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Deadline Quotes By Zomick's Bakery

Cooking involves a deadline and hungry people and ingredients that expire in a week. It's stressful. Cooking happens on the stove and on the clock. Baking happens with ingredients that last for months and come to life inside a warm oven. Baking at Zomick's Bakery is slow and leisurely. — Zomick's Bakery

Deadline Quotes By Heywood Broun

For truth there is no deadline. — Heywood Broun

Deadline Quotes By Dan Jenkins

I've worked my whole life and never missed a deadline. — Dan Jenkins

Deadline Quotes By Erlend Loe

Any ideas I might have had about eternal life are sort of getting stuck in the throat. But it doesn't seem to bother me. Not now. On the contrary, I feel more alive than in a long while. Suddenly it feels good to have a deadline to relate to. As a matter of fact, I've always worked well under pressure. — Erlend Loe

Deadline Quotes By Adam Schlesinger

Either I need an assignment with a strict deadline - like something for a movie or a TV show or whatever - or else I need to create a made-up deadline for myself for my own records. Otherwise, I don't write anything. — Adam Schlesinger

Deadline Quotes By Virginia Henley

To have a successful writing career, you must be willing to sacrifice a great deal. The book, the deadline come first before anything else. Writing is not a job; it is a lifestyle, and it is a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. You need self-confidence and an iron carapace. — Virginia Henley

Deadline Quotes By Martin Lippert

It is the only way of meeting the deadline, they think. — Martin Lippert

Deadline Quotes By Alan Cox

Everybody in the real world will agree - the moment a project is behind deadline, quality assurance tends to go out the window. — Alan Cox

Deadline Quotes By Thom Powers

For some reason at Sundance, more than other festivals that I'm aware of, you find filmmakers rushing to screen works that sometimes aren't completed. In my seven years of programming at Toronto, I'm not aware of any documentaries that went back for serious editing after their premiere - other than those presented as works-in-progress. But at Sundance every year there seems to be a few films that push the deadline so hard that they get taken back to the edit room afterwards. — Thom Powers

Deadline Quotes By Nikki Reed

I write because it feels good, and I don't have a deadline, and I don't have people telling me what they want me to write. Maybe if I did, I wouldn't be very good at it. — Nikki Reed

Deadline Quotes By Marilu Henner

If I'm right in the middle of a deadline, I'm up really early. — Marilu Henner

Deadline Quotes By Heywood Broun

For the truth there is no deadline. — Heywood Broun

Deadline Quotes By Paul Gray

The image of the reporter as a nicotine-stained Quixote, slugging back Scotch while skewering city hall with an expose ripped out of a typewriter on the crack of deadline, persists despite munificent evidence to the contrary. — Paul Gray

Deadline Quotes By Chris Baty

The biggest thing separating people from their artistic ambitions is not a lack of talent. It's the lack of a deadline. Give someone an enormous task, a supportive community, and a friendly-yet-firm due date, and miracles will happen. — Chris Baty

Deadline Quotes By Duke Ellington

I don't need time, I need a deadline. — Duke Ellington

Deadline Quotes By CrimethInc.

Historically, the 'deadline' was the line around a prison beyond which prisoners were eligible for shooting. In keeping with shifts in the exercise of control, what one was delineated spatially over life is now enforced temporarily over labor. — CrimethInc.

Deadline Quotes By Happy Living Books

A goal is a dream with a deadline." ~ Napoleon Hill — Happy Living Books

Deadline Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

But why must everything always have a practical application? I'd been such a diligent soldier for years - working, producing, never missing a deadline, taking care of my loved ones, my gums and my credit record, voting, etc. Is this lifetime supposed to be only about duty? — Elizabeth Gilbert

Deadline Quotes By Melissa Marr

Some people worked well with daily discipline, but she'd always been more of a need-a-deadline or consumed-by-vision artist. — Melissa Marr

Deadline Quotes By Seth Godin

Alternative to planning on late is to initiate before it's required, to ship before deadline, to put the idea out there before the crisis hits. This act of bravery actually gives you influence, leverage, and control in a way that planning on late never can. Dandelion — Seth Godin

