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Employment Legislation Quotes & Sayings

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Employment Legislation Quotes By Walter E. Williams

Reduced employment opportunities is one effect of minimum wage legislation. The minimum wage law has imposed incalculable harm on the disadvantaged members of our society. The only moral thing to do is to repeal it. — Walter E. Williams

Employment Legislation Quotes By John F. Kennedy

No one gains from fair employment law and legislation if there is no employment to be had. — John F. Kennedy

Employment Legislation Quotes By Timothy B. Tyson

The federal government was entirely complicit. When President Roosevelt passed the Social Security Act of 1935, Southern conservatives and their Northern Republican allies forced the New Deal legislation to exclude domestic workers and farmworkers from all of its employment provisions. That shielded — Timothy B. Tyson

Employment Legislation Quotes By Barack Obama

There is another, grimmer history to the filibuster, though, one that carries special relevance for me. For almost a century, the filibuster was the South's weapon of choice in its efforts to protect Jim Crow from federal interference, the legal blockade that effectively gutted the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments. Decade after decade, courtly, erudite men like Senator Richard B Russell of Georgia used the filibuster to choke off any and every piece of civil rights legislation before the Senate, whether voting rights bills, or fair employment bills, or anti-lynching bills. — Barack Obama