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She was scared. Scared of dying. — Michael Grant

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Sam Temple kept a lower profile. He stuck to jeans and understated T-shirts, nothing that drew attention to himself. He had spent most of his life in Perdido Beach, attending this school, and everybody knew who he was, but few people were quite sure what he was. He was a surfer who didn't hang out with surfers. He was bright, but not a brain. He was good-looking, but not so that girls thought of him as a hottie.
The one thing most kids knew about Sam Temple was that he was School Bus Sam. He'd earned the nickname when he was in seventh grade. The class had been on the way to a field trip when the bus driver had suffered a heart attack. They'd been driving down Highway 1. Sam had pulled the man out of his seat, steered the bus onto the shoulder of the road, brought it safely to a stop, and calmly dialed 911 on the driver's cell phone.
If he had hesitated for even a second, the bus would have plunged off a cliff and into the ocean.
His picture had been in the paper. — Michael Grant

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You're not others."
"Because I love you."
Astrid was silent for so long, Sam thought he must have upset her. Yet she never loosened her hold on him, never pulled away but kept her face buried in his neck. He felt her warm tears on his skin. And at last she said, "I love you, too. — Michael Grant

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Do not plant a weed and pretend surprise when it grows to strangle your garden. For, I tell you that to hate is to kill for from hatred grows death as surely as life grows from love. — Michael Grant

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But if all they did was kill time, time would end up killing them. — Michael Grant

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It's Sanjit. It's a Hindu name. It means 'invincible.'"
"That's great," Lana said.
"Invincible. I can't be vinced."
"That's not even a word," Lana said.
"Go ahead: try to vince me," Sanjit said. — Michael Grant

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Hi, Albert," Quinn called back. He seemed distracted. And Albert was sure that he'd seen Quinn motion for someone to stay down.
"How long is this supposed to go on?" Albert asked.
"Until we get justice," Quinn said.
"Justice? People have been waiting for justice since the dinosaurs."
Quinn said nothing and Albert cursed himself for indulging in sarcasm. "What is it you want, Quinn? I mean in practical terms."
"We want Penny gone," Quinn said.
"I can't afford to pay you any more," Albert shouted back.
"I didn't say anything about money," Quinn said, sounding puzzled.
"Yeah, I know: justice. Usually what people really want is money. So why don't we get down to it?"
"Penny," Quinn said. "She leaves town. She stays gone. When that happens we fish. Until it happens, we sit." He sat down as if to emphasize his point. — Michael Grant

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Slice and Dice, Slice and Dice — Michael Grant

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Astrid and Taylor didn't like each other much. But Taylor was an extremely valuable person to have around. She had the ability to instantly transport herself from place to place. To "bounce," as she called it.
The enmity between them went back to Astrid's belief that Taylor had a crush of major proportions on Sam. No doubt Taylor would figure she had a golden opportunity now.
Not Sam's type, Astrid told herself. Taylor was pretty but a bit younger, and not nearly tough enough for Sam, who, despite what he might be thinking right now, liked strong, independent girls.
Brianna would be more Sam's style, probably. Or maybe Dekka, if she were straight.
Astrid shoved the list away irritably. Why was she torturing herself like this? Sam was a jerk. But he would come around. He would realize sooner or later that Astrid was right. He would apologize. And he'd move back in. — Michael Grant

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Sam- I didn't know you had a last name I thought you were like Iman or Madonna or Beyonce. You just needed the one name.
Dekka- Yeah sure, me and Beyonce — Michael Grant

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Then what happens? Diana demanded
Then were hit with massive doeses of radiation. It's invisible, but its like someone is shooting tiny bullets at you. They blow millions of tiny holes through your body. You get sick. Your hair falls out. You vomit. You die — Michael Grant

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Sadie was like that, one of those people untouched by trend or fashion, comfortable building her own world out of what she liked, from tunes and styles and reads that could be so ancient they were cobwebbed, up through to things so new they barley existed yet. — Michael Grant

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Sam's probably out there somewhere being his usual heroic self," Caine said. "I can't let that boy save the world all alone. I'd never live it down. — Michael Grant

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The news networks and the local TV stations all led with the same footage. An obviously moved, very pretty young woman with blond hair and alert blue eyes looking up. Eyes widening. Stumbling a little as she pushed back her chair and went around the table.
Shaky cameras turning too fast, following her as she ran to a boy at the back of the room who pushed through the press of people to reach her.
The embrace.
The kiss that went on for a very long time. — Michael Grant

