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My personality is a luxury that's costing me too dearly. — Martin Page

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I have the curse of reason: I'm poor, single and depressed. For months now I've been thinking about my illness of thinking too much, and I've established with complete certainty the correlation between my unhappiness and the incontinence of my mind. Probing and pondering and overanalyzing have never given me any advantages; they've only played against me. — Martin Page

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When we try to understand something, more often than not, we kill it, and now I can feel the dangers of this encroaching on me: cynicism, bitterness, and infinite sadness...It's impossible to live if you're too aware, too thoughtful. Take nature for example: everything that lives happily and too a ripe old age is not very intelligent. Tortoises live for centuries, water's immortal, and Milton Friedman's still alive. — Martin Page

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He had every intention of becoming an alcoholic. It keeps you busy. Alcohol occupies every thought and provides a goal in times of despair: getting better. — Martin Page

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Men simplify the world with words and thoughts, and that's how they create their certainties; and having certainty is the most potent pleasure in this world, far more potent than money, sex, and power all combined. Renouncing — Martin Page

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There are people in this life for whom even the best of things don't work out. They could wear cashmere suits and still look like tramps; be very rich but badly in debt; be tall but lousy at basketball. — Martin Page

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Silence gradually spread its great, fragile butterfly wings across the ward. The sun had disappeared, replaced by grey and rain. This particular month of July was reading the script for March. — Martin Page

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Life was nothing but endless torture. He no longer felt any pleasure watching the sun rise, his every waking moment was sour, ruining the taste of anything that could have brought him enjoyment. As he had never really felt that he was living, he was not afraid of death. He was even happy that, in death, he would find the sole proof that he had been alive. — Martin Page

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Like sexual intercourse, death needs foreplay. — Martin Page

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It's easier to get your high school diploma, become a police inspector, or get your master's degree in literature than to commit suicide. The success rate is less than eight percent. — Martin Page