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Your Highness Quotes By Gena Showalter

I cast a glance in my new admirer's direction. "You may call me Your Highness," I said. "Or Empress Beauty."
He chuckled. I wasn't kidding. — Gena Showalter

Your Highness Quotes By Gail Carson Levine

You were her friend?" he asked. "You liked her?" I told him Ella was the best friend I ever had. He paused again, and I feared he would say she died. But he finally answered that he believed her to be well and married to a rich gentleman. He added, " She is happy, I think, She is rich, so she is happy." Without thinking, I blurted, "Ella doesn't care about riches." Then I realized I'd contradicted a prince! " How do you know?" he said. I answered, "At school everyone hated me because I wasn't wealthy and because I spoke with an accent. She was the only one who was kind." "Perhaps she's changed," he said. " I don't think so, your Highness. — Gail Carson Levine

Your Highness Quotes By Alexander Freed

He saw a figure in white robes near the bridge entrance and turned the tape over in his hand. He approached the woman and said, his tone respectful, "Your Highness. The transmission we received..."
The woman looked toward him. He'd seen her face many times before, knew it well. She was young, seemed younger every day, even as her responsibilities grew and grew.
He held out his hand. Childlike fingers took the tape.
"What is it they've sent us?" he asked.
Prince Leia Organa looked at him as if he'd placed another burden on her shoulders - another responsibility to add to a count of thousands - and she was proud to bear it.
"Hope," she said.
Raymus believed her. — Alexander Freed

Your Highness Quotes By William Shakespeare

I profess myself an enemy to all other joys, which the most precious square of sense possesses, and find I am alone felicitate in your dear highness love. — William Shakespeare

Your Highness Quotes By Lauren M. Roy

Did I hear that right? Edgewood's its own little fiefdom now?"
She pressed the heels of her hands into her eyes and let the car's acceleration comfort her. "Uh. Yeah. And Crow's Neck, too, I guess."
"And you're its queen."
"Oh God no, don't call me that."
"Yes, Your Highness."
"Yes. Your Ladyship? Oh, no, wait. Your Nibs?" He glanced over at her. "Get it? Because vampires nibble on people? Ow, don't hit the driver! — Lauren M. Roy

Your Highness Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

If, for my sins, or by my good fortune, I come across some giant hereabouts, a common occurrence with knights-errant, and overthrow him in one onslaught, or cleave him asunder to the waist, or, in short, vanquish and subdue him, will it not be well to have some one I may send him to as a present, that he may come in and fall on his knees before my sweet lady, and in a humble, submissive voice say, 'I am the giant Caraculiambro, lord of the island of Malindrania, vanquished in single combat by the never sufficiently extolled knight Don Quixote of La Mancha, who has commanded me to present myself before your Grace, that your Highness dispose of me at your pleasure'? — Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Your Highness Quotes By Anne, Princess Royal

[To a photographer who said, 'Look this way, love':] I am not your 'love.' I am Your Royal Highness! — Anne, Princess Royal

Your Highness Quotes By Pierre-Simon Laplace

To Napoleon on why his works on celestial mechanics make no mention of God: Your Highness, I have no need of this hypothesis. — Pierre-Simon Laplace

Your Highness Quotes By Nichole Chase

Are you upset that you can't stomp around like a caveman and pee on my leg?" I poked his shoulder. "I'm not a tree, Your Highness. — Nichole Chase

Your Highness Quotes By Robin Bridges

Your Highness, we must speak tonight," I whispered. "Alone." Enough was enough. I would not take any part in Princess Cantacuzene's plans, and I would not risk my life dallying with the Montenegrins any longer.
"Indeed?" he said, bringing my hand to his lips. I shuddered, realizing he had a different kind of conversation in mind than I did. — Robin Bridges

Your Highness Quotes By Michael J. Sullivan

You didn't kill him, did you?"

"No. I locked him in the chapel but it won't hold. Which reminds me, could I borrow your sword? You're not going to use it, anyway."