Deadline Quotes By Robert Herjavec

A goal without a deadline is just a dream. — Robert Herjavec

Deadline Quotes By Marguerite Rawalt

It was a national disgrace to lose the ERA, but of course we will start, and have done so, all over again ... There is no deadline for equality in our society. — Marguerite Rawalt

Deadline Quotes By Hayao Miyazaki

The characters are born from repetition, from repeatedly thinking about them. I have their outline in my head. I become the character and as the character I visit the locations of the story many, many times. Only after that I start drawing the character, but again I do it many, many times, over and over. And I only finish just before the deadline. — Hayao Miyazaki

Deadline Quotes By Elizabeth Hoyt

As for inspiration, I find stark fear of missing the deadline very inspiring. — Elizabeth Hoyt

Deadline Quotes By Betool Khedairi

The deadline is at midnight in America; dawn, 5 A.M., in England, and 8:00 A.M., early morning, in Iraq. The Americans tie yellow ribbons around oak trees, hoping for their sons' safe return home. The Iraqis tie green ribbons around the Shrine of the Imam al-Hussain, praying for God's protection. In the coldest month, the coldest war of the modern age is declared. — Betool Khedairi

Deadline Quotes By David E. Kelley

The ideal time for writing a [television] script is four days, though sometimes it has to be two or three days depending on the deadline. If it's two days, sometimes there are things I see that don't work as well. If I have two weeks, the scripts get kind of flabby and lack the adrenaline that a sense of deadline fills you with. — David E. Kelley

Deadline Quotes By Ben Shapiro

President Obama has continually put off the deadline for implementation of Obamacare thanks to hang-ups in the system. — Ben Shapiro

Deadline Quotes By LL Cool J

Dreams don't have deadlines. Believe in yourself. — LL Cool J

Deadline Quotes By Arthur Godfrey

I liked the way they treated the first, second, and third place finishers equally. It was an amazing year. I only entered two song contests this year; I won one and placed second in the other. And I entered each of them a day or two before the deadline. — Arthur Godfrey

Deadline Quotes By Chris Crutcher

The value of a story like 'Deadline' is kids get to look at death at the perfect distance. They can put the book down. They can experience the story, rub up against it, but it's not real life. — Chris Crutcher

Deadline Quotes By Hillary DePiano

MURRY: It's not that, it's just ... I don't really get it. I usually find myself staring at the midnight deadline filled with regrets both for opportunities and loved ones missed. It's another day closer to the end. The last thing I feel like doing is counting down to some wild celebration. It just seems so sad to say goodbye to a year and know that it's gone forever and you can't go back to it. Not to relive, not to correct.
NOEL: I've never thought about it that way.
MURRY: There's something so final about it. It's the period at the end of the sentence.
NOEL: The New Year's resolution. — Hillary DePiano

Deadline Quotes By Kelly Sue DeConnick

Because of the nature of monthly comics and deadline, I pretty much have to work on whatever's on fire, I'm afraid. — Kelly Sue DeConnick

Deadline Quotes By David Edelstein

It's no mystery why many of us in the media can't get enough of the fabricators Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass, the latter of whom concocted more than a score of bogus feature stories for the New Republic (and who wrote for other magazines, including this one, once) in the mid-1990s. Anyone
journalist, student, academic
who has ever stared at a blank screen, their brains grinding emptiness, and thought, How can I fill this hole? knows that in those desperate moments before a deadline, almost anyone can do almost anything: make stuff up, plagiarize, scribble senseless half-truths. — David Edelstein

Deadline Quotes By Chris Crutcher

The premise of 'Deadline' forced me to go against my own grain with a character determined to find all that is valuable in that time. I believe this is a story about redemption; how, even with the best intentions, it's sometimes found and sometimes not. — Chris Crutcher

Deadline Quotes By Henry Cloud

Part of executive functions is the ability to look to a goal deadline and assess where an organization is in meeting it. — Henry Cloud

Deadline Quotes By Gudjon Bergmann

It is imperative that your work habits from school do not make their way into your book writing process. I am talking about the practice of typing the last words just before the deadline every time you would hand in an assignment, a paper, or even a thesis. Your book needs time to mature, and you must allow yourself the luxury of rewriting and editing until you are satisfied. — Gudjon Bergmann

Deadline Quotes By Seamus Heaney

My experience is that prose usually equals duty - last minute, overdue-deadline stuff or a panic lecture to be written. — Seamus Heaney

