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Self Managing Quotes By Margaret Chan

A health system that lacks commodities for managing high-mortality infectious diseases and the main killers of mothers and young children will not have an adequate impact. By the same token, even the best-stocked delivery system will have an inadequate impact if it fails to reach the poor. — Margaret Chan

Self Managing Quotes By A.G. Howard

"You laid it on a little thick out there."
Morpheus clucks his tongue. "I performed masterfully," he answers, at last managing to claim his hat from Chessie.
"Right," Jeb scoffs. "Pretty sure my mistreatment wouldn't have sent you into hysterics, drama queen."
Morpheus smirks. "Fair enough. On the other hand, your portrayal of a brainless wind-up numbskull was spot on."
Jeb's lips quiver, as if he's fighting a smile himself. "You know, I still have enough paint to make that flyswatter."
"Tut. No need for violence." Morpheus taps the dust from his hat and places it on his head. "I'm simply giving credit where it's due." — A.G. Howard

Self Managing Quotes By Abhijit Naskar

It's better not to hold your feelings inside too much and express them to a dear one freely, than to pay thousands of dollars to a psychiatrist for the same outburst of emotions later. Emotions are a bonding mechanism for humans. So, use 'em, abuse 'em and utilize 'em. — Abhijit Naskar

Self Managing Quotes By Peter F. Drucker

The subject of this book is managing oneself for effectiveness. — Peter F. Drucker

Self Managing Quotes By John Irving

Good evening, knocked-up faculty daughter. How are you managing now, you smelly little slut? — John Irving

Self Managing Quotes By Jennifer Janson

I was also encountering CEOs who felt that their grip on social media was under control because they had an intern managing a Twitter feed. And I disagreed. — Jennifer Janson

Self Managing Quotes By Henna Inam

Authenticity requires us to slow down. Fast times require us to slow down. To be effective, we need to slow down our pace of thought and action and focus on managing our attention. To be authentic leaders we need to act from intention and choice rather than from habit and impulse. — Henna Inam

Self Managing Quotes By Barack Obama

I haven't been sorting through each and every aspect of this. Here's what I know: Hillary Clinton was an outstanding Secretary of State. She would never intentionally put America in any kind of jeopardy.' Mr. Wallace pressed further on the jeopardy angle, and Mr. Obama responded again: 'I continue to believe that she has not jeopardized America's national security. Now what I've also said is that - and she has acknowledged - that there's a carelessness, in terms of managing emails ... ' — Barack Obama

Self Managing Quotes By Peter Drucker

Managing innovation will increasingly become a challenge to management, and especially to top management, and a touchstone of its competence. — Peter Drucker

Self Managing Quotes By Andy Stanley

Churches for churched people obsess over the most frivolous, inconsequential things. It's why you dread your board meetings, your elder meetings, and your committee meetings. You rarely talk about anything important. You're managing found people. I know you care about un-found people in your heart. But do you care in your schedule, your programming, your preaching style, or your budget? — Andy Stanley

Self Managing Quotes By Jonathan Edwards

The deceitfulness of the heart of man appears in no one thing so much as this of spiritual pride and self-righteousness. The subtlety of Satan appears in its height, in his managing persons with respect to this sin. And perhaps one reason may be that here he has most experience; he knows the way of its coming in; he is acquainted with the secret springs of it: it was his own sin. Experience gives vast advantage in leading souls, either in good or evil. — Jonathan Edwards

Self Managing Quotes By Yohji Yamamoto

Fashion is only complete when it is worn by ordinary people who exist now, managing their lives, loving and grieving. — Yohji Yamamoto

Self Managing Quotes By Bernd Heinrich

The very idea of "managing" a forest in the first place is oxymoronic, because a forest is an ecosystem that is by definition self-managing. — Bernd Heinrich

Self Managing Quotes By Robert Winston

We live longer and healthier lives than ever before. Animal research has improved the treatment of infections, helped with immunisation, improved cancer treatment and had a big impact on managing heart disease, brain disorders, arthritis and transplantation. — Robert Winston

