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I'm a writer to the bone. I love this language you and I read, write and speak. It's called English. And I'm seriously doubting that it's known to some of the unseen people who write the news. — Ann Medlock

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A third-grader when WWII started, I was also waging my own "war effort." It was deeply magical thinking - I really thought what I did or didn't do could save lives, win battles, bring my dad and uncles home safe. And conversely, that if I screwed up, they were all in greater danger. — Ann Medlock

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If you can't experience the humanity of people who don't look like you, you're not civilized enough to be an officer of the peace. — Ann Medlock

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Changing entrenched systems is daunting; the odds against reshaping the nation's police forces are high. But there are few things more important than making sure their profession is the brave, honorable service it should be. We have to do it, or watch our communities and our democracy disintegrate. — Ann Medlock

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Go to any airport in this country and you'll see how well our government is dealing with the terrible danger you're in. TSA staffers are wanding 90-year-old ladies in wheelchairs, and burrowing through their suitcases. Toddlers are on the no-fly list. Lipsticks are confiscated. And it's all done with the highest seriousness. It's a show of protection and it stirs the fear pot, giving us over and over an image of being in grave personal peril, needing Big Brother to make sure we're safe. — Ann Medlock

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A protect-yourself-first-and-foremost idea has subverted the mission of law-enforcement officers, just as it may have degraded the military's. — Ann Medlock

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The Holy Fool is always considered a dummy by the smart, hip people who really know the score. There's a mysterious blight on the land, nothing will grow and no one knows how to break the spell. The Holy Fool sets out to find the cause, right the wrong, save the people. He's told he can't do it, that he's too dumb, too weak, too something, hearing from all quarters, "That's not how we do things here," and "You just don't understand." But he goes ahead anyway. — Ann Medlock