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Best Navy Seal Quotes By Robin Bielman

Sex does a body good." ...
"I suggest a daily dose then. — Robin Bielman

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Quentin R. Bufogle

If you're one of those delusional 2nd Amendment types who believes you and your trailer park 'militia' might need to take on the Army, the Navy, the 101st Airborne and SEAL Team 6; not only should you be denied the right to bear arms
but the right to your belt & shoelaces as well ... 'cause you're stark, ravin' batshit!!! — Quentin R. Bufogle

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Sara Jane Stone

And when you're not partying in Vegas, what do you do?" she asked. "Prepare for your role as the next James Bond?"
"No, I don't work alone."
She cocked her head as if trying to make sense of his words.
"I'm a SEAL in Uncle Sam's Navy. When I'm working, I have a team of guys who could kick James Bond's ass watching my back, covering my six at all times. — Sara Jane Stone

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Sophie Oak

My name is Lieutenant Meyer. I'll be your rescuer today. This rescue of your person is brought to you by the United States Navy and SEAL Team 8. we hope you have a nice rescue, and please feel free to fill out the questionnaire at the end of the trip. Tips are welcome. — Sophie Oak

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Robin Bielman

I want to go slow, baby, I really do," he whispered at the side of her neck. "But I'm not going to be able to this first time."
"Thank heavens. — Robin Bielman

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Dana Marton

Where did you grow up?"
He wiggled his eyebrows at her. "Who says I've grown up? — Dana Marton

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Robert M. Gates

For inspiration, I would turn again and again to Lieutenant Jason "Jay" Redman, a Navy SEAL who had been shot seven times and had undergone nearly two dozen surgeries. He had placed a hand-drawn sign on the door to his room at Bethesda Naval Hospital. It read: ATTENTION. To all who enter here. If you are coming into this room with sorrow or to feel sorry for my wounds, go elsewhere. The wounds I received I got in a job I love, doing it for people I love, supporting the freedom of a country I deeply love. I am incredibly tough and will make a full recovery. What is full? That is the absolute utmost physically my body has the ability to recover. Then I will push that about 20% further through sheer mental tenacity. This room you are about to enter is a room of fun, optimism, and intense rapid regrowth. If you are not prepared for that, go elsewhere. From: The Management. — Robert M. Gates

Best Navy Seal Quotes By L.A. Kragie

Tom's Navy SEAL team nicknamed him 'Tailspin', especially after sustaining his knee injury, but Joe likes to call him his 'Lucky Charm' -- saved his tail too many times to count. — L.A. Kragie

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Robin Bielman

Hurry," she breathed. "I need you to fill me up."
"Baby, I'm gonna do more than that. — Robin Bielman

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Stephen Templin

When the Navy sends their elite, they send the SEALs. When the SEALs send their elite, they send SEAL Team Six. — Stephen Templin

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Cat Johnson

I'm sorry."
"For what?" She stood.
"I had no intention of letting that go so far."
"I had no intention of stopping until it did."
He laughed and shook his head. "You're making it hard to leave, you know."
That was her plan. Ally cocked a brow. "Am I? Sorry ... " She wasn't sorry one little bit. — Cat Johnson

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Dana Marton

I hope we'll be friends." His grin was pure sin....
She stuck with the truth. "I hope we won't be enemies. — Dana Marton

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Terry Spear

He yanked off his shift, and she kicked off her sandals. Then she was on her knees on the bed, unfastening his belt and unzipping his zipper. He was already full to bursting. She glanced up at him. "It looks like you're eager to see me."
"Hell, yeah. — Terry Spear

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Howard E. Wasdin

The heart and soul of a Navy SEAL is somebody who's committed to their country and committed to their teammates. — Howard E. Wasdin

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Eric Blehm

Modest, conventional expectations weren't enough to lure Adam Brown away from the power of drug addiction that ensnared him. Instead, the college dropout already in his mid-twenties found only the big, near-impossible dream of being a Navy SEAL captivating enough to consistently draw him to different choices. — Eric Blehm

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Peter L. Bergen

I stepped into the bedroom where he was killed and looked up at the ceiling, where you could still see the patterns of blood that had spurted from bin Laden's head when the bullet fired by a U.S. Navy SEAL tore through the terrorist leader's face. — Peter L. Bergen

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Dana Marton

Outrage steamed her brain. "I've waited three days... Do you know what day it is?"
He gave a one-sided shrug, his massive shoulder muscles shifting. "Who has time to check the calendar when people are shooting at you and snakes are biting you in the ass? — Dana Marton

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Howard E. Wasdin

If you've never met a Navy SEAL and you ran into one at a bar, you probably still wouldn't know he's a Navy SEAL. — Howard E. Wasdin

