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Top Psycho Book Quotes

Psycho Book Quotes By Asher Peres

Some authors state that the last stage in this chain of measurements involves "consciousness," or the "intellectual inner life" of the observer, by virtue of the "principle of psycho-physical parallelism." Other authors introduce a wave function for the entire universe. In this book, I shall refrain from using concepts that I do not understand. — Asher Peres

Psycho Book Quotes By Alfred Hitchcock

I can't read fiction without visualizing every scene. The result is it becomes a series of pictures rather than a book. — Alfred Hitchcock

Psycho Book Quotes By Jay McInerney

I remain a fan of my friend Bret Easton Ellis's 'American Psycho.' I think as a book about New York in the '80s it was pretty excellent. — Jay McInerney

Psycho Book Quotes By Sacha Gervasi

When you take on Hitchcock you know it's gonna provoke some sort of controversy, because there were so many people talking about the book [Stephen Rebello's Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho] and wanting it to be the film about the making of this movie [Psycho]. But that's been done. That's been done in the book, and Stephen Rebello himself was like, "I want a movie which is an entertainment for the audience." So we made the conscious decision. — Sacha Gervasi

Psycho Book Quotes By Sarah Alderson

I glance at the book he's holding. It is American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis. There is a deep, dark irony to this and I wonder if he realises it or not. I want to ask him why he's bought it but what if he's bought it as a text book? — Sarah Alderson