Self Managing Quotes By Alan Ball

I love to direct! I get really jazzed by directing, but directing is not the same kind of personal expression, the same kind of personal intimate expression that writing is. Because when you're directing, you're basically managing, basically getting out of people doing their job, except when you see them going astray. — Alan Ball

Self Managing Quotes By Jim Highsmith

In a self-organized team, individuals take accountability for managing their own workload, shift work among themselves based on need and best fit, and take responsibility for team effectiveness. Team members have considerable leeway in how they deliver results, they are self-disciplined in their accountability for those results, and they work within a flexible framework. — Jim Highsmith

Self Managing Quotes By Lauren Oliver

Still, the vivid green of the grass-where the grass is actually managing to assert itself through the dirt-seems out of place.
This seems like a place where the sun should never shine: a place on the edge, at the limit, a place completely removed from time and happiness and life. — Lauren Oliver

Self Managing Quotes By Subodh Gupta

Managing perfect body weight is not a complicated rocket science. Our body is made up of food which we eat during our day to day life. If we are overweight or obese at the moment then one thing is certain that the food which we eat is unhealthy. — Subodh Gupta

Self Managing Quotes By Seanan McGuire

He was wearing brown leather trousers, a darker brown leather vest, and a silk shirt that matched my dress. The sleeves were almost piratical in style, and the collar was unlaced. His boots were the same shade as his vest, a few shades lighter than his hair.
"Uh," I said again, before managing. "Weren't you wearing that the last time you came to Court?"
"She always dresses me in some variation of this attire," said Tybalt. "I can't tell whether she likes the look of it, or whether she's trying to make a point. This would have been a stagehand's garb, once upon a time, and nothing suited for a King."
"Uh," I said for a third time.
Seeing my distress, Tybalt smirked, leaned in, and murmured in my ear, "I have a disturbing assortment of leather trousers, thanks to her. I'd be happy to show you, if you like. — Seanan McGuire

Self Managing Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Some people are like egg. The more you apply heat to them, the harder they become. To hatch them, just use a gentle heat, and to keep them alive, just keep them cool. — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Self Managing Quotes By Sheldon S. Wolin

Democracy is about the conditions that make it possible for ordinary people to better their lives by becoming political beings and by making power responsive to their hopes and needs. What is at stake in democratic politics is whether ordinary men and women can recognize that their concerns are best protected and cultivated under a regime whose actions are governed by principles of commonality, equality, and fairness, a regime in which taking part in politics becomes a way of staking out and sharing in a common life and its forms of self-fulfillment. Democracy is not about bowling together but about managing together those powers that immediately and significantly affect the lives and circumstances of others and one's self. — Sheldon S. Wolin

Self Managing Quotes By Kim L. Gratz

We want to be clear: The skills we [teach] you for managing your emotions and controlling your urges to self-harm will never be quite as effective or satisfying as self-harm in the short run. — Kim L. Gratz

Self Managing Quotes By Michele Woolley

Managing stress is about controlling the way you respond to events and having an open mind about the things that stress you. Learn to talk to God during the day and ask Him to give you peace and to help you with your problems — Michele Woolley

Self Managing Quotes By Erving Goffman

There is a relation between persons and role. But the relationship answers to the interactive system - to the frame - in which the role is performed and the self of the performer is glimpsed. Self, then, is not an entity half-concealed behind events, but a changeable formula for managing oneself during them. Just as the current situation prescribes the official guise behind which we will conceal ourselves, so it provides where and how we will show through, the culture itself prescribing what sort of entity we must believe ourselves to be in order to have something to show through in this manner. — Erving Goffman

Self Managing Quotes By Thomas Hardy

Everybody must be managed. Queens must be managed. Kings must be managed, for men want managing almost as much as women, and that's saying a good deal. — Thomas Hardy