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Lunch had been at a McDonald's in Santa Barbara. It had been so clean. It had smelled like food. It had sounded happy and alive. In the bathroom, the toilet flushed. Water ran in the sink.
He had passed a trash can on the way back to his table and stopped just to look at it. It was full of food. Leftover burgers, the last few fries, smears of ketchup on cardboard. He'd had to hold back tears when he saw it.
"Candy bar?" Vicky asked, and held a Snickers out to him.
At that moment they slowed to turn off the highway and head cautiously, carefully, through recently bulldozed streets, toward the town plaza. That's where the McDonald's was. His McDonald's.
A candy bar. People had killed for less. — Michael Grant

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Because that, more than any monster, was what Sam had feared: that he was weak and cowardly. He had a terrible fear of being afraid. — Michael Grant

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You sound like a college freshman taking his first philosophy class way too seriously, but that's good. — Michael Grant

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Do you love me?" Diana asked.
Caine's eyes widened. She could actually see him twitch. Like a startled animal. Like a rabbit who had just heard a fox.
"It's a yes or no question," Diana said acidly. "But I'll accept a nod or a shake of the head or an incoherent grunt."
"I . . . I don't know what you mean by that," Caine said lamely.
"When I jumped off the cliff, you saved me even though it meant letting Sanjit and the others escape."
"You didn't give me much choice," Caine said peevishly. "You had a choice. You wanted to destroy them."
"Why did you make that choice?"
Caine swallowed and seemed to find his palms sweaty since he rubbed them on his sides.
Diana walked to the door. She unlocked it and held it open. "Go away," she said. "Come back when you figure out your answer. — Michael Grant

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Brianna! Is Sam okay?" Astrid cried.
"No. Drake tore him up." She wanted to sound tough, but the sobs came bubbling up and overtook her. "Oh, God, Astrid, he's hurt so bad."
Astrid gasped and covered her hand with her mouth. Brianna put her arms around Astrid and sobbed into her hair.
"Is he going to die?" Astrid asked, voice wobbly.
"No, I don't think so," Brianna said. She stood back and wiped her tears. "I gave him something for the pain. But he's messed up, Astrid. — Michael Grant

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Yeah. That helps, too." At — Michael Grant

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And death is better because death is the end of fear, isnt it? -Dekka — Michael Grant

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It's not about who's got powers, morons. It's about who's not afraid. And who's going to do what has to be done. — Michael Grant

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I know something must be very wrong, or just possibly very right? — Michael Grant

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It's not like I've spent my life beating he boys back with a flaming torch. — Michael Grant

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Nothing to fear but fear itself. — Michael Grant

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He didn't mind Drake so much. Drake was a creep.
It was the girl who made Orc want to cry.
She was a monster. Like Orc. Begging for death. Begging for someone to let her go to her Jesus.
Kill me, kill me, kill me, she begged every day and every night.
Orc took a deep swig.
Tears seeped from his human eyes and fell into the rocky crevices of his face. — Michael Grant

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Sometimes you catch the wave. Sometimes the wave catches you. — Michael Grant

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Sam, there comes a time when the world no longer needs heroes. And then the true hero knows to walk away. — Michael Grant

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They both smiled at the picture of Albert in his chinos and button-down shirt exhorting kids from atop a bike. — Michael Grant

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They said what doesn't kill you made you stronger. No, it left you with holes blown through your soul. — Michael Grant

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The bringer of fear was afraid. — Michael Grant

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Who are you?' Gaia gasped.
The girl froze for a moment.
Looked at her. Smiled and said, 'Who am I? I'm the Breeze, bitch! — Michael Grant

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What's in the bag?" Plath asked.
"Laptops and phones. And guns."
"Laptops and phones and guns, oh my!" Burnofsky parodied. — Michael Grant

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Lana said, Sam, can you, you know, like burn that concrete off her hands? — Michael Grant

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I like your boyfriend," Dahra said. "Not many guys volunteer to carry ten gallons of diarrhea and vomit."
Lana laughed. "He's not my boyfriend."
"Yeah, well, he can be mine if he wants to be. He's cute. And he carries crap. — Michael Grant

