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Famous Quotes By Kelli Jean

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Oh fuck, oh man, my hand has gone all gross and clammy. He's going to feel that. He's going to think I'm so gross. Please, please, please, I begged whatever was divine and listening, stop my hand from sweating. Please, please, please. And don't let me puke! — Kelli Jean

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Does your height bother you?" he asked softly. "I was teased a lot as a kid," I admitted. "I felt a bit like a freak in high school, but over time, I learned to appreciate it, you know? I simply stopped listening to what others thought about me, and I found that I really liked who I was, what I was. I might not be the most desirable - " "That's — Kelli Jean

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I need to pick up some lingerie," I told them. "What for?" asked Trey. "To make you feel pretty, Pound Cake," I retorted. "The fuck you think? — Kelli Jean

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I used to be normal. Then, I met you."
"Pfft. There you go, blaming me for your mental hang-ups again," she said. "Besides, normal is boring."
"Yeah. You've shown me that, too. — Kelli Jean

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Thank you," I said in relief. "Fuck you, douche," he replied before hanging up. — Kelli Jean

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You fucking put those dick suckers anywhere near my woman again, and you'll be tasting your own arsehole, you got that?" Oliver snarled. "Now, fucking take your fruity arse behind the bar, and get me a fucking beer. — Kelli Jean

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Feeling giddy, I needed to share the exuberance I had inside me. — Kelli Jean