Self Managing Quotes By Howard Schultz

Managing a business, small or large, today requires an extremely disciplined, thoughtful approach with regard to the pressure that people are under. — Howard Schultz

Self Managing Quotes By Joshua Lederberg

I started on the use of the Internet for scientific communication. Our research group was one of the very first to make really systematic use of it as a way of managing research projects. — Joshua Lederberg

Self Managing Quotes By Malebo Sephodi

Self-love for me means accepting who I am and dealing with the perceived flaws that I live with. It is also accepting that sometimes I struggle with feelings of inadequacy and I do not think that I am enough. The point to all of this, is acknowledging this part about me. When I acknowledge it then it becomes easy for me to seek self-love through managing the moments when I don't feel like I love myself. I am constantly working towards finding ways that enable me to value myself. — Malebo Sephodi

Self Managing Quotes By Anonymous

Managers who feel inadequate in their jobs are often unreceptive to employees' ideas and denigrate subordinates who speak up, according to research at a multinational energy company and a subsequent experiment. In such cases underlings might consider voicing their ideas in private so that bosses feel less threatened. "MANAGING TO STAY IN THE DARK: MANAGERIAL SELF-EFFICACY, EGO DEFENSIVENESS, AND THE AVERSION TO EMPLOYEE VOICE," BY NATHANAEL J. FAST, ETHAN R. BURRIS, AND CAROLINE A. BARTEL — Anonymous

Self Managing Quotes By Vivek Naik

Getting things done is not always about managing time; It is about finding that magical time of the day when you work at your best level — Vivek Naik

Self Managing Quotes By Danny Silk

In order for us to practice self-control, we must have a goal. We must have something we are saying "yes" to, which necessarily comes with things that we must say "no" to. We use self-control to maneuver ourselves toward this "yes." This goal must be entirely our own. The minute another person is choosing and managing our goals for us, we have left self-control behind. — Danny Silk

Self Managing Quotes By Susie Orbach

Many young girls are constantly consumed by controlling and managing their body image to the extent that they are much more involved in the production of the self than in living. — Susie Orbach

Self Managing Quotes By Tommy Newberry

Top 10 Reasons to Establish Written Goals for Your Life 10. Written goals strengthen your character by promoting a long-term perspective. 9. Written goals allow you to lead your life as opposed to simply managing it. 8. Written goals provide internal, permanent, and consistent motivation. 7. Written goals help you stay focused - to concentrate on what's most important. 6. Written goals enhance your decision-making ability. 5. Written goals simultaneously require and build self-confidence. 4. Written goals help you create the future in advance. 3. Written goals help you to control changes - to adjust your sails, to work with the wind rather than against it. 2. Written goals heighten your awareness of opportunities that are consistent with your goals. 1. And finally, the most important benefit of setting effective goals is the person you become as a result of the pursuit! — Tommy Newberry

Self Managing Quotes By Duane Swierczynski

I think managing pain with narcotics could be a useful skill. Hiding your true self from you co-workers, which is totally true. Exacting justice when it needs to be dealt. — Duane Swierczynski

Self Managing Quotes By Miya Yamanouchi

A good manager instills staff with self-confidence, teaches them to believe in themselves and helps them to realise their brilliance. Do not ever treat your staff with disrespect. It is competent until proven incompetent; not incompetent til proven competent. — Miya Yamanouchi

Self Managing Quotes By Shane Filan

When I finished Westlife, we had - Louie Walsh is still managing me - I was lucky to have options from different labels such as Sony and Universal. When we met Capitol and Nick Raphael, I just believed in them the most, and it looked like they believed in me the most. — Shane Filan

Self Managing Quotes By Casey Stengel

Managing is getting paid for home runs that someone else hits. — Casey Stengel

Self Managing Quotes By Rajneesh

A mature person does not fall in love, he or she rises in love. Only immature people fall; they stumble and fall down in love. Somehow they were managing and standing. Now they cannot manage and they cannot stand. They were always ready to fall on the ground and to creep. They don't have the backbone, the spine; they don't have the integrity to stand alone. — Rajneesh

