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Enjoy the top 13 famous quotes, sayings and quotations by Elliott Gould.

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Quitters don't win and winners don't quit. — Elliott Gould

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I find it so easy to get distracted - I try not to do more than one thing at any one time. — Elliott Gould

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I was changing a light bulb over Groucho Marx's bed, so I took my shoes off, got on his bed and changed the bulb. When I got off the bed he said: 'That's the best acting you've ever done.' — Elliott Gould

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I was a tap dancer as a child, so I understand precision and repetition. — Elliott Gould

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My take on celebrity is simply that some of us have to make a bigger fool of ourselves than others. — Elliott Gould

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My greatest fear is to be misunderstood. — Elliott Gould

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I believe in evolution and I think when it comes to business and the roots of business and the fundamentals of business, I don't think that ever changes. I think the idea of change is an illusion, but in nature it's necessary to change and perhaps business is a part of nature. I'm not totally sure. — Elliott Gould

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I do know people and there are people in my family who have had Alzheimer's and dementia, and I appreciate the importance of communication and having contact with them. Communicating is an interesting thing with a condition like that. Sometimes it's difficult to communicate. If the brain becomes atrophied or certain channels of the brain become atrophied, then contact is what becomes really important. — Elliott Gould

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I thoroughly believe in evolution, and how we evolve and how our physical being is affected by time and use and by the environment ... it's more than just challenging, it can be terrifying. We all struggle, but I think it's important to be there for one another. — Elliott Gould

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There's so many people dependent on our work for their living or their livelihood. You do something whether it works or whether it doesn't. Once you're committed and you do it, it becomes a part of your life. I wouldn't be sorry about it. I'd learn from it. — Elliott Gould

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Groucho Marx, in his later days, gave me the best review I've ever had and probably will ever have. I changed a light bulb over his bed, and when I came off of his bed with the used one after putting the new one in, Groucho said, 'That's the best acting I've ever seen you do.' — Elliott Gould

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My problem was I let myself become known before I knew myself. — Elliott Gould

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There's nothing more arrogant or conceited than youth, and there's nothing other than machinery that can replace youth. — Elliott Gould