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Robin Bielman

When I'm inside you, buried so deep I'm the only thing that exists in your world, that's when I'm not going to go slow. It's going to be fast and hard because I'm going to lose my mind. — Robin Bielman

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Dana Marton

She wasn't entirely sure if she was being rescued or kidnapped. — Dana Marton

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Dana Perino

I asked the first guy, "So what was it that made you want to become a Navy SEAL - chance for adventure? Family tradition? Physical challenge? Desire to see the world?" "Oh no, ma'am. Chicks dig it," he said. — Dana Perino

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Katie Reus

He gripped the back of her neck again in that purely dominating way that made her melt. "We're finishing this when we get back." His voice was a low, raspy growl. — Katie Reus

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Dana Marton

She growled.
He gave her a considering look. "That's almost sexy. — Dana Marton

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Suzanne Brockmann

You have to really want to be a Navy SEAL. The passion you need to endure the rigors of training, to become the best of the best ... It's admirable. — Suzanne Brockmann

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Cat Johnson

Zane liked his love life simple: catch and release, and then move on. The problem was, Missy wasn't anything like his usual prey. — Cat Johnson

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Elizabeth Gannon

Oh Come All Ye Faithful "Occum" Claus stood a head taller than most of the other men at the party. Like most of his crazy family, he wore a Santa suit, only the coat of his outfit was missing, exposing suspenders and a sleeveless white tank top. The man was heavily muscled and looked angry; a mixture of holiday cheer and a Navy SEAL having a really bad day. He was the picture that went along with the headline "Christmas Nightmare" or "Crazed Santa Attacks Orphans with Fire Ax. — Elizabeth Gannon

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Cat Johnson

You know, I wouldn't mind more than a kiss."
He let out a laugh. "Believe me, neither would I, but not right now." Drink your tea, get some food in your stomach, and, maybe, we'll talk."
A frown creased her brow. "Talk?"
He had to smile at her persistence. "We'll talk about possibly doing more than kissing, deal? — Cat Johnson

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Suzanne Brockmann

I care a great deal about LGBT U.S. servicemen and women being able to serve openly and honestly. Since early in my career, I've included realistic LGBT characters in my books. The idea that a gay Navy SEAL had to hide who he was in order to serve was a terrible one - and I made sure my readers knew that! — Suzanne Brockmann

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Michelle Rodriguez

I trained with an ex-Navy Seal. We shot a lot of guns. Real bullets ... I underwent commando training. — Michelle Rodriguez

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Dave Gorman

Describing a Navy SEAL-
I have no idea what 'unconventional warfare' really means, but i'm pretty sure i was on my way to meet a man who could kill me in 7 different ways with a flip-flop. — Dave Gorman

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Julie Ann Walker

She blinked at him, mouth open. "Do you really think it's wise to insult a woman who's holdin' a needle this far away? - she held her fingers an inch apart - "From your Grand Master of Ceremonies? — Julie Ann Walker

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Dana Marton

She sighed. "You're not without fault, but you're not rotten. Although you're very disorderly. You're pigheaded, cocky beyond bearing, arrogant." She stopped when she realized she'd just said the same thing three times over. "You have a troubling obsession with vigilante justice." She cleared her throat. "Well, I'm sure there are things you don't like about me."
"You're not naked, and you're not under me." His voice was thick with passion. — Dana Marton

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Katie Reus

Tell me if you want to stop." His voice was surprisingly unsteady as he stood back.
Her heart was pounding. She was glad to know she wasn't the only one so affected. "No way." Moonlight and streetlights streamed in from her two windows to give them more than enough illumination. "Now strip. — Katie Reus

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Chris Pratt

I don't have any delusions. I don't think I would make it through Navy SEAL training. — Chris Pratt

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Marcus Luttrell

To break a Navy Seal, you have to kill us. That's why we can make it into our training. That's why we can call ourselves Seals because the only way your gonna break us is to kill us. — Marcus Luttrell

Best Navy Seal Quotes By Robin Bielman

Tell me you're bare underneath the dress."
She gulped. "I'm bare underneath this dress."
Gently dropping her arms back to her sides, he slid his finger down the center of her chest. Tingles shot out from the tips of her breasts and gathered at the base of her spine, between her legs. "Tell me you want me as much as I want you," he said, his voice husky.
Never had she imagined doing something as reckless as sleeping with a guy for one night. But this wasn't any guy. And it wasn't just about her getting off
God, how she needed to do that. It was about closure. Saying goodbye on her terms. It might be a bad idea, but it was the best bad idea she'd ever had.
She dropped the panties and put her hands on his chest.
"I want you. — Robin Bielman