Royce handed him the falchion sword that had been part of his castle guard disguise. Hadrian took the weapon, slipped it from its sheath, and weighed it in his hand. "I tell you, these swords are terrible. They are heavy and have all the balance of a drunken three-legged dog trying to take a piss." He then looked at Arista and added, "Oh, excuse me, Your Highness. How are you doing, Princess? — Michael J. Sullivan

Your Highness Quotes By Victoria Aveyard

Another round," she goads, and holds out a hand for the cards. "I bet a week of laundry."
Across from us, Cal stops his preparatory stretching to snort. "You think Mare does laundry?"
"Do you, Your Highness?" I snap back, grinning. He just pretends not to hear me. — Victoria Aveyard

Your Highness Quotes By Aleksandr Voinov

Kendras licked his lips. "Your Highness."
The officer laughed."You make that sound dirty. — Aleksandr Voinov

Your Highness Quotes By Elizabeth Duivenvoorde

I feel like the queen of the oven! I am the Queen of all oven-dry! Master of heat! You may now address me as "Your Royal Highness"! — Elizabeth Duivenvoorde

Your Highness Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Puck threw Ash a mocking smile. "You look like crap, Prince. Did you miss
Ash frowned, stabbing a faery that was clawing at his feet. "What are you
doing here, Goodfellow?" he asked coldly, which only caused Puck's grin to widen.
"Rescuing the princess from the Winter Court, of course." Puck looked down
as the wire-fey piled on the squealing boar, ripping and slicing. It exploded into a pile of leaves,
and they skittered back in confusion. "Though it appears I'm saving your sorry ass, as well."
"I could've handled it."
"Oh, I'm sure." Puck brandished a pair of curved daggers, the blades clear as
glass. His grin turned predatory. "Well, then, shall we get on with it? Try to keep up, Your
"Just stay out of my way. — Julie Kagawa

Your Highness Quotes By Garth Nix

Well met, Mistress Lirael. This ragamuffin, as your servant so aptly described him, is His Highness Prince Sameth, the Abhorsen-in-Waiting. Hence the bells. But on to more serious matters. Could you please rescue us? Prince Sameth's personal vessel is not quite what I'm used to, and he is eager to catch me a fish before my morning nap. — Garth Nix

Your Highness Quotes By Victor Hugo

Madame Magloire sometimes called him 'Your Highness.' One day, rising from his armchair, he went to his library for a book. It was on one of the upper shelves, and as the bishop was rather short, he could not reach it. 'Madame Magloire,' said he, 'bring me a chair. My highness cannot reach that shelf. — Victor Hugo

Your Highness Quotes By Jessica Day George

Allow me to give you this orange, Your Highness, along with my wishes for a swift recovery."
"That's very generous of you, Master Galen," she replied, a faint light kindling in her eyes, "especially since they are my family's oranges." She took it from him, rolling it between her palms. "And considering that my illness if most likely a result of falling into the fountain the day we met."
Galen winced. He had known she would remember that, but he had hoped she wouldn't hold it against him. Although, judging by the faint smile on her pale lips, she didn't mean it in earnest.
"Well, Your Highness, I know that I am indeed handsome, but I can hardly be blamed if my good looks overcame you so strongly that you fainted," he said, striking a pose. — Jessica Day George

Your Highness Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

The demon?" Roth scoffed. "That's 'Your Highness' to you. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Your Highness Quotes By Rowena Cherry

If you neglected to warn Djetth beforehand that you were going to shoot him down, Your Highness, he may consider you in breach of contract ...
Rhett — Rowena Cherry

Your Highness Quotes By Amie Kaufman

Where will I sit? Sit? Why, on this comfortable chaise longue I've carried here for you in my pocket, Your Highness, so glad you asked. I clamp my mouth shut, struggling not to say it aloud. — Amie Kaufman

Your Highness Quotes By Amish Tripathi

Fate controls only the weak, Your Highness. The strong mould the providence the want — Amish Tripathi

Your Highness Quotes By Morgan Rhodes

Murderous thieves make their home here." She failed to keep the tremor from her voice.
"Absolutely," Jonas replied.
"Dangerous animals too."
"Without a doubt."
She slanted a look toward him. "Perfect place for you."
He repressed a snort. "Oh, such compliments, your highness. You're going to make me blush. — Morgan Rhodes

Your Highness Quotes By Julia Golding

At the very least, I hope it means I will get my Briony back again. I know, I'll hold a party for her--and take her on a pony ride--I think that will be quite in order, if I can be spared from my official duties for the afternoon."

"You're the King," Taris reminded him with a smile.

"But you're my conscience, Taris, you know that."

"Then your conscience says we should keep his highness's current location secret, but an announcement of his escape is most desirable. Therefore, a party is quite in order--if not essential--for the morale of the nation."

"Excellent. I really should promote you, old friend. Only trouble is, there's nowhere to go but down from your office."