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Every war in history was fought by the cannon fodder. All for the benefit of someone who stayed safe and above it all. They get you into the fight with high-flown rhetoric, and then they blood you, don't they? They make sure you've seen a friend's blood and drawn blood from an enemy. You're pushed into their fight, but now you've lost people, so now it's personal. Now it's too late to get out because you've done things ... unimaginable things.
BZRK: Reloaded — Michael Grant

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So, Diana thought, that was the bait she had to lay out for Jack. Of course. What else? He might lust for Diana, and long for Brianna, but Jack's true love was made of silicon. — Michael Grant

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No one liked Howard. — Michael Grant

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And he thought of the two people who had held his job before him: Sam and Astrid. Both beaten into despair by trying to hold this group of kids together in the face of one disaster after another. Both of them now happy to let Edilio handle it.
"No wonder," Edilio muttered.
"Stay inside unless absolutely necessary," Edilio shouted, and not for the first or last time wished he was still just Sam's faithful sidekick. — Michael Grant

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I am the gaiaphage. — Michael Grant

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Anna and Emma just poofed."
"I was standing there. I was watching them. I was holding Anna's hand when it happened."
Astrid rose and without really thinking about it wrapped her arms around Sam like she did when she was trying to comfort Little Pete.
But unlike Little Pete, Sam responded to her touch by awkwardly hugging her back. For a moment his face was in her hair and she heard his ragged breathing close to her ear. And it seemed like they might do it again, the kissing thing, but then, both at once, they pushed away.
"She was scared," Sam said. "Anna, I mean. She saw Emma disappear. They were born just six minutes apart. So, first Emma. Then Anna, waiting for it. Knowing it was coming. — Michael Grant

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Wasn't that what they were fighting for? The right to feel every jolt of pain life had to give? The right to suffer? To not be sustainably happy?
BZRK: Reloaded — Michael Grant

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disgraceful, indelible blot on the conscience of England and it would remain there forever. No true Irishman would ever forgive them for that, but the Titanic story — Michael Grant

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In the distance, up the street, too far away for Sam to want to chase after, a couple of kids, maybe ten years old, maybe not even that. Barely visible in the false moonlight. Just outlines. The kids passing a bottle back and forth, taking swigs, staggering. — Michael Grant

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Sam was starting to feel anxious. Nutella and noodles were fine. Great in fact. Miraculous. But he'd been hoping for more food more water more medicine something. It was absurdly like Christmas morning when he was little: hoping for something he couldn't even put a name to. A game changer. Something ... amazing. — Michael Grant

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Still Caine hesitated. A big, warm bed. A beautiful girl to share it with. Food. Water. Everything he needed, just a few miles away on the island. The logical, rational answer was obvious.
"Which is why the world stays messed up," Caine said under his breath. "People aren't rational."
He took a few deep, steadying breaths, and prepared to die for power. — Michael Grant

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This fish, slowly gasping his last, looked very edible. — Michael Grant

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It took Caine a few beats to get it. "No. Go kill yourself. Eat your own gun. No. No no no."
"You're happy here counting fish and nagging kids to work?" Edilio asked.
"He's not," Virtue said, beating Toto to the punch and earning an annoyed glance from Caine.
"He's only done it for two days since the battle, and he's already bored. — Michael Grant

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Oh, and by the way, I brought a gun." - Dekka
"OMG, are we going to be in danger?" - Taylor
" No, Taylor. The gun is in case you get on my nerves." - Dekka — Michael Grant

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She almost cried out with relief when she saw the eyes of the boy who had never backed down. She saw the eyes of the boy who had first stepped forward to fight Orc and later Caine and Drake and Penny. She saw Sam Temple. Her Sam Temple. — Michael Grant

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You did what you had to do. You're a hero, Vicky said. — Michael Grant

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There's a plan B? Jack asked.
"You're another," Edilio snapped. "You're not going to tell me again that you won't fight, because I swear to God I'll shoot you myself. — Michael Grant

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She sobbed and babbled, and the pain of loneliness and fear felt even greater than the agony of her battered body. It choked the air from her lungs. She was alone. Alone with pain. And soon the mountain lion's teeth — Michael Grant

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Just call me Caitlin, — Michael Grant

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You are now free to leave the FAYZ. — Michael Grant

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Delay of pain: that was the meaning of life, wasn't it?
"I've made some bad decisions," Caine said, not really meaning to say it out loud. — Michael Grant

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She had reasoned that cooking them would make them safe. — Michael Grant

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Let me guess: you're secretly a wizard who was raised by muggles. — Michael Grant

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And then the turbines generate electricity that goes into the whole town."
"You mean they aren't powered by giant hamsters on wheels? I was misinformed. — Michael Grant

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One minute the teacher was talking about the Civil War. And the next minute he was gone. There. Gone. No 'poof.' No flash of light. No explosion. — Michael Grant

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Stop, or I'll shoot," the voice cried, scared, almost begging.

