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Famous Quotes By John Novak

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With Lean Six Sigma, the tools are the easy part, changing organizational culture is the hard part. — John Novak

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If you get invited to be part of a team, don't look at it as a burden to get out of, but rather an opportunity to inspire, invigorate, and bring life to the team. — John Novak

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Restless thoughts are a kind of mental 'static' which must be silenced if we are to hear the whispers of our inner self. — John Novak

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A robust internal auditing program shows its presence both at the beginning and end of continual improvement projects. In the beginning, internal audits identify opportunities for improvement, at the end, internal audits provide a mechanism for monitoring the implemented improvement in order to sustain its benefits for the long term. — John Novak

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One of yoga's great gifts to making is the discovery of the link that exists between energy, breath, and mind. As you change one, you also change the other two. If you excite one, the other two become excited and, conversely, if you calm one, the other two respond by becoming calm also. — John Novak

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When it comes to continual improvement programs, the biggest mistake is a failure to launch, the biggest hurdle is culture. — John Novak

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You want continual improvement? Then I challenge every employee in an organization to discard the status quo and ask themselves everyday, How can I improve my job?, then find a way to make it happen. — John Novak

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Don't let the fear of statistics keep you from launching a continual improvement program. The statistics hurdle is easily overcome, going out of business is not. — John Novak