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The northern part of Sweden is considered more isolated, not so sociable, not so educated, more unemployment, very working-class, and people drink more than rest of Sweden; that's the kind of area I'm from. — Asa Larsson

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The feeling of being an underdog, not belonging, is very much me. You harbour a little feeling of resentment towards the 'upper dog'. — Asa Larsson

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United we stand, divided we fall, as they say. — Asa Larsson

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Shake the tree. See what falls down. — Asa Larsson

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Do they really help? It's just a few pictures in an album in your head, after all. In between those scenes you do remember there are hundreds, thousands, of scenes you've forgotten. So are you remembering the truth? — Asa Larsson

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And the feeling that washed over him was like the feeling you get when your new puppy pees in the house for the hundredth time. Exhaustion in the face of how crap everything is. — Asa Larsson

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It is so much hard work writing your first novel. You're not even sure that it is possible to do. — Asa Larsson

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How can this dog be such an easy victim? A dog who was mistreated by her previous owner over and over again. Why doesn't she recognize evil when she runs straight into its arms? Because she has the ability to forget. Burrows down into the feathery snow and is pleased to see anyone who streches out a hand to her. And now she is lying here. — Asa Larsson

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That's just the way it is. I'll always remember. She's forgotten. — Asa Larsson

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It is good to feel small beneath the sparkling northern lights, small beside the mighty river. Nature is so close to us up here. My troubles and difficulties just shrivel up. I like being insignificant. — Asa Larsson

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... it was as if she'd shut out the outside world.
No, actually, thought Anna-Maria, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. She isn't shutting out the outside world. She's shutting herself in. — Asa Larsson

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Listen, kid, you shouldn't work so bloody hard. Sometimes it's a goos idea just to let go and scream a bit."
Let go she thought. What happens if you find out you keep on falling? — Asa Larsson

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I don't think there is anything wrong with learning from people who are better than you. — Asa Larsson

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I was a big reader as a child. My father is a great book lover and a librarian, but he forbid me to read bad literature. I was not allowed to read Nancy Drew or books like that. I often say to him that me becoming a crime author is both a way of pleasing him and annoying him. — Asa Larsson

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Magdalena doesn't ask what Rebecka is doing at the hospital. That's how Rebecka realizes that Magdalena knows. It's the things you don't say. That's what always gives a person away. — Asa Larsson

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Rebecka laughs through her tears. There is almost too much laughter. It bubbles over because she has cried so much she has created an empty space, ready to be filled with another feeling. — Asa Larsson

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Because you're a crime writer you're asked to have a point of view on a lot of things, and I'm uncomfortable having public opinions on things that are not my professional area. — Asa Larsson

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Travelling in one direction. Yearning to be going the other way. She has lived here. She will survive there. — Asa Larsson

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You never come closer to owning the whole world than when you wake up before everyone else. There — Asa Larsson