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M.J. Haag Quotes & Sayings

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Famous Quotes By M.J. Haag

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Value is an odd thing, subject to whim. What one might find value in, another might not; what has value today might not have value tomorrow, depending on the wants and needs of the evaluating individual. — M.J. Haag

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Nothing ever stayed the same. But tomorrow had to be better. — M.J. Haag

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Curled on my side, I snuggled deeper into the pile of furs lying under me. From the darkness, something growled softly and silenced the bird as a large warm hand soothed my hair. I sank back into my slumber. — M.J. Haag

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I... thank you for your offer," I said slowly, "but I've taken so much from the estate already."
"You scorn my offer?"
The roar of his rage momentarily deafened me and startled nearby birds from their roosts. Rubbing my ears, I hastily tried to assure him. — M.J. Haag

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I reached across the table and set my hand on his. I had no words to offer him. We were meant to make mistakes. We learned from them. — M.J. Haag

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My mouth popped open. Generosity from the beast was the last thing I'd expected. — M.J. Haag

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I give this freely — M.J. Haag

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I don't care about your family," he said sharply. "Whatever you choose must be for you and you alone. You waste my time. This is no riddle to debate and stew. Just choose," He bellowed, causing me to jump.
"Refuge," I whispered.
The growling stopped. — M.J. Haag

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Before you leave, you may ask of me one thing you need that I can find within the walls of my estate." he said with a low rumble. — M.J. Haag

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I cannot accept any more from you without knowing the price — M.J. Haag