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There are days when I don't want to go to the gym or find myself not super motivated upon arriving. I would visualize myself playing at the Olympics. — Kim Smith

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Everyone on my team is different in terms of how long before a workout they prefer to eat. I like to eat my big meal 4.5-5 hours before I play. I usually eat a carb either rice or pasta with tofu or chicken. Around 2 hours before I play to like to eat greek yogurt with a banana. — Kim Smith

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Setting can be something that is a major player in a scene, something that makes the mood leap from the page. But if an author doesn't handle it right, it falls flat or seems overdone. It is a challenge getting it "just right". — Kim Smith

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My greatest achievement so far is that I've been able to continue with my normal life. I love what I do, but more so, I'm glad to have people who care about me close by. — Kim Smith

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My experiences always influence my writing, but usually only on an emotional level. I have experienced death of a family member and it's easy to dredge up those feelings and get them on the page. — Kim Smith

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A good edit process turns rocks into diamonds, and every author should love that part as much as the creative phase. I do love it. It's a different side to writing. It's like the fine-tuning. — Kim Smith

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Pickup lines are a major turn-off, they don't work on me and I tune them out. It's better to just be honest. — Kim Smith

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I do love wearing heels but my feet can't be in them all day long. I want to have fun and dance so I need to be comfortable. — Kim Smith

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Dialogue saves me. I love writing the conversations between my paper people. For some reason, that is the easiest thing for me. It's like I am a transcriptionist for the voices in my head. I can hear them talking (mentally) and have a gift for getting it on the page. — Kim Smith

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I hope that in 5 years from now I'll be working and doing what makes me happy. Whatever that may be. — Kim Smith

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The editing process is a necessary evil. I can write until the cows come home but it is all garbage until it gets edited. — Kim Smith

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I think I have always wanted to tell stories. My mother was the real catalyst. I kept talking about it and so she pulled out a story I wrote (and illustrated) back in elementary school. She used that as proof that I should be writing and had been doing so unconsciously for years. — Kim Smith

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I was at this model search with a friend, supporting her, and next thing you know I ended up in it. — Kim Smith

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I'm still reading some scripts and I model as well, so I'm still doing that. But I don't want to do like just anything so we're being really selective about the stuff I'll do. — Kim Smith

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I think in most sports sometimes you need a little luck for the ball or calls to roll your way. — Kim Smith

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I love meeting new people; I think everyone has a story to tell. We should all listen sometimes. — Kim Smith

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Write or don't write. There is only try. — Kim Smith

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Models are what they are ... people who model clothing, that's all. — Kim Smith

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For me, setting and description is a challenge. I always want to get that part just right, and sometimes the words won't work. — Kim Smith

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The best part of being a pro is being able to travel around the world. I have met so many incredible people and experienced different cultures all through sport. — Kim Smith