"I am well aware of that, Your Majesty. — Julia Golding

Your Highness Quotes By Michael Grant

Penny said two words, the second of which was "you." Caine laughed. "I think you meant '
you, Your Highness. — Michael Grant

Your Highness Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

You're getting better, my lady."
"Don't patronize me."
"No, really, Your Highness. When you started painting five years ago, I could never tell what it was you were trying to depict."
"And this is a painting of ."
Ashe paused. "A bowl of fruit?" he asked hopefully.
Sarene sighed in frustration.
"Beautifully - which is more than I can say for the painting." He paused for a
moment. "It's a horse, right?"
Sarene scowled.
"A house?" he asked.
"It is not a bowl of fruit either, my lord," Ashe said. "I already tried that."
"Well, she said it was one of the paintings in this room," Lukel said. "All we
have to do is keep guessing until we find the right one."
"Brilliant deduction, Master Lukel." Ashe said. — Brandon Sanderson

Your Highness Quotes By Robert Aickman

We are most of us two people, your Highness. There is something lacking in the man who is one thing only, and so, as he believes, at peace with the world and with himself. — Robert Aickman

Your Highness Quotes By Christina Dodd

That's ridiculous." So ridiculous. "He's an adult. All adults know how to apologize."
"I beg to disagree, Your Highness. Only half of the adults know how to apologize. The other half are
men, and speaking for my gender, I assure you a man will move heaven and earth rather than say, I'm
sorry . — Christina Dodd

Your Highness Quotes By Mark Lawrence

The Prince of Arrow has a much bigger army than you," Miana said. No "Your Highness" no "My Lord."
"Yes, he does." I kept waving to the crowd, the big smile on my face.
"He's going to win, isn't he?" she said. She looked twelve but she didn't sound twelve.
"How old are you?" I asked, a quick glance down at her, still waving.
Damn. — Mark Lawrence

Your Highness Quotes By Amish Tripathi

Smiling takes more effort than it's worth, Your Highness. — Amish Tripathi

Your Highness Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

I took a breath. "Your highness - "
"Nikolai," he corrected. "But I've also been known to answer to 'sweetheart' or 'handsome. — Leigh Bardugo

Your Highness Quotes By Alyssa Day

Dude. Message understood. But you call me Your Highness again, and I'll kick your ass. — Alyssa Day

Your Highness Quotes By Jill Williamson

If, Your Highness, is a word that will steal your soul. Do not waste your thoughts on ifs. What is done is done. Look to the future. — Jill Williamson

Your Highness Quotes By Julie Kagawa

You think I don't know pain?" Puck shook his head at me. "Or loss? I've been around a lot longer than you, prince! I know what love is, and I've lost
my fair share, too. Just because we have a different way of handling it, doesn't mean I don't have scars of my own."
"Name one," I scoffed. "Give me one instance where you haven't - "
"Meghan Chase!" Puck roared, startling me into silence. I blinked, and he sneered at me. "Yeah, your highness. I know what loss is. I've loved that
girl since before she knew me. But I waited. I waited because I didn't want to lie about who I was. I wanted her to know the truth before anything else.
So I waited, and I did my job. For years, I protected her, biding my time, until the day she went into the Nevernever after her brother. And then you
came along. And I saw how she looked at you. And for the first time, I wanted to kill you as much as you wanted to kill me. — Julie Kagawa

Your Highness Quotes By C.S. Lewis

And the lesson of it all is, your Highness," said the oldest Dwarf, "that those Northern Witches always mean the same thing, but in every age they have a different plan for getting it. — C.S. Lewis

Your Highness Quotes By Rae Carson

Elisa, tell me truly. Have you attained that kind of power? The kind that would frighten an animagus?"
"I have."
Her eyes widen and her lips part. She says to Storm, "You always speak truly, yes?"
"Yes, Your Highness."
"You are also an animagus, are you not?"
"I am."
"And you believe my sister has the kind of power she claims?"
"No," he says. "She is being modest. — Rae Carson

Your Highness Quotes By Kiera Cass

Blakely, isn't it?"
"Ye-" His voice squeaked and he started again. "Yes, Your Highness."
"When we met, you couldn't stop staring at my breasts." His face went pale, as if he seriously thought he was so subtle no one would notice. "Make sure you get an equally satisfactory look at my backside as you leave. — Kiera Cass

Your Highness Quotes By Mark Lawrence

Fuck that!" My turn to drop the scroll-case as though it were hot. " ... your stewardness."
"'Highness' is the correct form of address when the steward is of noble birth ... if we're being formal, Jalan."
"Fuck that, your highness. — Mark Lawrence