Deadline Quotes By Warren Ellis

Writing comics? Still the best job in the world. I sit around all day making shit up and see it illustrated, in 99% of cases, exactly as I imagined it
if not better. I've been doing this a long time now, and I'm going to do it until I die. Which probably won't be long, given the constant insane deadline pressure. — Warren Ellis

Deadline Quotes By Dan Ariely

We found that the students with the three firm deadlines got the best grades; the class in which I set no deadlines at all (except for the final deadline) had the worst grades; and the class in which Gaurav and his classmates were allowed to choose their own three deadlines (but with penalties for failing to meet them) finished in the middle, in terms of their grades for the three papers and their final grade. — Dan Ariely

Deadline Quotes By Chris Crutcher

You can't judge Islam by those people any more than you can judge Christians by abortion clinic bombers or white separatists. Love turn to hate at the fringes of any belief system. — Chris Crutcher

Deadline Quotes By A.A. Patawaran

A deadline gets a writer's work done done better and faster than any inspiration, if only because inspirations don't always come, but the deadline is always there. — A.A. Patawaran

Deadline Quotes By Rachel Vincent

I hate to question
your dedication to the recruiting process, but it sounds
more like you ran up against a deadline and grabbed
the first sucker with the balls to call you out. — Rachel Vincent

Deadline Quotes By John McCain

Instead of giving the effort the level of attention needed, the Air Force has wasted a year doing very little to end our reliance on Russian rocket engines, if the Air Force is unwilling to do what is necessary to meet the 2019 deadline, they are going to have to figure out how to meet our space launch needs without the RD-180 (Russian engine). — John McCain

Deadline Quotes By Sam Donaldson

Call me a braggart, call me arrogant. People at ABC (and elsewhere) have called me worse. But when you need the job done on deadline, you'll call me. — Sam Donaldson

Deadline Quotes By David Allen

There's a lot of reasons why deadline-driven may actually - it's not necessarily a bad thing, it just all it does is it speeds up and makes you a little proactive about decision making. — David Allen

Deadline Quotes By Alanis Morissette

At some point, I would like to write a book and other things, but I work best when there is some sort of deadline in my own mind, but not when fifty people or fifty million people are breathing down the back of my neck. — Alanis Morissette

Deadline Quotes By Robin Hobb

I am shocked to find that some people think a 2 star 'I liked it' rating is a bad rating. What? I liked it. I LIKED it! That means I read the whole thing, to the last page, in spite of my life raining comets on me. It's a good book that survives the reading process with me. If a book is so-so, it ends up under the bed somewhere, or maybe under a stinky judo bag in the back of the van. So a 2 star from me means,yes, I liked the book, and I'd loan it to a friend and it went everywhere in my jacket pocket or purse until I finished it. A 3 star means that I've ignored friends to finish it and my sink is full of dirty dishes. A 4 star means I'm probably in trouble with my editor for missing a deadline because I was reading this book. But I want you to know ... I don't finish books I don't like. There's too many good ones out there waiting to be found. Robin Hobb, author — Robin Hobb

Deadline Quotes By LL Cool J

Dreams don't have deadlines ... — LL Cool J

Deadline Quotes By Ashlee Vance

Where a typical manager may set the deadline for the employee, Musk guides his engineers into taking ownership of their own delivery dates. "He doesn't say, 'You have to do this by Friday at two P.M.,'" Brogan said. "He says, 'I need the impossible done by Friday at two P.M. Can you do it?' Then, when you say yes, you are not working hard because he told you to. You're working hard for yourself. It's a distinction you can feel. You have signed up to do your own work." And by recruiting hundreds of bright, self-motivated people, SpaceX has maximized the power of the individual. One person putting in a sixteen-hour day ends up being much more effective than two people working eight-hour days together. The individual doesn't have to hold meetings, reach a consensus, or bring other people up to speed on a project. He just keeps working and working and working. The — Ashlee Vance

Deadline Quotes By Oscar Hammerstein II

Peace is not the product of a victory or a command. It has no finishing line, no final deadline, no fixed definition of achievement. Peace is a never-ending process, the work of many decisions. — Oscar Hammerstein II