Self Managing Quotes By Bruce Dickinson

Well, it's a nice quiet time for Iron Maiden, and I'll be releasing a new solo album next year, so this is a really good time for the managing out my solo career, which is quite well. — Bruce Dickinson

Self Managing Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

Though the stupid have great capacity to direct the world because they are plentiful, the clever has a much greater capacity to prevent the stupid from halting the progression of humanity because - though they are rare - they are tactical and intelligent! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Self Managing Quotes By Robin S. Sharma

A leadership culture is one where everyone thinks like an owner, a CEO or a managing director. It's one where everyone is entrepreneurial and proactive. — Robin S. Sharma

Self Managing Quotes By Jim Highsmith

APM focuses on team management, from building self-organizing teams to developing a servant leadership style. It is both more difficult, and ultimately more rewarding than managing tasks. — Jim Highsmith

Self Managing Quotes By FlatBear Publishing

They needed to develop an interest in the world, they needed social contact and to develop an aspiration to improve their wellbeing before we had any chance of persuading them to become involved in self-managing their health and wellness. — FlatBear Publishing

Self Managing Quotes By Cynthia Swanson

In that other life, I am the center of my world. Of course, I love and care about other people - many other people. But at the end of the day, my thoughts and actions are mainly about managing my own life and my own emotions. Here, — Cynthia Swanson

Self Managing Quotes By Jay Carr

[Walter Burns is] the archetypal managing editor-ruthless, self-righteous, manipulative, downright maniacal if it means an exclusive, especially one that it can congratulate itself for on its own front page. — Jay Carr

Self Managing Quotes By Tom Gegax

Self-managing is Job One. Have a vision and a mission. Surround yourself with talented people. Rely on effective coaching, not managing of employees. — Tom Gegax

Self Managing Quotes By Stormy Smith

I had to be the only person on the planet capable of pissing off every guy in my life on the same day while managing to get them to all lie to each other - while lying to them my self. — Stormy Smith

Self Managing Quotes By Neil Postman

The question is not, Does or doesn't public schooling create a public? The question is, What kind of public does it create? A conglomerate of self-indulgent consumers? Angry, soulless, directionless masses? Indifferent, confused citizens? Or a public imbued with confidence, a sense of purpose, a respect for learning, and tolerance? The answer to this question has nothing whatever to do with computers, with testing, with teacher accountability, with class size, and with the other details of managing schools. The right answer depends on two things and two things alone: the existence of shared narratives and the capacity of such narratives to provide an inspired reason for schooling. — Neil Postman

Self Managing Quotes By Josip Broz Tito

A decade ago young people en masse began declaring themselves as Yugoslavs. It was a form of rising Yugoslav nationalism, which was a reaction to brotherhood and unity and a feeling of belonging to a single socialist self-managing society. This pleased me greatly. — Josip Broz Tito

Self Managing Quotes By Joseph Conrad

I wondered how far I should turn out faithful to that ideal conception of one's own personality every man sets up for himself secretly. — Joseph Conrad

Self Managing Quotes By Calvin Coolidge

We insist on producing a farm surplus, but think the government should find a profitable market for it. We overindulge in speculation, but ask the government to prevent panics. Now the only way to hold the government entirely responsible for conditions is to give up our liberty for a dictatorship. If we continue the more reasonable practice of managing our own affairs we must bear the burdens of our own mistakes. A free people cannot shift their responsibility for them to the government. Self-government means self-reliance. — Calvin Coolidge

Self Managing Quotes By Bill Cosby

The summit, which is set up to educate people about managing their money and protecting their income, leads to empowerment of self, for which this summit needs to be applauded. — Bill Cosby

Self Managing Quotes By Richard Kadrey

Kids need their minds blown every now and then. It'll keep them from thinking that managing a McDonald's is the most they can hope for. — Richard Kadrey

