safe and inviting place. — Asa Don Brown

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Brian Lindstrom

I felt that if people understood the struggle of recovery, then some of the stigma of addiction might be reduced because the audience would understand in a palpable way that addiction is a disease that tells the afflicted, despite years or even decades of heartbreaking evidence to the contrary, that using will make things better. — Brian Lindstrom

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

Tragically, because many addicts are not given sufficient love, nurturing and non-shaming dialogue at crucial stages in their early emotional development, they are on a quest to find contentment from a source outside of themselves.
Their parents might have provided bountifully for them; however, their parents were never fully emotionally present while parenting, which made their children feel starved of emotional nourishment. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Chris Prentiss

People who are dependent are merely using alcohol as a crutch to get through the day. Yet doctors and scientists are still treating "alcoholism" as if it is the problem, when it has nothing to do with the problem. They might as well be studying "scratchism" for people who have a chronic itch. — Chris Prentiss

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Susannah Grant

Checking your ego, abandoning it, letting it go, is a huge part of recovery from addiction. — Susannah Grant

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Stevan V. Nikolic

Why do you want so much this new beginning? Do you think the new beginning will postpone the end? Are you afraid of the end? Are you afraid of death Michael?" (Ch.35) — Stevan V. Nikolic

Addiction Recovery Quotes By L.M. Browning

Who are we without our addictions; without our media-induced hungers? So often the voices we hear echoing in our mind are not our own but that of our influencers. Isolation, while arguably going against human nature, is essential for mental and emotional health. Solitude is a detoxification of all that distorts our personality and misguides our path in life. It allows us to filter out the foreign opinions and hear our own voice - reach our authentic character - and practice fidelity to self. — L.M. Browning

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Doreen Dyet

To get her husband back, Krista had to let him go and it killed her. — Doreen Dyet

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Augusten Burroughs

The horrible thing about being sober is you lose your excuse for being so fucked up. — Augusten Burroughs

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Jim Ramstad

As we celebrate Recovery Month, it is time for Congress to knock down the barriers to treatment and recovery for 26 million Americans suffering the ravages of alcohol and drug addiction. — Jim Ramstad

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Ayn Rand

Do not let your fire go out. — Ayn Rand

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Cara Santana

I feel very blessed that at a young age I was able to navigate my battle with drug and alcohol addiction, and through recovery live a sober life. There is such a stigma attached to addiction and it was hard for me to both confront and overcome it. I am very proud and grateful that with the support of family and friends, I was able to do so. — Cara Santana

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Ann Marlowe

If I had to offer up a one sentence definition of addiction, I'd call it a form of mourning for the irrecoverable glories of the first time ... addiction can show us what is deeply suspect about nostalgia. That drive to return to the past isn't an innocent one. It's about stopping your passage to the future, it's a symptom of fear of death, and the love of predictable experience.
And the love of predictable experience, not the drug itself, is the major damage done to users. — Ann Marlowe

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

When we observe the flow of our breathing, we transcend our thoughts and are able to bring mind and body into harmony with each other. Thus, we create calm. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Stevan V. Nikolic

I was going after a woman believing that the key is in being with her. But the key is in writing about her. The key is in words and words are in me. Longing for her is just an impulse for words to come out. And the whole purpose is for words to come out. Words are important. Words about love. About life. — Stevan V. Nikolic

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Kris Kidd

You preach cleanliness,
so I try to keep my room clean,
but I feel no closer to God, and I guess that's okay
because he doesn't know
who he's fucking with anyway. — Kris Kidd

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

Body scan meditation is mentally scanning through each part of the body with presence. It helps us be one with the body. Thus, we can feel if we are holding on to any tension or heaviness or any static emotions. And by doing so, we can find relief and internal freedom. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

Isms' are described as transference of addictive patterns of dysfunctional behaviour, passed down from generation to generation. For instance, if a mother was an alcoholic who never made it into recovery, her behaviour would leave a mark on her children, husband, etc. Unless her adult children join some sort of recovery programme and adopt the mindfulness practice, they will have very similar behaviour traits to their mother but minus the alcohol abuse. There is a strong possibility that they will become codependent and form relationships with other codependents or alcoholics. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Ann Marlowe

Once upon a time the future was supposed to be brighter, shinier and more fun. When did that vision pass? When did the word 'new' lose it's luster? Now the past is supposed to hold the hopes we once confided to the future. We're directing attachments that used to go forward backward. — Ann Marlowe

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Lundy Bancroft

Addiction does not cause partner abuse, and recovery from addiction does not "cure" partner abuse. — Lundy Bancroft

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Dan Mager

Deepening awareness and nonjudgmental acceptance of one's thoughts fosters a new relationship with them, creating the space to purposefully shift mental focus away from the ruminative thought patterns that pave the road to suffering. — Dan Mager

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Norah Vincent

If I was lonely, if I was afraid of being alone, then why abandon myself? Why run to someone else looking to give myself the thing that only I could give? I wanted to escape myself because I felt empty, and the emptiness frightened me. But obviously, I was empty because I was always running out, running away. The only way to fill the emptiness was to remain, to take up residence in myself. — Norah Vincent

