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Proactive Approach Quotes By Brad Duguid

The foundation of Ontario's economy is our skilled workers and innovative companies. Our government will continue its proactive approach to partnering with business and industry, investing strategically to help companies grow and create jobs in this period of economic uncertainty. — Brad Duguid

Proactive Approach Quotes By Michael Demon Calce

The security world needs to take a more proactive approach. A lot of companies will know an exploit exists and they'll release the software anyways, and the patch later on. Stuff like this needs to stop. There needs to be some kind of agency that verifies code before it's released, maybe a grading system for code. — Michael Demon Calce

Proactive Approach Quotes By Stephen Covey

The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly, correct and learn from it. — Stephen Covey

Proactive Approach Quotes By Michael Hyatt

You have a choice in life. You can either live on-purpose, according to a plan you've set. Or you can live by accident, reacting to the demands of others. The first approach is proactive; the second reactive. — Michael Hyatt

Proactive Approach Quotes By John C. Maxwell

I believe that everyone chooses how to approach life. If you're proactive, you focus on preparing. If you're reactive, you end up focusing on repairing. — John C. Maxwell

Proactive Approach Quotes By Stephen Covey

Anytime we think the problem is 'out there,' that thought is the problem. We empower what's out there to control us. The change paradigm is 'outside-in' - what's out there has to change before we can change. The proactive approach is to change from the 'inside-out': to be different, and by being different, to effect positive change in what's out there - I can be more resourceful, I can be more diligent, I can be more creative, I can be more cooperative. — Stephen Covey

Proactive Approach Quotes By Kirsten Gillibrand

While we can never truly repay the debt we owe our heroes, the least we should do for our brave veterans is to ensure that the government takes a proactive approach to delivering the services and benefits they have earned, so they can access the care they need and so richly deserve. — Kirsten Gillibrand

Proactive Approach Quotes By Loren Weisman

The people who blame everything and every body else for their lack of success, tended to continue to have a lack of success.
Your Proactive, problem solving minded, assertive and responsible approach is going to carry you much further than whining, blaming, pointing fingers and justifying your failures. — Loren Weisman

Proactive Approach Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Building a digital-ready IT roadmap is a proactive approach to well prepare for the digital transformation. — Pearl Zhu

Proactive Approach Quotes By Nick Bostrom

Our approach to existential risks cannot be one of trial-and-error. There is no opportunity to learn from errors. The reactive approach - see what happens, limit damages, and learn from experience - is unworkable. Rather, we must take a proactive approach. This requires foresight to anticipate new types of threats and a willingness to take decisive preventive action and to bear the costs (moral and economic) of such actions. — Nick Bostrom