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Contemporary American fiction has become cheap counseling to the bereaved bourgeois. — Anis Shivani

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What deserves my loyalty, art or prestige? — Anis Shivani

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So, try to figure out a way to exit your role in the capitalist representation of the writer and his function in the literary community. The events you ritualistically attend and the collaborations you're expected to be part of, are they good for your soul? If they deaden you, exit. If you feel a weakening of the spirit, exit from anything they call literary community. You'll be better off alone. In other words you have to find yourself first. — Anis Shivani

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Writing a successful novel is a great challenge, and you have to be a bit of a poet, a bit of a critic, a bit of a dramatist, a bit of a philosopher, a bit of a social scientist, to pull it off. — Anis Shivani

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Stop being part of the social norms of writing and teaching, which then leads to the point, stop being a capitalist person, one who works for a salary to teach writing in a form that's acceptable to capitalism, which then leads further to the point, exit social norms imposed upon you, do not have a lifestyle that requires living by capitalist rules even outside the teaching and practice of writing - which ultimately is the only way to a real literary community, which is based on real art, and you see how impossible a track I'm on? — Anis Shivani

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If we don't understand bad writing, we can't understand good writing. Bad writing is characterized by obfuscation, showboating, narcissism, lack of a moral core, and style over substance. Good writing is exactly the opposite. Bad writing draws attention to the writer himself. — Anis Shivani

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The adults prove themselves to be children when they treat criticism as a virus to be exterminated. — Anis Shivani