Deadline Quotes By Courtney Summers

A deadline should not prevent you from writing, but writing will help prevent you from missing your deadline. Then write a word. Then remind yourself of that again. And then write another and hey, look at you! You're spitting in that deadline's eye. — Courtney Summers

Deadline Quotes By Ernie Pyle

I've really been sick with this cold, but I think I might have kept the columns going anyhow except I was just so low in spirit, I didn't have the will to struggle against them when my deadline was so close and I felt so lousy. — Ernie Pyle

Deadline Quotes By Carl Bernstein

Sussman had the ability to seize facts and lock them in his memory, where they remained poised for instants recall. More than any other editor at the Post, or Bernstein and Woodward, Sussman became a walking compendium of Watergate knowledge, a reference source to be summoned when even the library failed. On a deadline, he would pump these facts into a story in a constant infusion, working up a body of significant information to support what otherwise seemed like the weakest of revelations. In Sussman's mind, everything fitted. Watergate was a puzzle and he was a collector of the pieces.

-- Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward — Carl Bernstein

Deadline Quotes By Rand Paul

You wonder why your government's completely broken? We lurch from deadline to deadline, and it's on purpose really. We do deadline to deadline because ... 'we've got to go. It's spring break, we're going to be late for spring break, and we've got to go, so we've got to finish this up before we go.' — Rand Paul

Deadline Quotes By Asif Kapadia

'Senna' took five years, 'Amy' took three years. You try and say, 'Look, there's no deadline.' That's important. Just saying, 'We've got to make the film. And once the film's ready, it will be out there.' — Asif Kapadia

Deadline Quotes By Lucy Hawking

I am a world expert on how to organise tasks in a senseless order, totally unrelated to priority, and thus create a massive panic leading up to an important deadline. — Lucy Hawking

Deadline Quotes By Wayne White

If they make the deadline because the Shiites and Kurds essentially rammed a draft through over Sunni Arab objections, there will be hell to pay. — Wayne White

Deadline Quotes By Tim Vine

I sit in places like Costa Coffee in Banstead and write rubbish. I need a deadline. I think about the 44 tour dates and keep imagining standing in front of all these people. Then every day I write 15 jokes minimum. — Tim Vine

Deadline Quotes By William Silvester

What is to come? Despite the fact that J.K. Rowling has repeatedly stated that she has no desire to write an eighth Harry Potter book, it has been reported that she is working on the long awaited and highly anticipated Harry Potter Encyclopedia. When such a tome will be published is purely a matter of speculation as Rowling is under no deadline to complete the work and intends to take her time and enjoy the process. There are also currently no plans to expand into television, stage plays, or graphic novels, but one can not help but speculate on what the future might hold for this incredibly lucrative franchise. — William Silvester

Deadline Quotes By Randy Alcorn

I wrote my first novel, 'Deadline,' in 1994 as an experiment. — Randy Alcorn

Deadline Quotes By Tim Kreider

Squandering time is a luxury of profligate youth, when the years are to us as dollars are to billionaires. Doing the same thing in middle age just makes you nervous, not with vague puritan guilt but the more urgent worry that you're running out of time, a deadline you can feel in your cells. — Tim Kreider

Deadline Quotes By Karen Walker

I only feel the pressure when we are coming up against a deadline and it's like, actually no we really have to nail this in a week! — Karen Walker

Deadline Quotes By Joss Whedon

You know, I always was an early morning or late night writer. Early morning was my favorite; late night was because you had a deadline. And at four in the morning you make up some of your most absurd jokes. — Joss Whedon

Deadline Quotes By Sendhil Mullainathan

If you send out one coupon with a deadline of a week and another that must be used within the next month, you end up having more redemptions with the one week deadline. It's really amazing. With the month deadline you have four times as much time, but people tend to say they'll use it in a few weeks' time and then they don't do it. — Sendhil Mullainathan

Deadline Quotes By Michelle Moran

I do sit down every day and make myself write. I want 2,000 words every day or 3 single-space pages a day. I think if you are on a deadline, you have to be disciplined. If you turn things in late, you will find yourself without a contract. — Michelle Moran

Deadline Quotes By Harvey MacKay

As you schedule individual tasks, give yourself a cushion. Mark the due date a few days ahead of the actual deadline so you have time to deal with changes or last-minute emergencies. — Harvey MacKay

