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Liars lie to others and they lie to themselves without even the concept of lying arising in their minds because this concept doesn't exist for them. There is no judgment, remorse, guilt, worry, or condemnation because lying is not a right or wrong thing. It just is. An axiomatic "Given." To — Alexandra York

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Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an Al Qaeda-like group" and the State Department transcript release of a telephone call between Clinton and then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil where she stated, "We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack, not a protest — Alexandra York

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For those who protest that Mr. Obama will soon be out of office and irrelevant, read on and learn how his legacy of conscious control over every aspect of our lives will continue to function for generations to come. On — Alexandra York

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His eyes. Unclouded by cynicism, questioning but with a certainty that there were answers, warmly innocent in some strange way. A child's eyes, she thought. Even more irresistible when set in a man's face. — Alexandra York

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Lack of personal morality plus "politically correct" prohibition against judging others' behavior and naming immorality sets up a social environment receptive and vulnerable to a tyrannical government. A tyrannical government transforms every aspect of the cultural day-to-day lives of everyone under its control across all areas from the educational and penal systems to fine art and entertainment dictates right on down to housing regulations and food availabilities. — Alexandra York

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The first two concepts - morality and immorality - are well understood in America: codes and boundaries of behavior are set by principles, doctrines, dictate, or convention. It's the third one - amorality - that is largely misunderstood but crucial to identify and comprehend. Amorality is a state of affairs where there are no moral principles or rules to follow or betray. None. Even though a culture may have rules regarding physical behavior, if there are no moral standards regarding truth, for example, then one cannot be right or wrong in such a societal vacuum because there is nothing to be right or wrong about. Therefore, even if lip service to the virtue of truth telling exists on one level or another, lying is firmly established in many cultures as an amoral practice. — Alexandra York

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Lying and corruption begins to seep into the emotional zeitgeist of the entire country. If individual and institutional "leaders" are not exposed, confronted, and prosecuted or ousted for their misdeeds, the inevitable result of all this bureaucratic, corporate, and government corruption will be full-scale cultural suicide in the form of mass amorality - behavior without any moral guidelines - which can generate social chaos in a historically moral country, which can next generate restoration of "order" by way of martial law, which can then generate full dictatorship. More: — Alexandra York

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2009: e-mails obtained via the Freedom of Information Act revealed that White House Associate Director of Public Engagement was arranging an NEA-hosted telephone conference with tax-supported artists to encourage the creation of propaganda art to generate public support for President Obama's political agendas. — Alexandra York

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The Frankfurt School masterminds for indoctrination into collectivist mindsets. Those men's understanding of human psychology was infallible: Ideas that the general public sees and hears on a repetitive basis will eventually achieve agreement with the ideas put forth or impair the individual judgment necessary to refute them. — Alexandra York

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One thing more, Leon. You say that life is meaningless, but I believe it's life that's sacred. I talk about art and sex because they're the most intense life experiences I know, so I feel they must be sacred too. They let us experience the values we've chosen for our lives in one exquisite not of pleasure exactly but of oneness with all of existence and with our own personal relationship to it. Art says: "This is Life." Sex says: "This is Living. — Alexandra York

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TRUTH is the true victim today. Truth has become the politically incorrect "No-No" born from fear of government, school peer and/or family pressures and penalties, or just plain evasion, lying, cheating, and/or corruption-laden behavior on personal and business levels. — Alexandra York

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A culture is much more than politics. It is a national identity encompassing education, fine and popular arts and entertainment, science, physical and mental health, leisure activities, friend and family relationships, values, ambitions. . .everything that constitutes the basic shared core values of any country. In our case, the core value of individualism has been the common denominator linking all other aspects of our cultural distinctiveness; it is what makes The United States "America." Viable only where Liberty reigns, valuing the sovereignty of individuals is precisely what makes America exceptional; therefore, it is the culture that warrants attention because the actual, underlying disease invading the mental health of our country has arisen not from the government directly but from the injection of deleterious ideas into our entire individualistic social-economic system. Proposals — Alexandra York

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As comestibles nourish our bodies and ideas nourish our minds, so art nourishes our souls. — Alexandra York

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But later in high school she became both bored and confused. Bored at the trivia she was taught and confused by the inconsistencies of the teachers who taught it. She wanted to learn how to deal with reality and evaluate it objectively, how to think. She was taught that language has no meaning, poetry needs no structure, and philosophy is fine in theory but useless in practice. — Alexandra York

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This is not for the purpose of personal criticism. The point is much larger and more fundamental: Mr. Obama is descriptive of an almost perfect example of a man who embodies the sum game result, the cumulative effect of America's slow but sure march to cultural impoverishment and political collectivism. Actions of his that unfailingly advance the agendas of previous activists and presidents will be highlighted as proof that the original, seminal, "transformational" objectives are still operative in the present. — Alexandra York

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In pure Capitalism (never fully achieved even in America), the government's only role is to protect individual rights, property, and transactions from force or fraud by others via the police and/or courts and to protect the nation and its citizens against foreign aggression via the military. Period. As imperative as it is to understand morality, immorality, and amorality it is vital to understand that capitalism is the only social-political-economic-moral system that protects the individual from all force and fraud, including force or fraud from the government itself. — Alexandra York

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let your verdict be so emphatic it will circle the globe as a reminder to all men everywhere that force of any kind has no place in this world, including the world of business. — Alexandra York

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They could come together again no other way because they had waited so long. Because they were all that mattered. Because he was life and she was its meaning. The — Alexandra York

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she was alternately confused and angry at his lack of reference to their past, but she decided to let him take the lead. Either he had his reasons or he wasn't the man she once knew. And she was certain by now that he was still that man, only more. — Alexandra York

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He had never been able to find any technique to handle that quality in her. Sometimes she acquiesced immediately to his requests, but on other occasions she refused them flatly and he could not reverse her. It never occurred to Lane that his wife sometimes concluded he was right and sometimes wrong. To Lane, it was approach not content that moved the world. He — Alexandra York