Your Highness Quotes By Aaron Lee Yeager

So," the Emperor said, slapping his knee. "The Spy, the Mafiosa, the Traitor, the Demon, the Assassin, and the Pirate. That's quite the harem you've got there." "They are those things, your Highness. I won't deny it. But they are not those things to me." The Emperor stroked his beard. "Really? What are they to you?" Gerald's expression became tender. "Ilrica is my hero, Cha'Rolette is my angel, Zurra is my true friend, Trahzi is my gentle goddess, Kalia is my protector, and Lyssandra is my champion. — Aaron Lee Yeager

Your Highness Quotes By Kiera Cass

Your Highness," he greeted.
"It's 'Royal Pain in the Ass' to you, sir. — Kiera Cass

Your Highness Quotes By Marissa Meyer

Steadying herself with both hands on the table, she managed an awkward bow ...
'Your Highness,' she stammered, head lowered ...
The prince flinched and cast a glance over his shoulder before hunching toward her. 'Maybe, um ... ' - he pulled his fingers across his lips - 'on the Highness stuff? — Marissa Meyer

Your Highness Quotes By David Gordon Green

The difference between this film [Your highness] and Pineapple Express was pretty much in the logistics of the technical ambition of the movie, and the size and scope of the movie. Pineapple Express was a great success, and that was something that we wanted to capitalize on, but we wanted this movie to be bigger, more adventuresome, bring a bigger audience to the movie, and challenge ourselves to do something new. — David Gordon Green

Your Highness Quotes By Tom Clancy

Your Highness, what do you call it when a high-ranking person lies right in your face?" the President asked with a wry smile. "Diplomacy. — Tom Clancy

Your Highness Quotes By K.M. Shea

Your Highness, give me some credit. We have dined together for weeks now. There is no one to talk to during our meals except for an overweight dog. I will have noticed some things about you." Severin — K.M. Shea

Your Highness Quotes By Kathleen McKenna Hewtson

Your highness I do not believe I have ever seen anyone as beautiful as you are. All of Russia will be filled with pride today at the sight of her new empress. — Kathleen McKenna Hewtson

Your Highness Quotes By Mike Lee

On another occasion he toasted to the king's "long life," only to be questioned by his host, the king's son and heir, "Since when have you been so anxious about my parent's health?" Wilkes smiled and said, "Since I had the pleasure of your Royal Highness's acquaintance. — Mike Lee

Your Highness Quotes By FayJay

Oh, shit," said Arthur, covering his face with his hands for a moment and screwing his eyes shut."You've been co-opted.She's got you spying on me already? My God,she's quick.""Oh, shut up and get over yourself!"exclaimed Merlin, indignantly."Not everything's about you,you know, your Royal Hotness. Highness. I said Highness. — FayJay

Your Highness Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Goodfellow snickered."Wouldn't be any fun if we didn't run into some sort of catastrophe." Pulling his dagger ,he waved me on."After you,your highness.
Puck to Ash — Julie Kagawa

Your Highness Quotes By Grace Draven

An excellent choice to pair the scarpatine with the potato, Your Highness. They are better together than apart. — Grace Draven

Your Highness Quotes By Victoria Alexander

Forgive me for saying so, Your Highness," Clarissa said slowly, "but for one as unaccustomed to good deeds as you, perhaps it would be best if you started with one on a smaller scale. Something like, I don't know, spreading bread crumbs for birds?"
"Birds?" Valentina stared at Clarissa as if she had sprouted wings and would fly off. "Why on earth would I wish to feed birds?"
"It was just a thought," Clarissa murmured. — Victoria Alexander

Your Highness Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Sure you'll be all right?" Glitch asked, breaking through my thoughts. "I could come with you, if you'd like. They won't even see me."
I shook my head. "Better if I do this alone. Besides, there's one member of that household who can see you. And he's seen enough scary monsters to last him a lifetime."
"Begging your pardon, your highness," Glitch smirked, "but who are you calling a scary monster?"
I swatted at him. — Julie Kagawa

Your Highness Quotes By Graham Chapman

Your highness, when I said that you are like a stream of bat's piss, I only mean that you shine out like a shaft of gold when all around it is dark — Graham Chapman

Your Highness Quotes By Candi Kay

How you felt?" he asks, still looking like he's trying to hide a smirk.