Caine stopped. Drake stood beside him.

"Shoot?" Caine demanded, sounding puzzled. "Why on earth would you shoot me?"

"That's we're opposed to do."

Caine laughed. "You can't even say it right. Who are you, anyway? If you're going to shoot me, I should know your name."

"Josh," the answer came. "It's me, Josh."

"It's me Josh," Caine mimicked.

Drake snarled, "You better step off, me Josh, or me Whip Hand is going to hurt you. — Michael Grant

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Which is why the world stays messed up, people aren't rational. — Michael Grant

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Too bad we don't have marshmallows. This is an amazing fire. Howard emerged through the smoke behind Edilio. — Michael Grant

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Welcome to the FAYZ. Wherever, whenever or whyever that is — Michael Grant

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Lana's going through them one at a time. Healing them. She's amazing."
Sam thought he heard something extra in Edilio's voice. "She's cute too, huh Edilio?"
Edilio's eyes went wide and started blushing. "She's just...you know..."
Sam slapped his shoulder. "Good luck with that."
"You think she...I mean, you know me, I'm just..." Edilio stammered his way to a stop.
"Dude, let's see if we can stay alive. Then you can ask her out or whatever. — Michael Grant

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There'll be guys who were in wars hearing what we did and thinking, 'Whoa.' You and me, we can say, 'You got yourself some medals solider? Yeah, well, I lived through the FAYZ. — Michael Grant

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Gaia wasn't ruthless and self-serving like Caine; she was evil, like Drake. A psychopath. A mad and terrible beast. — Michael Grant

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I'll tell you all about it, but let's eat first. I've had nothing to eat. Although I was offered some raw squirrel. Canned pudding, that's what I want. I've been dreaming about it."
She hauled out a can and feverishly worked the can opener. She didn't wait for a dish or spoon, but thrust her hand in and scooped some into her mouth. Then she stood transfixed, overwhelmed by the wonderful sweetness of it.
She was crying when she said, "I'm sorry, I've forgotten how to be polite. I'll get you guys your own can."
Sam hobbled over and scooped some pudding of his own, following her lead. "I'm way past polite myself," he said, although she could see he was a little appalled by her wolfish behavior. She decided then that she liked him. — Michael Grant

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You like blue eyes, huh?"
"Yes. I do. I like blue eyes. — Michael Grant

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About time," Brianna said.
"Hey, sorry, we were kind of busy," Quinn snapped. "And I didn't exactly realize I was on a schedule."
"I don't like what I have to do here," Brianna said. She handed Quinn the note.
He read it. Read it again.
"Is this some kind of joke?" he demanded.
"Albert's dead," Brianna said. "Murdered."
"He's dead. Sam and Dekka are off in the wilderness somewhere. Edilio's got the flu, he might die, a lot of kids have. A lot. And there are these, these monsters, these kind of bugs . . . no one knows what to call them . . . heading toward town." Her face contorted in a mix of rage and sorrow and fear. She blurted, "And I can't stop them!"
Quinn stared at her. Then back at the note.
He felt his contented little universe tilt and go sliding away.
There were just two words on the paper: "Get Caine. — Michael Grant

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Sam and Caine were left standing side by side, bruised and battered, to stare over Penny's sickening corpse, at the face of their mother. — Michael Grant

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The end is the best part of any story — Michael Grant

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I realized, when I saw the forest burning, how fascinating the firelight is. It's beautiful, and people stare at it, don't they? It destroys things and kills people, but humans love it. Is it because they crave their own destruction, Sam? I want to understand your kind. I am going out into the wider world, and I must learn. But first things first. First, to escape this shell, this egg in which I have gestated, all eyes will be on the fire, all eyes blinded by the smoke, and when I walk out of here, out into your large world with its billions, no one will even see. It's the beauty of light, don't you see, Sam? It reveals, but it also distracts and blinds. It's even better than darkness. — Michael Grant