Self Managing Quotes By Vivek Naik

Most of your struggles with managing your time are due to the self- limiting beliefs. Change your Mindset and you will be able to do lot more in lot less time — Vivek Naik

Self Managing Quotes By Tariq Ramadan

Fasting is, first and foremost, an exercise for identifying and managing adversity in all its forms. With faith, in full conscience, fasting calls women and men to an extra degree of self-awareness. — Tariq Ramadan

Self Managing Quotes By Stephen Kinzer

Western powers remain imprisoned by the idea that the world is a dangerous place, that it needs to be managed, and that they are called upon to do the managing. — Stephen Kinzer

Self Managing Quotes By Matt Chandler

Grace-driven effort wants to get to the bottom of behavior, not just manage behavior. If you're simply managing behavior but not removing the roots of that behavior, then the weeds simply sprout up in another place. You may mow it down for a season of time only to see it sprout up again. — Matt Chandler

Self Managing Quotes By Stephen King

Stopping a piece of work just because it's hard, either emotionally or imaginatively, is a bad idea. Sometimes you have to go on when you don't feel like it, and sometimes you're doing good work when if feels like all you're managing is to shovel sh*t from a sitting position. — Stephen King

Self Managing Quotes By Peter A. Baskerville

Managing your small failures (iterations) and major failures (pivots) as part of the entrepreneurial development process to save you from a fatal failure that has been the hallmark of most entrepreneurial journeys. — Peter A. Baskerville

Self Managing Quotes By Itay Talgam

Kleiber was the perfect dancer - so perfect that you could see the process. After all, dance is a process; it's a series of snapshots. Kleiber knew how to connect people to the flow, so he could stop managing people. — Itay Talgam

Self Managing Quotes By S. Walden

I expect the world from you, as I should, because you're amazing and talented and funny and sweet. You're sexy as hell and clever and smart and capable of so many things. So yeah. I expect a hell of a lot from you. And I also expect that you can be successful in managing your OCD. I'm proud of you, Bailey. — S. Walden

Self Managing Quotes By Ursula Burns

Xerox is really good at managing documents, and we're definitely good at managing through a process. — Ursula Burns

Self Managing Quotes By Anonymous

Descartes made mention of such views, and more generally saw the imagination as an important tool for managing the emotions: picturing things in the imagination could have affective results, so manipulating the imagination is an effective way of controlling our emotions and their effects. — Anonymous

Self Managing Quotes By Suzanne Wrightt

You don't think that perhaps you have anger management issues?"
"Punching people is managing my anger. — Suzanne Wrightt

Self Managing Quotes By Esther Hicks

If you will relax and allow Law of Attraction to do the organization, the managing, then you can spend your time doing the things that please you — Esther Hicks

Self Managing Quotes By Jim Rohn

A life best lived is a life by design. Not by accident, and not by just walking through the day careening from wall to wall and managing to survive. That's okay. But if you can start giving your life dimensions and design and color and objectives and purpose, the results can be staggering. — Jim Rohn

Self Managing Quotes By Steve Maraboli

In many ways, life is about managing your delusions; keeping the ones that nourish and eliminating the ones that poison. — Steve Maraboli

Self Managing Quotes By Pearl Zhu

You can't improve what you are not managing, you can't manage what you are not measuring, and you can't measure what you are not focusing. — Pearl Zhu

Self Managing Quotes By Jack Welch

Management is all about managing in the short term, while developing the plans for the long term. — Jack Welch

Self Managing Quotes By Wayne Dyer

We can choose to function at a lower level of awareness and simply exist, caring for our possessions, eating, drinking, sleeping and managing in the world as pawns of the elements, or we can soar to new and higher levels of awareness allowing ourselves to transcend our environment and literally create a world of our own - a world of real magic. — Wayne Dyer

Self Managing Quotes By David Pleat

I've enjoyed my time in the game, whether it be managing Luton in the top flight, taking Spurs to Wembley or, as director of football, pinpointing players such as Jermain Defoe, Paul Robinson and Robbie Keane with real sell-on value. — David Pleat

