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Famous Quotes By Mo Hayder

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I'm a post-menopausal woman who's lived in a man's world for twenty years. A more cynical, cruel creature it's hard to find. — Mo Hayder

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It's wrong. I know, it's wrong to give up. But sometimes life just seems to be going on for such a long time." The — Mo Hayder

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I noticed that in Tokyo people didn't smell. It was funny. I couldn't smell them, and they didn't say very much: the trains were packed but it was quite silent, like being jammed into a carriage with a thousand shop-window mannequins. — Mo Hayder

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I hooked the condom out with the end of a spoon and dropped it into the bottom of a white bin-bag, where it lay, dried out and brown, as transparent as old human skin. — Mo Hayder

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Mr Jack Caffery', he says slowly. 'This is the truth, but don't be afraid of it. Your life will be different from this day on, but you will survive. You will continue.'
'How do you know?'
'I know because you and I? We are the same person. — Mo Hayder

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I had an overwhelming sense of the lonliness of this city - a trillion souls in their bedrooms, high in the cliffs of windows. I thought of what was underneath it all - I thought of the electricty cables, steam, water, fire, subway trains and lava in the city's guts, the subterranean rumbling of trains and earthquakes. I thought of the dead souls from the war, concreted over. — Mo Hayder

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I'm not very good at knowing what other people are thinking, but I do know that you can see tragedy, real tragedy, sitting just inside a person's gaze. You can almost always see where a person has been if you look hard enough. — Mo Hayder

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Maybe that was the price of ignorance, I thought, looking at the naked vagrant. Maybe Japan had to pay for the ignorant things it did in Nanking. Because ignorance as I'd got tired of hearing, is no excuse for evil. — Mo Hayder

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Wine?" said Zoe. "At two in the afternoon?"

"I've decided to become an alcoholic. Just for the duration of my middle years." She filled a glass and rested it on the edge of the washbasin. "That's yours. — Mo Hayder