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Sam was struck by how good Mary looked. Weight loss. Probably from overwork. Or maybe she didn't enjoy living on the kinds of canned food that, in the old pre-FAYZ days, people had donated to food drives. — Michael Grant

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Penny rolled over, got to her feet, trying to get control of her scattered mind, but Quinn was behind her now and had his powerful arm around her neck.
"I will snap your neck, Penny. I swear to God, I will snap your neck. Nothing you can do will stop me."
Penny went limp. "You think the king will let you get away with this, Quinn?" she hissed.
"Anyone messes with me, Penny, you or anyone else, and I go on strike. See how well you enjoy life without me and my crews. Without food. — Michael Grant

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Get me out of this," Caine demanded.
Quinn said, "It's not so easy. You should know: you're the scumbag who invented cementing. — Michael Grant

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Sam Temple was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Los Angeles, where there were specialists there in burn injuries. He wasn't consulted: he was found on his knees, obviously in shock, extensively burned. EMTs took over.
Astrid Ellison was taken to a hospital in Santa Barbara, as was Diana Ladris.
Other kids were shared out among half a dozen hospitals. Some specialized in plastic surgery, others in the effects of starvation.
Over the next week all were seen by psychiatrists once their immediate physical injuries were addressed. Lots of psychiatrists. And when they weren't being seen by psychiatrists, they were being seen by FBI agents, and California Highway Patrol investigators, and lawyers from the district attorney's office.
The consensus seemed to be that a number of the Perdido survivors, as they were now known, would be prosecuted for crimes ranging from simple assault to murder.
First on that list was Sam Temple. — Michael Grant

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And yes, we do have some food. Maybe you'd like to join us? Unless you want to stick with your sheep sushi. — Michael Grant

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She placed her palm over his wound, pressing as hard as she dared.
She would stop the blood.
She would hold him and stop his life from escaping.
She would hold life inside him and he wouldn't die — Michael Grant

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Both sides, parents and children, now saw the huge gulf that had opened between them — Michael Grant

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Sam was stiff and tired. He crept onto the houseboat, careful not to wake anyone, and sidled down the narrow passage to his bunk. The shades were drawn and of course there were no lights, so he felt his way to the edge of his bed and crawled across it on hands and knees to find his pillow.
He collapsed on his back.
But even at the edge of sleep he was aware of something different about the bed.
Then he felt soft breath on his cheek.
He turned and her lips were on his. Not gentle. Not soft. She kissed him hard, and it was like he'd been awakened by an electric power line.
She kissed him and slid on top of him.
Their bodies did the rest.
At some point in the hours that followed he said, "Astrid?"
"Don't you think you should have made sure of that about three times ago?" Astrid said in her familiar, slightly condescending tone.
They said many things to each other after that, but nothing that involved words. — Michael Grant

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To almost no one's surprise, Astrid said, "Dune, by Frank Herbert. 'I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that bring total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the Fear has gone there will be nothing.'"
She and Lana together spoke the last phrase of the incantation. "'Only I will remain. — Michael Grant

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Female say Pack Leader stop," Pack Leader said angrily.
"What?" Caine could make no sense of it till he saw Diana striding up, dark hair flying, eyes furious.
"I told this filthy beast to stop," Diana said, barely controlled.
"Stop what?" Caine demanded.
"They're still attacking the kids," Diana said. "We've won. Sam is dead. Call them off, Caine."
Caine turned his attention back to the battle between Drake and the monster. "They're coyotes," Caine said coldly.
Diana flew at him. "You've lost your mind, Caine. This has to stop. You've won. This has to stop."
"Or what, Diana? Or what?" Caine demanded. "Go get Lana. I'm hurt. Pack Leader, do what you want."
"Maybe this is why your mother abandoned you," Diana said savagely. "Maybe she could see that you weren't just bad, you were twisted and sick and evil. — Michael Grant

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Yeah. A feeling. Like the whole point of my life from the alleys in Bangkok to the yachts and private island to coming here like a crazy person trying to fly a helicopter like all of it from birth to here point A to point Z was all some big cosmic trick to get me to meet you. - Sanjit to Lana — Michael Grant

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You can't be trapped by other people. You can only be trapped by your own fear. Defy and win. — Michael Grant

Michael Grant Quotes 1182225

You don't look so much like a great hero,' Jarrah said. 'I'm pretty sure I'm not,' Mack said wearily. 'My throat is hoarse from screaming in terror. I don't think heroes have that problem. — Michael Grant

