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Florida was like a pathetic, flaccid cock unable to
work it up. Meanwhile, Cuba sat waiting like a big, wet
pussy, not even a hundred miles out. — Arthur Graham

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Of all the species on this planet, of which there are many (hundreds of thousands counting insects and microorganisms alone), Homo Sapiens - the so-called "wise ape" - is the only one that bothers to cover its ass. It is also the only species that purposefully poisons its environment and murders its own kind en masse. Meditate on that one for moment. — Arthur Graham

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If writing is the ultimate act of self-pleasure, then mine certainly qualifies as masturbatory.
Still, if you gave me a box of pens and a box of tissues, and then locked me in a room with nothing else but skin mags and blank notebooks, I'd be lying if I told you I'd run out of pens before tissues.
The nice thing about writing is that you actually get to share it with other people when you're done, which usually doesn't go over so well with spent bodily fluids, but ideally you don't want readers walking away from your book with the sneaking suspicion that they've just spent hours of their precious lives watching you masturbate.
Unless of course it's that type of publication. — Arthur Graham

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It is so small secret that many writers are also alcoholics, drug addicts, sexual deviants, or habitual wearers of blue jeans (in some cases all of the above). — Arthur Graham

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I wasn't sure which I appreciated less - the insincere concern or the genuine indifference. — Arthur Graham