Deadline Quotes By Tucker Elliot

Boston got Roberts on the July 31 trade deadline - exchanging prospect Henri Stanley for the fleet-footed outfielder. Roberts fittingly got 86 at bats for Boston, but it was his speed on the bases that the Red Sox sought - and it was his speed that brought to an end 86 years of frustration for the Fenway Faithful. — Tucker Elliot

Deadline Quotes By Gloria Steinem

If hard things ultimately have a purpose, then they aren't so hard anymore. Therefore, I listed what I had learned: 1. It's easy to forget that people can think you think what you don't think. 2. Don't write when you're angry and under deadline, with time to test it only on friends who know what you mean, not on strangers who don't. 3. A writer's greatest reward is naming something unnamed that many people are feeling. A writer's greatest punishment is being misunderstood. The same words can do both. — Gloria Steinem

Deadline Quotes By Ryan Lilly

A hammer made of deadlines is the surest tool for crushing writer's block. — Ryan Lilly

Deadline Quotes By Michael Chabon

I have a deadline. I'm glad. I think that will help me get it done. — Michael Chabon

Deadline Quotes By Robert Barry

I am always producing work, but there is always a sort of deadline where you have to finish work. I don't do it for a show. In other words, I am not like a fashion designer where I have a, you know - I have to put out the full line or I have to put out the summer line like that. — Robert Barry

Deadline Quotes By Edward St. Aubyn

He had only just made the Elysian deadline; hanging onto the typescript until the last moment in case there was something still to be done; two sentences turned into one, one sentence broken into two, the substitution of a slightly resistant adjective to engender a moment's reflection, in short, the joys of editing, all carried out without forgetting the art that disguises art. — Edward St. Aubyn

Deadline Quotes By Brad Lomenick

Author and screenwriter Neil Gaiman, in a 2012 commencement address at the University of the Arts, said that excellence in business can be boiled down to three simple things: 1. Be Efficient: Turn in work on time. 2. Be Effective: Do great work. 3. Be Congenial: Be a pleasure to work with.1 Gaiman added that even mastering two of the three will take you far. If you do great work and are a pleasure to work with, most people will forgive you for missing a deadline. If you're always on time and a pleasure to work with, most people put up with less than perfect work. If you turn in great work on time, most people will put up with you being unpleasant. — Brad Lomenick

Deadline Quotes By Judith Weir

I often wonder, if there were no deadlines, would anything ever get ended? — Judith Weir

Deadline Quotes By Nolan Bushnell

Engrave this Quote The ultimate inspiration is the deadline. — Nolan Bushnell

Deadline Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

I never expect appreciation. I always set a deadline for the things I have to do to be a successful person, when I complete them, I give myself a piece of candy, a glass of tea and some free time to enjoy- that is how I honor my hardworking and appreciate my struggles. — M.F. Moonzajer

Deadline Quotes By Margaret Lazarus Dean

Histories of the Kennedy Space Center acknowledge without exaggeration that the obstacle posed by the mosquitoes was so serious that NASA quite literally could not have put a man on the moon by Kennedy's "before the decade is out" deadline without the invention of DDT. In this way, the challenges of spaceflight reveal themselves to be distinctly terrestrial. — Margaret Lazarus Dean

Deadline Quotes By Dan Webster

When you wait to the last minute, you rush to get things done, and the closer you get to the deadline, the less options you have. — Dan Webster

Deadline Quotes By Kevin J. Donaldson

Give yourself a deadline. Amazingly, many people work better under pressure. They are quickly moved to action when they know that they have a clock to beat! — Kevin J. Donaldson

Deadline Quotes By John Sutherland

For obvious reasons, the relationship between novelists, the reviewing establishment and critics in general is chronically, and often acutely, edgy. A kind of low-intensity warfare prevails, with outbreaks of savagery. It is partly an ownership issue. Who, other than its creator, is to say what a work of fiction means or is worth? It can take years to write a novel and only a few hours for a critic, or a reviewer rushing for a tight deadline, to trash it. — John Sutherland

Deadline Quotes By Adam Savage

Deadlines refine the mind. They remove variables like exotic materials and processes that take too long. The closer the deadline, the more likely you'll start thinking waaay outside the box. — Adam Savage