"Oh, shut up. I'm going now. I'm sorry I bothered you, your Highness of Reindeerness," I say, with more than a little sarcasm. "I promise not to ever disturb you again. — Candi Kay

Your Highness Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

You are funny like a kid and awesome like a princess
Unseen like an angel, like the morning sunshine ...
Kindness like a river and highness like a mountain,
In the middle of the Rheine, the cute face and sweet lips ...
(La la la la, La la , mmmm , mm ... )
Keep the lovely smile, in your juicy icy eyes
Open the heaven for my eyes, forever angel voice
Never angry never harsh, never mad never marsh
Dear or darling, either diamond or dime,
Overall the dream of the world — M.F. Moonzajer

Your Highness Quotes By Seth Grahame-Smith

The prophecy is clear, Your Highness. The Messiah shall topple all the kingdoms of the world. Even yours. — Seth Grahame-Smith

Your Highness Quotes By Patricia Grasso

Viktor looked at the older man's nightshirt, robe, and nightcap. His lips quirked into a smile. "The hour is late, and the household sleeps. How is it that you are still awake?"
"I knew you would be knocking on the door sooner or later." Pickles looked down his long nose at him. "You have passed the previous six nights with Her Ladyship."
"You are observant, my good man."
"No, Your Highness, I am the one who locks the door at night." Pickles reached into his robe's pocket and produced a key. He passed it to the prince, saying, "After tonight, let yourself into the
Viktor grinned at the majordomo and lifted the key out of his hand. "Your trust honors me."
"You are unlikely to abscond with the silver," Pickles drawled. — Patricia Grasso

Your Highness Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Let me guess, Velkan wants to see me? (Esperetta)
No. The only thing His Highness would like to see in regards to you, Princess, is your disembowelment. (Raluca) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Your Highness Quotes By Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Today is indeed an historic occasion when as a first chair-in-office woman I hand over to another woman chair in office, your Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, in the presence of a woman head of the Commonwealth, Her Royal Highness, Her Majesty the Queen of England. — Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Your Highness Quotes By Amish Tripathi

Bhrigu bent forward. 'Fate controls only the weak, Your Highness. The strong mould the providence they want.' Dilipa — Amish Tripathi

Your Highness Quotes By C.S. Lewis

It is high time we turned to Grammar now," said Doctor Cornelius, in a loud voice. "Will your Royal Highness be pleased to open Pulverulentus Siccus at the fourth page of his 'Grammatical Garden or the Arbour of Accidence pleasantlie open'd to Tender Wits? — C.S. Lewis

Your Highness Quotes By Jill Williamson

Do you trust Arman, Highness?'
'Yes, but
'No buts. Either you trust Him or you don't.'
Achan shifted in his chair. 'Maybe I don't, then.'
'I agree. you don't trust Him fully or you'd know you did. Arman wants your trust, Highness. When he asks something of you, he's seeking your heart. Your attitude, your disposition, your fears, your strengths, your obedience, your allegiance. All of you. When you trust Arman with your life, you run the risk of exposing your real fears. You run the risk of Arman having total authority and say in your life. Most men don't like that. They like to be in control. — Jill Williamson

Your Highness Quotes By Julie Kagawa

ASH: What are you doing here, Goodfellow?
PUCK: Rescuing the princess from the winter court, of course. Though it appears I'm saving your sorry-ass as well
ASH: I could've handled it
PUCK: Oh, i'm sure. Well then, shall we get on with it? Try to keep up, your highness
ASH: Just stay out of my way — Julie Kagawa

Your Highness Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

I apologise, your Highness. Murder can be a painful business. — Joe Abercrombie

Your Highness Quotes By William Shakespeare

Here is a rural fellow that will not be denied your Highness' presence: he brings you figs. — William Shakespeare

Your Highness Quotes By Mary E. Pearson

Wait," I said, and they paused mid-stride. "Thank you. Rafe told me you were the best of Dalbreck's soldiers. Now I know that he didn't overestimate your abilities." I turned to Sven. "And I'm sorry I threatened to feed your face to the hogs." Sven smiled. "All in a day's work, Your Highness," he said, and then he bowed. * — Mary E. Pearson

Your Highness Quotes By Stefne Miller

Kei: Is there anything else you need while I'm here, Your Highness?
Cabot: No, but you can leave the sarcasm in there. — Stefne Miller

Your Highness Quotes By Marissa Meyer

He blinked. His eyes fell as he processed her response. Then he lifted his chin and attempted a grin that was almost painfully dejected. "No, it's all right. I understand."
Dr. Erland leaned back against his desk. "My sincerest condolences, Your Highness. In more ways than one, it seems. — Marissa Meyer