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Sam was slow getting up. To Quinn he looked like an old man standing up after slipping on the ice. But he looked up at Quinn and performed a sort of salute.
I owe you, Quinn."
I'm sorry I didn't get him," Quinn answered.
Sam shook his head. "Man, don't ever be sorry you don't want to kill someone. — Michael Grant

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This time he had seen it coming, like a monster in a slow-motion nightmare. This time he had seen it coming, like standing rooted on the railroad tracks, unable to jump aside. — Michael Grant

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Have a seat with me," Caine said, hopping down from the wall. "How have you been, Taylor?"
"Life's one big party," she said.
He laughed appreciatively at her joke. "Things must be pretty bad for Edilio to send for me, huh?"
"Things are always pretty bad," she said. "We're at a new level of bad. I saw those bugs."
Caine mustered all his sincerity. "I have to go and fight these creatures. But I don't know much about them."
Taylor told him what she knew. Caine felt some of his confidence drain away as she laid out the facts in gruesome detail and with complete conviction.
"Well, this should be fun," Diana said dryly. "I'm so glad we came back. — Michael Grant

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You May Now Leave The FAYZ. — Michael Grant

Michael Grant Quotes 1497921

promise me, Sam: whatever it takes to win, whatever it takes to survive."
"Astrid - "
Suddenly she grabbed his face with one hand and squeezed too hard. "You listen to me. I'm not losing you because you played fair. You're not getting killed. You're not dying. This isn't some doomed last mission. Do you understand me? This does not end with me crying and missing you every day for the rest of my life. This ends with us walking out of this nightmare together. You and me, Sam. — Michael Grant

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People are idiots, Choo. ALways remember that: people are faithless, backstabbing, weak, creepy, stupid, lazy idiots. — Michael Grant

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If you do bad stuff and don't repent, you go to hell," Orc said, like he was begging for a refutation.
"Yeah, well, you know what? If Howard's in hell, I guess we can all have a big get-together soon enough. a — Michael Grant

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Albert had created a currency based on gold bullets and McDonald's game pieces. He'd wanted to call the currency something else, but no one remembered what. So, 'Bertos they were, a play on "Albert," coined by Howard, of course, who had also come up with "the FAYZ" to describe their weird little world.
Sam had thought Albert was nuts with his obsession with creating money. But the evidence was in: Albert's system was producing just enough food for kids to survive. And a lot more kids were working. Far fewer were just hanging out. It was no longer impossible to get kids to go into the fields and do the backbreaking work of picking crops. They worked for 'Bertos and spent 'Bertos, and for now at least starvation was just a bad memory. — Michael Grant

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Hello darkness, my old friend," Lana half sang, half whispered. "I'm coming to talk with you again. — Michael Grant

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He never should have left the island. He'd been there with Diana and Penny. He could have tossed Penny off a cliff and been fine on the island. Decent food, a beautiful mansion, electricity, and a soft bed with Diana in it.
What had he been thinking, leaving the island?
He missed Diana busting him. He missed her snarky voice. He missed her eye rolls and that skeptical look she had where she'd half close her eyes and look at him like he was too dumb to merit her full attention. He'd have killed, or at least injured, anyone else who treated him like that. But she wasn't anyone else.
He missed her hair. Her neck. Her breasts.
She understood him. She loved him, in her own way. And if he had listened to her, he'd still be on the island. Somehow he would have found some fuel to keep the lights on there. Probably. And the food would have run out and then they'd have starved, but hey, this was the FAYZ, where all you could really hope to do was delay the pain. — Michael Grant

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You're the guy who saves up his pennies to take me to a movie," she said, shaking her head as the truth of it came home to her. "I buy the popcorn. Large, of course, because I'm rich. — Michael Grant

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There is no always," I say. "Nothing persists forever."
"Nothingness persists," she says. She is testing me.
"No. So long as anything exists, nothingness is impossible. In fact, it's nothingness that cannot persist. Nothingness gives way to somethingness. The nothingness that preceded the Big Bang was obliterated. Nothing became something. — Michael Grant

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Only Jack has remarked on the irony that America is going to war against a white supremacist enemy with a segregated American army. — Michael Grant

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No, for God's sake, I'm not bloody suicidal. And I'm not proposing, either. Forget I said anything. — Michael Grant