Deadline Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Going off the grid is always good for me. It's the way that I've started books and finished books and gotten myself out of deadline dooms and things. — Neil Gaiman

Deadline Quotes By Justin Perry

Writing a list of your goals with a deadline is vastly important. For how does a captain know where to go without an outlined map? — Justin Perry

Deadline Quotes By Cal Newport

if you keep interrupting your evening to check and respond to e-mail, or put aside a few hours after dinner to catch up on an approaching deadline, you're robbing your directed attention centers of the uninterrupted rest they need for restoration. Even if these work dashes consume only a small amount of time, they prevent you from reaching the levels of deeper relaxation in which attention restoration can occur. Only the confidence that you're done with work until the next day can convince your brain to downshift to the level where it can begin to recharge for the next day to follow. Put another way, trying to squeeze a little more work out of your evenings might reduce your effectiveness the next day enough that you end up getting less done than if you had instead respected a shutdown. — Cal Newport

Deadline Quotes By Christopher Meledandri

When you take that to the next level of guiding a group of filmmakers to actually depict him, it's even more challenging. The one that that I think everybody involved believes is that we won't move forward with this until we believe it's right. There's no deadline that a movie has to be made by. We have to believe that we have served the responsibility, however long it takes us to get to that point. — Christopher Meledandri

Deadline Quotes By Jay Samit

A dream with a deadline is a goal. — Jay Samit

Deadline Quotes By Errollyn Wallen

The tighter a deadline is, the more I'm inclined to be perverse and rebellious - I'll start thinking about another, different project, until it becomes the most fantastic thing which I must start immediately. — Errollyn Wallen

Deadline Quotes By Stephen Graham Jones

When I am writing a novel, though, then it's usually three or four hours a day. Ideally, right after lunch until three or four, but sometimes picking up again around ten, going until a touch after midnight. I rarely write in the morning, unless I'm on deadline. I do like rewriting in the morning, though. Guess it's the way my brain's put together. Or, the way it's falling apart. — Stephen Graham Jones

Deadline Quotes By Joe Henderson

The natural urge when running a distance is to push harder and finish sooner - to race against time. Every second behind a deadline is a little defeat. — Joe Henderson

Deadline Quotes By David Edelstein

I fell in love with Twitter. Fathers, lock up your deadlines. — David Edelstein

Deadline Quotes By Timothy Dalton

I'm guessing the stress of having to write for a deadline can be inspiring. Sometimes, pressure is good. — Timothy Dalton

Deadline Quotes By William T. Vollmann

So far, I've never missed a deadline for a term paper, a review, a manuscript. I perform the mumbo-jumbo of voting with belief in my heart, I've not yet won even a jaywalking ticket, and unlike my father, whom I fault in this respect, I refrain from opting out of jury duty; instead, they mostly kick me out. — William T. Vollmann

Deadline Quotes By Jim Shaw

If I don't have a deadline, I could fuss around with stuff for forever. — Jim Shaw

Deadline Quotes By Julius Schwartz

Here Lies Julius Schwartz. He met his last deadline. — Julius Schwartz

Deadline Quotes By Bill Watterson

Obviously the great thing about this job is the complete freedom of the schedule. So long as I meet the deadline, they don't care when I work or how I work. — Bill Watterson

Deadline Quotes By Brian Tracy

There are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic deadlines. — Brian Tracy

Deadline Quotes By Richard Holbrooke

In short, you can't let the deadline define the mission. The mission has to define the duration. — Richard Holbrooke

Deadline Quotes By Carter Burwell

I'm one of those people who is actually inspired by a deadline. I might not sleep for many days on end, it may not be good for my health, but it definitely helps. — Carter Burwell

Deadline Quotes By Ronda Rousey

I was in a weight-cutting sport, in judo, so I had to be a certain weight on a deadline. It kind of pushed me into having a really unhealthy relationship with food in my teens. I felt like if I wasn't exactly on weight, I wasn't good-looking. — Ronda Rousey

Deadline Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

But why must everything have a practical application? I'd been such a diligent soldier for years - working, producing, never missing a deadline, taking care of my loved ones, my gums and my credit record, voting, etc. Is this lifetime supposed to be only about duty? In this dark period of loss, did I need any justification for learning Italian other than that it was the only thing I could imagine bringing me any pleasure right now? — Elizabeth Gilbert