Your Highness Quotes By Sherry Thomas

The Inquisitor stared at him. "Your Highness, where is Iolanthe Seabourne?"
Right here in this room.
He was on guard, very, very much on guard. Yet he still felt his lips part and form the shape necessary to pronounce the first syllable of the truth. "I thought we had already established that I have neither interest in nor knowledge of your elemental mage."
"Why are you protecting her, Your Highness?"
Because she is mine. You will have her over my dead body. — Sherry Thomas

Your Highness Quotes By Robin Bielman

Phew. I thought I was going to have to slay a few dragons for you while I was here."
"I'm no damsel in distress, Your Highness. I can take care of myself. — Robin Bielman

Your Highness Quotes By David Weber

There are two sides to any war-game, Your Highness, and the other side is trying to win, too. — David Weber

Your Highness Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Yes, I still know where I'm going!" I snapped as he emerged beside me yet again, cutting him off before he could say anything. Ash walked on my other side, silent and protective, but I caught him rolling his eyes as Glitch came up.
The rebel leader scowled. "Relax, your highness. I wasn't going to ask this time."
"Aw, that's a shame," Puck said, falling into step beside him. "You're gonna make me lose my bet with ice-boy. Come on, be a sport. Say it one more time, for me? — Julie Kagawa

Your Highness Quotes By Anna Banks

Highness, I've heard your lovely sister plans to join us soon," Jagen says from behind them. "What a happy reunion."
Galen rolls his eyes before turning to face him. "You are correct, Jagen. Rayna has missed you. She loves that face you make
when you're upset. She says it's the best impression of a rockfish she's ever seen."
Jagen doesn't like this. His lips curl into a snarl. "Go ahead, young prince. Have a laugh at my expense. I assure you it will be the last time."
Toraf glides in front of Galen. "That sounds a lot like a threat. To my knowledge,threatening a Royal is still illegal."
Galen grabs his shoulder. "It's fine, Toraf. Let this squid release his ink. Ink will only last so long before it fades away in the current. When his protective cloud is gone, everyone will see what's really going on here. — Anna Banks

Your Highness Quotes By Cinda Williams Chima

Do you carry a dagger, Your Highness?"
Raisa nodded. "I do, as a rule, but Micah and Fiona took mine."
"Then take this one." He wiped the blade on his breeches, returned the blade to a sheath at his waist, then unbuckled the belt, handing the whole package to her. Raisa slid the blade free, turning it so it caught the light. It was of the same make and design as the Lady sword, with the image of Hanalea worked into the hilt.
"I can't take this!" She protested. "It belongs to your family."
"I've not much use for it, in fact," Byrne replied. "If I let an enemy get close enough to need it, I deserve what I get. — Cinda Williams Chima

Your Highness Quotes By Robin Bridges

Your Imperial Highness, will you do me the honor of this dance?" I turned to see Miechen's twelve-year-old son, Boris Vladimirovich, looking at me solemnly.
"Of course," I said with a polite curtsy. Angels and ministers of grace, defend me. — Robin Bridges

Your Highness Quotes By Peter S. Beagle

Any woman can weep without tears," she answered over her shoulder, "and most can heal with their hands. It depends on the wound. She is a woman, Your Highness, and that's riddle enough — Peter S. Beagle

Your Highness Quotes By Scott Westerfeld

And what can we conclude from this lesson, Your Highness?"
Alek glared at the man. "We can conclude, Count Volger, that discussing politics while fencing is idiotic. — Scott Westerfeld

Your Highness Quotes By Ilona Andrews

I held my hand out. "Give me a grenade."
Andrea pulled open her backpack and slid a grenade into my palm. "Wait until they start shooting the Jeep. Boom comes first, shrapnel flies second. Count to ten before you run in there. And don't blow the device up."
"Yes, Mother. It's not my first time."
"That's the thanks I get for trying to keep you alive, Your Highness. — Ilona Andrews

Your Highness Quotes By Craig Thompson

And there you have it, Your Highness. Turning a jug of water into gold. — Craig Thompson

Your Highness Quotes By Derek Landy

So what does that actually mean?'
'To be honest, Ghastly, I haven't a bull's notion.'
'Elder Bespoke should be addressed by his full title,' Tipstaff said.
'Of course,' Skulduggery said. 'To be honest, Your Highness, I haven't a bull's notion. — Derek Landy