Self Managing Quotes By D. James Kennedy

Crowdsourcing can greatly increase the number of ideas entering the front-end of the innovation funnel, however, using the wrong source can result in a large number of inappropriate ideas, and the lack of defined process for managing the progress of ideas through the funnel can result in the funnel becoming blocked. — D. James Kennedy

Self Managing Quotes By Richard Levin

Managing university finances is very tricky business. We're nonprofits. We're not supposed to accumulate large surpluses. — Richard Levin

Self Managing Quotes By Steven Spielberg

I think that the perceived downs in my own career come from just managing my time and not feeling that I have enough time for my family or my friends. You could put that in the personal life category but it's all one category because I've got to balance my family. — Steven Spielberg

Self Managing Quotes By Sylvia Plath

Apparently, the most difficult feat for a Cambridge male is to accept a woman not merely as feeling, not merely as thinking, but as managing a complex, vital interweaving of both. — Sylvia Plath

Self Managing Quotes By Gabriela Sabatini

I'm having a good time. Managing my things takes a lot of time. — Gabriela Sabatini

Self Managing Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Managing change is no longer a one-time initiative, and change management turns to be a strategical ongoing capability in today's digital organizations. — Pearl Zhu

Self Managing Quotes By Whitey Herzog

Some people asked me if I would be interested in managing the A's. I said a definite no thank you. At night, that place is a graveyard with lights. — Whitey Herzog

Self Managing Quotes By Ivan Krastev

Transparency is not about restoring trust in institutions. Transparency is the politics of managing mistrust. — Ivan Krastev

Self Managing Quotes By Charles E. Rice

Think of managing change as an adventure. It tests your skills and abilities. It brings forth talent that may have been dormant. Change is also a training ground for leadership. When we think of leaders, we remember times of change, innovation, and conflict. Leadership is often about shaping a new way of life. To do that, you must advance change, take risks, and accept responsibility for making change happen. — Charles E. Rice

Self Managing Quotes By Mark Gonzales

If you want to manage somebody, manage yourself. Do that well and you'll be ready to stop managing. And start leading. — Mark Gonzales

Self Managing Quotes By Chris LoPresti

A Venture Culture. Robert S. Adelson Managing Partner, Osage Partners Our — Chris LoPresti

Self Managing Quotes By Fred Wilson

The companies that do the best job on managing a user's privacy will be the companies that ultimately are the most successful. — Fred Wilson

Self Managing Quotes By Maria Sharapova

As someone who spends a lot of her time on the road, you have to look stylish but comfortable as I'm always in motion. Either traveling for my job, for pleasure, or managing the hectic pace of the modern day. — Maria Sharapova

Self Managing Quotes By Barry Svrluga

For hitter or pitcher, rookie or veteran, baseball has long been defined by failure rather than success, the old a-.300-hitter-gets-out-7-times-in-10-at-bats truism. Dealing with and managing failure is an essential - some would say the essential - part of the job description. — Barry Svrluga

Self Managing Quotes By Meredith Duran

It's very easy to resist men, isn't it? But managing to pick the right one
that is truly worthy of praise. — Meredith Duran

Self Managing Quotes By Nick Mills

That day I saw people trying to feed themselves but managing to do so only on a subsistence level. And people who are hungry are not worried about communism or Communists. — Nick Mills

Self Managing Quotes By Neil Young

I lit a fire and sat there in my rocking chair. We lit a candle for him. It was as simple as that. I knew that what I had done may have been a catalyst in Danny's death, but I also knew that there was really nothing else I could have done. I can never really lose that feeling. I wasn't guilty, but I felt responsible in a way. It's part of what I do. Managing the band and taking care of the music is very painful at times. It's a sad story. A moment I will never forget, years I can never replace, music the world will never hear, all gone in the turning of a second. — Neil Young