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God has given you the power to achieve great heights, the power to make a difference for your family and community and the power to realize your ambitions and dreams. — Michael Hutchison

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Your God wants you to be fulfilled - to be happy. — Michael Hutchison

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Your life matters. Your life has purpose. You were put on this earth to capitalize on your strengths and achieve your destiny. — Michael Hutchison

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Living to give to others, working hard for your destiny
and fighting for your dreams are the battles you will never regret no matter how long it takes. — Michael Hutchison

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I believe you have a calling. I believe you are important as a creature of God. I believe we are all called and this is your life! I believe you deserve to live your life in a successful way. — Michael Hutchison

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I believe that you can create genuine fulfillment, make money, have freedom and make a difference for others. — Michael Hutchison

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It says quite clearly that processes within the brain that trigger a hormone release can cause enormous effects on the body." It says, that is, that what we think can change our bodies, that there is a quantifiable chemical link between mind and matter, spirit and body, imagination and reality. Spiritual leaders, great thinkers, artists have been saying this very thing for ages, but the fact that hardheaded, hard-research oriented neuroscientists are not just saying it but actually identifying and measuring the very neurochemicals that link idea with matter adds a new legitimacy and urgency to the idea. — Michael Hutchison