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Problems are gifts from heaven to help every one of us to grow but for those who are to grow the most, heaven bestows rejection.

Today is not bad just because yesterday seemed better.

All the keys to joy can be reduced to these two. Laugh but at no one's expense and love but without expectation. — Pat McBride

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How little the color of a life jacket matters when we fall overboard. If something is important, it will be important under all circumstances. Otherwise, it's not important. — Pat McBride

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It matters not whether you win the race or not but that you cross the finish line with a smile and a bit of a laugh. Stress does not come from having too much on your plate. Stress comes from labeling too many of those things as very important. Discussing religion, no matter how in depth the discussion, should never be confused with actually practicing that religion. — Pat McBride

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When we are angry, we will use a lie as fast as a truth if we can hurt with it. Anger feels strong but it is actually a disguised weakness. To someone with their eyes closed, all the pictures that you show them will seem the same. It is better to whisper words of love instead of trying to find a better picture. The end of a relationship is not a failure any more than the end of a book is a failure. — Pat McBride

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Today is not bad just because yesterday seemed better. — Pat McBride

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When there is a storm in your life, it is not the time to build. No creature on earth tries to build during a storm. Conserve your energy until the storm passes. — Pat McBride

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You would not go into an apple orchard and eat the weeds so why would you go into your day and feast on worries?. — Pat McBride