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Famous Quotes By Chieko N. Okazaki

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What would Christ do if he were in my situation? — Chieko N. Okazaki

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Our real calling to be a compassionate Christian came when we stepped out of the waters of baptism ... We don't need a bishop's assignment to be kind. We don't need to sign up to be thoughtful. We don't need to be sustained by our wards to be sensitive. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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We know that service is indispensable for bringing us close to the Savior and letting us feel his Spirit. In nothing do we resemble the Savior more than in serving others. So in nothing should we feel greater love and joy than in service. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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Only you know your circumstances, your energy level, the needs of your children, and the emotional demands of your other obligations. Be wise during intensive seasons of your life. Cherish your agency, and don't give it away casually. Don't compare yourself to others - nearly always this will make you despondent. Don't accept somebody else's interpretation of how you should be spending your time. Make the best decision you can and then evaluate it to see how it works. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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When we set aside the burden of judgment, then our hands and hearts are free to serve others with joy. Such service is truly the way of the Christian. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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If you're doing the best you can, that's good enough. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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Hope is one of the three great Christian virtues because Christ Himself is the master of life and therefore the master of hope. We are free to choose because we were made free from the beginning, and He honors our agency and our right and ability to choose. The choice He offers is life, and life offers hope. Any other choice is a choice of spiritual death that will bring us into the power of the devil ... Part of that hope in Christ is hope in the future, a future that includes resurrection and salvation and exaltation. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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The commandment to work is imposed on us by our descent from Adam and Eve, but it is a blessing to us. Illness and adversity are not punishments for being alive; they are natural accompaniments of life. Our bodies are not vile and loathsome snares for our spirits, but the temples of our spirits. The daily activities of mixing orange juice, making telephone calls, supervising homework, and scrubbing the bathtub are not distractions from our spiritual lives. They are the vehicles through which we live our spiritual lives. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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Hooray for differences! Without them, there would be no harmony. In principles, great clarity. In practices, great charity. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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The good news of the gospel is that who we are is okay. Our best is good enough. The Savior came for us
just as we are. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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I want us all to have real clarity about the principles of the gospel that unite us. I want us to understand to the marrow of our bones that Jesus is the Christ, that his atonement releases us from the bondage of sin and error, that the covenants we make are eternally honored by our Heavenly Father, and that the ordinances of the gospel exist to perfect us as individuals, to purify us as a community, and to prepare us as a people for the second coming of our Lord. I want those principles to lead us the way the pillar of fire by night led the children of Israel in the wilderness. I want them to dominate our mental landscapes as the pillar of the cloud towered over them by day. I want singleness of vision when it comes to principles. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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When our burdens are grievous to be borne, when we face a world in which it seems that there is only struggle and no rest, I hope we can remember the immense strength of our sisterhood, the reservoirs that we have within us, and the unfailing wellspring of the Savior's love for us, even in the midst of adversity. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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Be spiritually independent enough that your relationship with the Savior doesn't depend on your circumstances or on what other people say and do. Have the spiritual independence to be a Mormon
the best Mormon you can
in your own way. Not the bishop's way. Not the Relief Society president's way. Your way. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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Sheer human decency and civility are two of the most important contributions to our community life that women of courage can make. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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Now, I ask this question of all of us and lay this burden upon us: What circumstances are at work right now in our wards, silently separating one sister here and another sister there from the sisterhood of the Relief Society, marginalizing them, making them invisible? And what can we do about it? ... For example, LDS women are participating in the labor force in ever-increasing numbers. These women need Relief Society. They need the strength of sisterhood. They need to be understood. They need support with their families. They don't need to be told that they're selfish or unrighteous because they're working. They need to be told they are loved. — Chieko N. Okazaki

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If we don't have time for masterpiece moments, the very reason we came to earth is being wasted on us. — Chieko N. Okazaki