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Only philosophy can go deep enough to show that literature goes still deeper than philosophy — Michel Serres

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Voyaging begins when one burns one's boats, adventures begin with a shipwreck. — Michel Serres

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Smell and taste differentiate, whereas language, like sight and hearing, integrates. — Michel Serres

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What philosophy worthy of the name has truly been able to avoid the link between poem and theorem? — Michel Serres

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You who look at everything through your perpetually open eyes, is your lucidity never bathed in tears? — Michel Serres

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The skin is a variety of contingency: in it, through it, with it, the world and my body touch each other, the feeling and the felt, it defines their common edge. Contingency means common tangency: in it the world and the body intersect and caress each other. I do not wish to call the place in which I live a medium, I prefer to say that things mingle with each other and that I am no exception to that. I mix with the world which mixes with me. Skin intervenes between several things in the world and makes them mingle. — Michel Serres

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The only philosophy is that of language, the only religion is that of the word. — Michel Serres