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Famous Quotes By Dan Lyons

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Another, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, suggests I need to change my Facebook photo to something that makes me look younger. I scan an old photo from my First Communion and make it my profile photo. There I am, age eight, wearing my First Communion robe, hands folded in prayer in front of me, looking angelic. "I'm trying to get a promotion at HubSpot," I write. "The 8-year-old version of me has lots of ideas about how to expand geographically while also driving up MRR by pushing into the enterprise. — Dan Lyons

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The advertisement challenges potential candidates: "Think you can get HubSpot on the cover of Time magazine or featured on 60 Minutes?" Take it from someone who worked at Time's primary competitor - the only way a company like HubSpot will ever merit that kind of coverage is if an employee brings in a bag of guns and shoots the place up. — Dan Lyons

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In a room full of journalists someone would already be doing an impersonation of the Robot Man. We'd also make fun of the smarmy host, who is a bit like Tom Bergeron, host of Hollywood Squares, America's Funniest Home Videos, and Dancing with the Stars, only cheesier, which is remarkable because Tom Bergeron is already the gold standard of cheesiness, and yet here is this total amateur, this complete unknown, blowing Bergeron away. — Dan Lyons

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There's an adage in Silicon Valley that people who use online services are not the customers. We're the product. As — Dan Lyons

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I'm worried," I tell him. "This place seems out of control." Harvey says everything I'm describing about HubSpot is absolutely normal. "You know what the big secret of all these start-ups is?" he tells me. "The big secret is that nobody knows what they're doing. When it comes to management, it's amateur hour. They just make it up as they go along. — Dan Lyons

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On the Internet, ginning up fake grassroots support is called astroturfing, and the tactic is generally frowned upon. I'm — Dan Lyons

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These are the bozos. They are graspers and self-promoters, shameless resume padders, people who describe themselves as "product marketing professionals," "growth hackers," "creative rockstar interns," and "public speakers. — Dan Lyons

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You tell them that you're doing this not because you want to save money on office space but because this is how their generation likes to work. — Dan Lyons

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DISC is based on concepts created in 1928 by a psychologist named William Marston, who also created the comic book character Wonder Woman. That tells you pretty much all you need to know about DISC. Other — Dan Lyons

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Any place with a founder who brings a teddy bear to meetings," he writes, "is a step away from Jonestown. — Dan Lyons

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Try to imagine the calamity of that: Zack, age twenty-eight, with no management experience, gets training from Dave, a weekend rock guitarist, on how to apply a set of fundamentally unsound psychological principles as a way to manipulate the people who report to him. — Dan Lyons

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Believing that your company is not just about making money, that there is a meaning and a purpose to what you do, that your company has a mission, and that you want to be part of that mission - that is a big prerequisite for working at one of these places. How that differs from joining what might otherwise be called a cult is not entirely clear. What is the difference between a loyal employee and brainwashed cultist? At what point does a person go from being the former to the latter? — Dan Lyons

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One day, Aaron Levie, the twenty-six-year-old CEO of Box, a well-funded new tech company, tells me it's really important to learn from what happened in the 1990s - which is why he has read a bunch of books about that era. — Dan Lyons

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A lot of these new start-up founders are somewhat unsavory people. The old tech industry was run by engineers and MBAs; the new tech industry is populated by young, amoral hustlers, the kind of young guys (and they are almost all guys) who watched The Social Network and its depiction of Mark Zuckerberg as a lying, thieving, backstabbing prick - and left the theater wanting to be just like that guy. — Dan Lyons

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I rationalize this by telling myself that while the work might be ignoble, it's not necessarily evil. We're not Hitler - we're just annoying people. — Dan Lyons

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Every morning, walking to work, I dodge a river of hipsters in skinny jeans and chunky eyewear riding skateboards - grown men! riding skateboards! - while carrying five-dollar cups of coffee to their jobs at companies with names that sound like characters from a TV show for little kids: Kaggle and Clinkle, Vungle and Gangaroo. — Dan Lyons

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At Newsweek, I get paid to meet amazing people and write about subjects that fascinate me: fusion energy, education reform, supercomputing, artificial intelligence, robotics, the rising competitiveness of China, the global threat of state-sponsored hacking. — Dan Lyons

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come-to-Jesus meeting in — Dan Lyons

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Civilians is one term journalists use to describe non-journalists. Another is laypeople. Or normals. — Dan Lyons

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They're getting all these young kids who work cheap and don't stick around long enough to vest, and even if they do vest, they don't have much equity to begin with. When you look at it that way, the perks seem pretty cheap. — Dan Lyons

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You don't get rewarded for creating great technology, not anymore," says a friend of mine who has worked in tech since the 1980s, a former investment banker who now advises start-ups. "It's all about the business model. The market pays you to have a company that scales quickly. It's all about getting big fast. Don't be profitable, just get big. — Dan Lyons

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs used to talk about a phenomenon called a "bozo explosion," by which a company's mediocre early hires rise up through the ranks and end up running departments. The bozos now must hire other people, and of course they prefer to hire bozos. — Dan Lyons

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At HubSpot, VORP means evaluating the difference between what you are paid and the least amount the company could pay someone else to do your job. It's a vicious metric, with only one goal, which is to drive the price of labor as low as possible. — Dan Lyons

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Training takes place in a tiny room, where for two weeks I sit shoulder to shoulder with twenty other new recruits, listening to pep talks that start to sound like the brainwashing you get when you join a cult. It's amazing, and hilarious. It's everything I ever imagined might take place inside a tech company, only even better. — Dan Lyons