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Top Brother Father Figure Quotes

Brother Father Figure Quotes By Jasper Fforde

I was born on a Thursday, hence the name. My brother was born on a Monday and they called him Anton
go figure. My mother was called Wednesday, but was born on a Sunday
I don't know why
and my father had no name at all
his identity and existence had been scrubbed by the ChronoGuard after he went rogue. To all intents and purposes he didn't exist at all. It didn't matter. He was always Dad to me ... — Jasper Fforde

Brother Father Figure Quotes By Alex Morgan

Quinn would have closed the bar down if needed. There was nothing in this world that was more important to him than his family. He would always come when any of them, even Avalon, who barely ever came home, needed him. He would stand up for them, whether they were right or wrong. He would pick them up if they fell and he would always be proud of them - no matter how small their accomplishments. He was, and always would be, their elder brother, father figure, friend, or whatever role they needed him to be. — Alex Morgan

Brother Father Figure Quotes By Gregg Allman

My father was murdered when I was two. Duane, even though he was only a year and 18 days my elder, he became a father figure to me. I would have done anything for my brother - I loved him so much. — Gregg Allman

Brother Father Figure Quotes By Jordan Peele

[Barack Obama] will touch you on the shoulder and, you know - in that big brother or father figure kind of way. And you really do feel sort of shepherded by him. — Jordan Peele