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Donald Trump was, you know, obviously a very important businessman, billionaire, he was a reality show star and I think that he has had more success running for president than probably even he imagined. — Joy-Ann Reid

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Donald Trump is accomplishing getting, particularly white, working-class voters, who are turned off by their own party. — Joy-Ann Reid

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I think on the things - the issues that Pope Francis cares about - not just remaking the Church and in just sort of a more compassionate visage, but really on trying to move real policy. — Joy-Ann Reid

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I have to say that Donald Trump is on probably about the 13th minute of fame. — Joy-Ann Reid

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As the refugee crisis unfolds across Europe, another is looming in our backyard. The number of children crossing the southwest border unaccompanied has quietly surged more than a year after President [Barack] Obama referred to the problem as a quote "urgent humanitarian situation." — Joy-Ann Reid

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I think in theory, Donald Trump could be a formidable candidate, right? The theory of him is, if he ignites working class white voters, he can put Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, states like Ohio in play for the Republicans. — Joy-Ann Reid

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Donald Trump is actually doing what Bernie Sanders was billed as doing. He's doing new voters into the process. — Joy-Ann Reid

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Having lived in Florida for as long as you did as well, Jeb Bush has never really been that great of a politician. He's benefited from a lot of good luck.He torched his own campaign in '94, he had a weak Democratic opponent in '98, he benefited from the Clinton boom and got out before the Bush bust. — Joy-Ann Reid

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Pope Francis also I think was really pivotal in sort of sanctioning and giving that important cosign to the opening of Cuba. — Joy-Ann Reid

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I think that behind the scenes the Pope [Francis] is seen as more of a religious figure, but obviously he is sort of a global political figure. — Joy-Ann Reid

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That this is not a sense of innovation and competition increasing prices because some other company is coming in and competing with Martin Shkreli. This is literally a monopoly. — Joy-Ann Reid

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The military is such a hierarchical institution. It's an institution where, if you are assaulted by a person senior to you, you're probably the person that's expendable and that's going to get in trouble. — Joy-Ann Reid

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I think Rahm Emanuel is now defunct as any sort of a surrogate for Hillary Clinton. — Joy-Ann Reid

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The Democrats have done so poorly in red states and essentially been evacuated from the red - the entire red part of America particularly off year elections. But I guess they proved that all you need is a completely scandalized Republican opponent. — Joy-Ann Reid

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Whether or not, you know, people think that Martin Shkreli is the worst person in the world, the reality is that he is the symptom or a larger problem in an pharmacology industry. — Joy-Ann Reid

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There is a sort of Neo-Confederate thread that runs through these sort of pro-gun movements and the NRA movement. — Joy-Ann Reid

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Google the phrase "the most hated man in America." And this guy is one of the first people to pop up. Martin Shkreli, aka Pharma Bro, a 32-year-old drug company entrepreneur and former hedge fund manager who has a lot of money and loves to talk about how he spends it. — Joy-Ann Reid

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It's not enough to keep winning seconds and thirds. At some point, Ted Cruz has actually won on. [Marco] Rubio's got to actually win a state. — Joy-Ann Reid

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Marco Rubio has felt the wrath of Chris Christie and proved that he has a glass jaw. And I think that the question is going to be could he withstand a similar barrage from Donald Trump, who is relentless in going after the people he thinks are a threat to him. — Joy-Ann Reid

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There has been a fair amount of criticism of the DNC for letting this squabble between [Bernie] Sanders and [Hillary] Clinton campaigns spill out into the open. — Joy-Ann Reid

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Democrats in the contrast with Republicans, almost no matter which Republican is nominated. Because they are taking such similar positions. — Joy-Ann Reid

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Campaigns and primaries can get ugly. There are always messy squabbles. — Joy-Ann Reid

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I think that no one roiled American politics and sort of scrambled the left/right dynamic more 2015 year than Pope Francis. — Joy-Ann Reid

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I project that this next election - the 2016 election - if it is about anything thematically, it is going to be about that sense of rage and displacement among white working-class voters. — Joy-Ann Reid

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Between Pope Francis tour of the U.S. which I think was a triumph really for liberals, he really sort of for the first time in a long time made the Catholics sort of on the side of liberalism. — Joy-Ann Reid

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The other theory is because Donal Trump is not been vetted and no attacks on him have really been tested by Republicans, that is an unknown. He might be a paper tiger if somebody would only go after him. — Joy-Ann Reid