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This is how it works. I love the people in my life, and I do for my friends whatever they need me to do for them, again and again, as many times as is necessary. For example, in your case you always forgot who you are and how much you're loved. So what I do for you as your friend is remind you who you are and tell you how much I love you. And this isn't any kind of burden for me, because I love who you are very much. Every time I remind you, I get to remember with you, which is my pleasure. — James Lecesne

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The Trevor Project is committed to providing all young people, regardless of sexual identity, the opportunity to be heard and the encouragement to be themselves. — James Lecesne

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In the early '90s, I wrote a play called 'Word of Mouth' in which I played a number of different characters. One was a thirteen-year-old boy who, through a series of diary entries, realizes that he's gay. — James Lecesne

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As an actor you make choices that are either right or wrong, and you find the ones that are right for you. As an understudy, the choices have been made, so you have to make those choices right. Going into the role, you can't really question it. — James Lecesne

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All of us, regardless of how we identify, need a community in which to grow our faith. We require the tangle of other souls to enlarge our hearts, to perfect our relationships with one another and to help us understand more deeply our better Selves (big 'S'). — James Lecesne

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All young people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, need someone who's got their back. — James Lecesne

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The very things in your life that seem
to be depressing and oppressing you
right now are going to be the means
by which you set yourself free. — James Lecesne

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Growing up in a New Jersey suburb, my Catholic faith was an important part of my young life, shaping the way I approached the world. — James Lecesne

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I knew that Jesus loved me, not because the Bible told me so but because my heart was informed by love. And later, for that same reason, I knew I was attracted to boys. — James Lecesne