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Top Zero Figure Quotes

Zero Figure Quotes By Michael Kimmel

Many guys see relationships with women as a zero-sum game: If she wins, he loses. Marriage is the ultimate contest: Her job is to get him to capitulate to marriage. So many men see marriage as the "end of freedom," the end of boyhood. That's why bachelor parties are supposed to revel in that boyish irresponsibility "one last time." So many guys figure, "Why rush into something that means basically that you'll be a prisoner forever?" — Michael Kimmel

Zero Figure Quotes By Suzanne Brockmann

I love quick," Gina said. "And come on, I'm getting jealous here. Was it zero sex last year for you,
"Yes," he admitted. "I love you, you weren't there - what was I going to do?"
"Are you actually embarrassed, " she asked, "because you weren't some kind of man-ho and - "
"No," Max said. "I'm embarrassed that it took me an entire fucking year and a half and the worst scare
of my life to figure out that I can't live without you. — Suzanne Brockmann

Zero Figure Quotes By Ruth E. Carter

I begin with understanding the intentions of the story. That helps me to zero in. Then I gather research for each individual character and analyze the time period with comparisons to the figure and the facial structure. It helps to be comfortable with computers because the massive amount of research is kept electronically and shared with my staff this way. Very little is printed out. I work with an illustrator to come up with the proper silhouettes and details of the clothing from the time period to time period. And on and on. — Ruth E. Carter

Zero Figure Quotes By Tony Hsieh

Potential to increase the lifetime value of the customer. Usually marketing departments assume that the lifetime value of a customer is fixed when doing their ROI calculations. We view the lifetime value of a customer to be a moving target that can increase if we can create more and more positive emotional associations with our brand through every interaction that a person has with us. Another common trap that many marketers fall into is focusing too much on trying to figure out how to generate a lot of buzz, when really they should be focused on building engagement and trust. I can tell you that my mom has zero buzz, but when she says something, I listen. To that end, most of our efforts on the customer service and customer experience side actually happen after we've already made the sale and taken a customer's credit card number. — Tony Hsieh

Zero Figure Quotes By Billie Piper

The whole size zero debate is disgusting. My sister, who's 13, looks amazing - but she's already worried about her figure. — Billie Piper

Zero Figure Quotes By Sachin Tendulkar

Sometimes I need to look at the scoreboard to figure out whether I'm batting hundred-plus or whether I am on zero. — Sachin Tendulkar

Zero Figure Quotes By T.R. Reid

When I was traveling the world on my quest, I asked the health ministry of each country how many citizens had declared bankruptcy in the past year because of medical bills. Generally, the officials responded to this question with a look of astonishment, as if I had asked how many flying saucers from Mars landed in the ministry's parking lot last week. How many people go bankrupt because of medical bills? In Britain, zero. In France, zero. In Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland: zero. In the United States, according to a joint study by Harvard Law School and Harvard Medical School, the annual figure is around 700,000.3 QUALITY — T.R. Reid

Zero Figure Quotes By Nora Roberts

Kissing Red must've killed off some of your brain cells," Ryder decided. "You can tell a woman what to do
if you play it right
and maybe, maybe half the time she'd do it, or something close to it. That's a live woman. A dead one? I figure that's closer to zero. — Nora Roberts

Zero Figure Quotes By Monica Lewinsky

Overnight, I went from being a completely private figure to a publicly humiliated one. I was Patient Zero. — Monica Lewinsky

Zero Figure Quotes By Sonam Kapoor

I want to get fitter. And yes, I'm learning hot yoga to get a bikini body. I don't believe one has to sport a size-zero figure to flaunt it. One just needs a fit, sexy and toned body. — Sonam Kapoor

Zero Figure Quotes By Dan Ariely

If you have loans, the first thing you want to do is say, Okay, look I have a credit card, if I really need to borrow, I have this emergency money that I can get, but for now there is no reason for me to keep cash at zero percent interest rate and at the same time, pay all of this money out. So, I think people need to figure out quickly how to pay loans and how much cash they should really keep. — Dan Ariely

Zero Figure Quotes By J.D. Robb

Women are the worst. They zero in on some guy.Oh boy, he's the one, gotta get me that one. So they do. Then they spend the rest of their time trying to figure out how to change him. Then if they manage it, they're not all that interested anymore, because guess what? He's not the one anymore. — J.D. Robb

Zero Figure Quotes By Tom McCarthy

People need foundation myths, some imprint of year zero, a bolt that secures the scaffolding that in turn holds fast the entire architecture of reality, of time: memory-chambers and oblivion-cellars, walls between eras, hallways that sweep us on towards the end-days and the coming whatever-it-is. We see things shroudedly, as through a veil, an over-pixellated screen. When the shapeless plasma takes on form and resolution, like a fish approaching us through murky waters or an image looming into view from noxious liquid in a darkroom, when it begins to coalesce into a figure that's discernible, if ciphered, we can say: This is it, stirring, looming even if it isn't really, if it's all just ink-blots. — Tom McCarthy