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Martin Sheen

My recovery is the single greatest accomplishment of my life. Without that, the rest of my life would have fallen apart. — Martin Sheen

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Amy Reed

I don't feel great, but I also don't feel terrible, either, and I guess that's how normal people feel most of the time. They live in the space between black and white, and their ups and downs are various shades of gray, not the extreme highs and lows I've always thought of as normal. I think that's one of the major differences between us and them, between addicts and Normies. Somewhere along the line we got stuck on this roller coaster that only knows how to go to the highest up and the lowest low. We get high so we can feel invincible and perfect, but the feeling never lasts. Gravity always wins, and we fall fast, to a place lower and darker than many people will probably ever know. And the crazy thing is that this is just normal for us. We cycle through these extremes all the time, and it's become as natural as breathing. Exhausting, but natural. — Amy Reed

Addiction Recovery Quotes By White Bison

The Wellbriety path does not compete with A.A. or any other pathway of personal recovery, but instead enriches those pathways by embracing them within the web of Native American tribal histories and cultures. In these pages, you will meet people who have committed themselves to live their lives on the Red Road. Here you will meet Native people whose stories embody the living history of Native American recovery. You will hear the details of their addiction and recovery journeys and feel the life and hope in — White Bison

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Greg Prato

NANCY LAYNE McCALLUM: An addict and a non-addict don't think the same - their brains are wired completely differently. Only an addict can help another addict through recovery. — Greg Prato

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Dianne Harman

The Old Ones say you can feel your spirit during a Vision Quest. — Dianne Harman

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Steven Kassels

We, as a society, have arbitrarily differentiated between acceptable and unacceptable drug addictions. — Steven Kassels

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Stevan V. Nikolic

Strangely enough, he didn't feel any guilt for separating himself from his past. Five years ago, he clearly heard in his dream a message brought to him by Archangel Michael from the God Almighty, telling him he should get up and leave everything behind; that his place was not there; that it was time to go in search for his true self and for his true destiny.
Now, five years after, he was sitting in the Bowery chapel, a broken and homeless man, still trying to find that which he was looking for. But he didn't regret anything he had done in those five years. In his mind, it wasn't his doing. He sincerely believed that he surrendered his own will to the will of God and that everything that happened to him, good or bad, had to happen for some reason. It was God's doing. It was his destiny. He just had to figure out why. — Stevan V. Nikolic

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Dianne Harman

He's been injecting the anti-aging hormone into his wife. — Dianne Harman

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Mariel Hemingway

Being loud after drinking wine doesn't help. Being silent after drinking wine doesn't help. Nothing really ever gets solved either way. — Mariel Hemingway

Addiction Recovery Quotes By E.M. Youman

I don't know what happened, but I do know this. It's not going anywhere. When you light up it waits for you to come down. You have to confront whatever's bothering you and look it straight in the eye. It's alright to forgive yourself, and it's okay to fight back, because if you don't kick the shit out of it, then it kicks you. It's a dog world, but you can control it, if you want to. A lot of people are going to try to make you feel like shit, but that doesn't mean you are. You are who you decide to be. I hope you're the kind of person that fights, because that's the only way to win. — E.M. Youman

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Russell Brand

Whatever I endure in recovery, I need never again suffer the indignity of active addiction. The despair and hopelessness. The inexhaustible cycle of incremental self-immolation. I am reminded of how far I've come, of the miracle that, with help and humility, I can, one day at a time, live free from drugs and alcohol. — Russell Brand

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Christopher Dines

I don't think I've ever met an addict in long-term recovery who hasn't gone through at least one traumatic childhood experience. Research indicates that one traumatic event in childhood is as grave as continuous combat in a war zone. A traumatic event during childhood can leave a grave imprint on the human body. — Christopher Dines

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Michael Prager

Black-and-white thinking is the addict's mentality, which can be a bar to recovery when one is still active. But an addict who finds the willingness can then rely on the same trait to stay clean: "Just don't drink," they say in AA.
How's that going to work for an addicted eater? Food addicts have to take the tiger out of the cage three times a day. I've read that some drinkers have tried "controlled drinking," and it hasn't been very successful. Eaters don't just have to try it; they must practice it to survive.
Having a food plan is an attempt to address that, and having clear boundaries is a key to its working. But the comfort of all or nothing is just out of reach.
I'm saying that food addicts, unlike alcoholics and may others, have both to try for perfection and to accept that perfection is unattainable, and that the only tool left is a wholesome discipline.
The problem is, if we had any clue about wholesome discipline, we wouldn't be addicts. — Michael Prager

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Derwin L. Gray

The truth is, we do not have addiction problems. We have misdirected worship. I'm convinced every human being is in recovery and being weaned from some form of addiction because of idolatry. Your addiction or mine may not have us eating out of trash cans, but our sin habit is hurting and diminishing God's glory in our lives. — Derwin L. Gray

Addiction Recovery Quotes By Amy Reed

The first week is the hardest. Then little by little the world opens up, and you realize there are all these people around you with their own needs that have nothing to do with you. Then you forget, and everything's about you again. And maybe that cycle continues for the rest of your life. Maybe the world keeps expanding and contracting. Maybe you know you're well when it finally stays the same size. — Amy Reed