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Top Rare Jewel Quotes

Rare Jewel Quotes By Kristian Goldmund Aumann

A thoroughly honest man is a rare jewel in the shallow stream of meaningless pebbles. — Kristian Goldmund Aumann

Rare Jewel Quotes By Jewel E. Ann

There are those few unique females who are genetically missing the fairytale-dream gene. That's the rare and exclusive group to which I belong. — Jewel E. Ann

Rare Jewel Quotes By Norhafsah Hamid

You need to decide for yourself whether you want to be a rare jewel or a common flower — Norhafsah Hamid

Rare Jewel Quotes By Abbi Glines

He was staring at her as if he'd just been gifted some rare jewel. — Abbi Glines

Rare Jewel Quotes By Alice Brown

I couldn't hurt you if I wanted to. You are my mate. The one fate designed for me. You are a rare and precious jewel, and I plan to spend the rest of my life showing you just how special you are, — Alice Brown

Rare Jewel Quotes By Rudyard Kipling

There are gems of wondrous brightness
Ofttimes lying at our feet,
And we pass them, walking thoughtless,
Down the busy, crowded street.
If we knew, our pace would slacken,
We would step more oft with care,
Lest our careless feet be treading
To the earth some jewel rare. — Rudyard Kipling

Rare Jewel Quotes By Regina O'Melveny

It was my father who had taught me to love books for themselves, the smell of the vellum and paper, the rare authority of the pages. "Here, do you see this marvelous book, the skins of 182 sheep," he once pronounced as he slapped his hand down on the stamped leather cover boards. "The book is a flock, a jewel, a cemetery, a lantern, a garden, a piss pot; pigments ground of precious minerals, charred bone, lamp soot, rare plants and insects. Pigments formed at the corrosion of copper plates suspended above urine. — Regina O'Melveny