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Famous Quotes By Angela Parkhurst

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Think of the cafeteria as a road map to where you belong." Danielle pointed to the beautiful people in one corner. "Princesses and Princes over here. Then you have Heroes - leading ladies and gents that aren't royalty - Sidekicks, Villains, Pirates, Faeries, Future Animal Friends, and the ones scattered are extras - not too important but important enough to be here. Like I said, everyone sticks to their own kind."
"Who are you?"
"Cinderella of course," Danielle giggled. — Angela Parkhurst

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Fairytales have rules. We may never understand them but they've been hammered into our heads since infancy. Eventually, even the rebels conform. — Angela Parkhurst

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First, you need to realize everything you thought you knew about yourself, about me, is a lie. — Angela Parkhurst

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That's the tragedy of fairy tales. The whole world puts them on a pedestal. People want their lives to be magical, but what people don't understand is that happiness is sacrificed. There is so much more to the story than what is written. The Cinderella you think she's so unfortunate with her mean sisters and stepmom. You think she deserves a happy ending with a prince, but the twenty-page journey is all you see. You learn little about who she is. What if Cinderella's just a good actress who has everyone fooled, when really, she sucks. She more than sucks. — Angela Parkhurst

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Dark waves fell along the side of his face and he stared, pleading for me to see more of him. To see the truth.
Maybe I want to be the kind of guy a girl like you believes in. — Angela Parkhurst

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At the end of the day, I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. If that makes me an outlaw, so be it. I've been called worse. — Angela Parkhurst

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Don't you have a house to blow down? — Angela Parkhurst

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After every rainfall there's a rainbow because rainbows are a promise. A promise that there will always be a light in the darkness. That's why they are too beautiful to overlook.' His hand crept along my cheek, brushing away the fallen strands of my hair. The same strange look came over him, as if he wasn't present at all, but somewhere else, in a strange memory. "You, Norah, are our light."
I swallowed hard. "Where's the darkness?"
His eyes were trained, like he was under a spell, unable to move away or stop looking at me. "Where you aren't. — Angela Parkhurst

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Now that you're here, now that they know you exist, you'll never be free again. Ever. We're prisoners to our books, our fates planned long before we were born. You're no different than us. Fight your fate all you want, but deep down you know it's true. — Angela Parkhurst