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Yet rather than calling the earliest religions, which embraced such an open acceptance of all human sexuality, 'fertility cults,' we might consider the religions of today as strange in that they seem to associate shame and even sin with the very process of conceiving new human life. Perhaps centuries from now scholars and historians will be classifying them as 'sterility cults. — Merlin Stone

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Each arc of color may be lovely to behold, but it is the full spectrum of our woman rainbow that glows with the brightest promise of better things to come. — Merlin Stone

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It is difficult to grasp the immensity and significance of the extreme reverence paid to the Goddess over a period of (at least) seven thousand years and over miles of land cutting across national boundaries and vast expanses of sea. Yet it is vital to do just that to fully comprehend the longevity as well as the widespread power and influence this religion once held. — Merlin Stone

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In the beginning, people prayed to the Creatress of Life,
the Mistress of Heaven.
At the very dawn of religion, God was a woman.
Do you remember? — Merlin Stone

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The Goddess is not just the female version of God. She represents a different concept. — Merlin Stone

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In the beginning there was Isis: Oldest of the Old, She was the Goddess from whom all Becoming Arose. She was the Great Lady, Mistress of the two Lands of Egypt, Mistress of Shelter, Mistress of Heaven, Mistress of the House of Life, Mistress of the word of God. She was the Unique. In all Her great and wonderful works She was a wiser magician and more excellent than any other God. — Merlin Stone

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The suppression of women's rights began with the suppression of women's rites. — Merlin Stone