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Top Bart Simpson Quotes

Bart Simpson Quotes By Bobby Heenan

[On Sting] He threw a sucker punch. There's the sucker who threw the punch. Him the the Bart Simpson hair doo. — Bobby Heenan

Bart Simpson Quotes By Sam Simon

Thanks to Bart Simpson, I have a pretty good life. — Sam Simon

Bart Simpson Quotes By EpicGameGuides

Homer is a character in the Level pack for Lego Dimensions. He is a Wave 1 level pack character and is the first character who was confirmed as a help character ingame. Abilities Super Strength Big Transform Sonar Smash Bart Simpson (71211 Fun Pack) Bart is a character in the Fun pack for Lego Dimensions. He is one of the only characters that can't actually speak and one of his abilities is to point and confuse an enemy. Abilities Mini Access Target Krusty the Clown (71227 Fun Pack) Krusty the Clown is a character in the Fun pack for Lego Dimensions. He is one of only two characters who can grow plants to solve some puzzles ingame. Abilities Growth Water Spray Hazard Cleaner Portal — EpicGameGuides

Bart Simpson Quotes By Matt Groening

My standard comment is, 'If you don't want your kids to be like Bart Simpson, don't act like Homer Simpson.' — Matt Groening

Bart Simpson Quotes By Bill Hader

I remember I could do - I did Bart Simpson once on the bus. I did, like, a really good Bart Simpson voice on the bus, obviously before I hit puberty. And everybody went, 'Whoa, that sounds just like Bart Simpson.' — Bill Hader

Bart Simpson Quotes By Dave Barry

The average tax payer is not a big voluntary supporter of the arts. The only art that the average taxpayer buys voluntarily either has a picture of Bart Simpson on it or little suction cups on its feet so you can stick it onto a car window. — Dave Barry

Bart Simpson Quotes By Simon Singh

This special was followed one month later by "Bart the Genius." This was the first genuine episode of The Simpsons , inasmuch as it premiered the famous trademark opening sequence and included the debut of Bart's notorious catchphrase "Eat my shorts." Most noteworthy of all, "Bart the Genius" contains a serious dose of mathematics. In many ways, this episode set the tone for what was to follow over the next two decades, namely a relentless series of numerical references and nods to geometry that would earn The Simpsons a special place in the hearts of mathematicians. — Simon Singh

Bart Simpson Quotes By Amy Winehouse

I wanted to be Snoopy's girlfriend and when I got older I wanted to be Bart Simpson's girlfriend. Then I couldn't decide whether I wanted marry Snoopy or Michael Jackson - because he was God to me - or to just be them. — Amy Winehouse

Bart Simpson Quotes By Etgar Keret

Dad said I had no respect for money and that if I didn't learn when I was little when was I going to learn? Kids who get Bart Simpson dolls at the drop of a hat turn into punks who steal from convenience stores, 'cos they wind up thinking they can have whatever they want, just like that. So instead of a Bart doll he bought me an ugly porcelain pig with a slot in its back, and now I'll grow up to be okay, now I won't turn into a punk. — Etgar Keret

Bart Simpson Quotes By Mindy Kaling

I skipped out of the Fox lot, threw my Keds back on, resisted the temptation to go over to the Simpsons building and take selfies with the Bart Simpson topiary, — Mindy Kaling

Bart Simpson Quotes By Nancy Cartwright

Since September 11, security has been increased everywhere, and we have new IDs to get on to the Fox lot. I drove to the security gate, but realized I'd left my ID in my other car. I just broke into that voice - 'Hey, man, I'm Bart Simpson. Who else sounds like this?' The guard waved me through. — Nancy Cartwright

Bart Simpson Quotes By Matt Groening

Back in high school, I wrote a novel about a character named Bart Simpson. I thought it was a very unusual name for a kid at the time. I had this idea of an angry father yelling 'Bart,' and Bart sounds kind of like bark - like a barking dog. — Matt Groening

Bart Simpson Quotes By Jon Ronson

The Americans have always been better than the Iraqis at the leaflets. Early on in the first Gulf War, Iraqi PsyOps dropped a batch of their own leaflets on US troops, designed to be psychologically devastating. They read, 'Your wives are back at home having sex with Bart Simpson and Burt Reynolds. — Jon Ronson

Bart Simpson Quotes By David Small

I just totally do not believe in this sort of Bart Simpson character who infects so much of our literature and film and TV stuff nowadays, these know-it-all kids who seem to understand the hypocrisy of the adult world so thoroughly and can talk about it with such articulateness. That's bunk. — David Small