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No atheist says there is no god! — Hemant Mehta

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Radical Muslims fly planes into buildings. Radical Christians kill abortion doctors. Radical Atheists write books. — Hemant Mehta

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At age fourteen I was asking questions. When the answers failed to satisfy me, I searched elsewhere for different answers and found wisdom in atheism. And I am far from alone in that experience. — Hemant Mehta

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Pastor Ted and other evangelical pastors I hear about in the media seem to perceive just about everything to be a threat against Christianity. Evolution is a threat. Gay marriage is a threat. A swear word uttered accidentally on television is a threat. Democrats are a threat. And so on.
I don't see how any of these things pose a threat against Christianity. If someone disagrees with you about politics, or social issues, or the matter of origins, isn't that just democracy and free speech in action? How do opposing viewpoints constitute a threat? — Hemant Mehta

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We're not mad at God, just like atheists don't hate Santa or Unicorns, they're just not there! — Hemant Mehta

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Nothing draws people more quickly away from religion than an open mind. — Hemant Mehta

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Atheists think the devil is just a silly as God is. — Hemant Mehta

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Put your trust in god are the most dangerous words in the English language. — Hemant Mehta

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If atheism is a religion, then off is a TV channel and bald is a hair colour. — Hemant Mehta