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Your Backyard Quotes By Anna Quindlen

Consider the lilies of the field. Look at the fuzz on a baby's ear. Read in the backyard with the sun on your face. Learn to be happy. And think of life as a terminal illness because if you do you will live it with joy and passion, as it ought to be lived. — Anna Quindlen

Your Backyard Quotes By Elle Kennedy

She laughed. "Let me guess, sex in the gazebo is one of your fantasies?" "Oh, yeah. I've wanted to do this since the moment this damn thing was built." "What, none of your hockey groupies ever wanted to do it in the wilderness of your backyard?" she teased. "I've never brought a woman home before. — Elle Kennedy

Your Backyard Quotes By Max Brooks

If your Soviet neighbor is trying to set fire to your house, you can't be worrying about the Arab down the block. If suddenly it's the Arab in your backyard , you can't be worrying about the People's Republic of China and if one day the ChiComs show up at your front door with an eviction notice in one hand and a Molotov cocktail in the other, then the last thing you're going do is look over his shoulder for a walking corpse. — Max Brooks

Your Backyard Quotes By Jacqueline Woodson

When I tell my family I want to be a writer, they smile and say, We see you in the backyard with your writing. They say, We hear you making up all those stories. And, We used to write poems. And, It's a good hobby, we see how quiet it keeps you. They say, But maybe you should be a teacher, a lawyer, do hair . . . I'll think about it, I say. And maybe all of us know this is just another one of my stories. — Jacqueline Woodson

Your Backyard Quotes By Addison Killebrew

When you look through a window you gasp at the beautiful tree in the backyard or the magical sunrise coming over the horizon, No one looks at a window and is taken away by the complexity of the transparency of millions of atoms joined together to form, from our perception of a crystal clear yet structural opening to the exterior, the same is with life, if you spend your whole life being a medium to enable others then you will be nothing but a sheet of glass, overused, underappreciated, and fragile to opportunity — Addison Killebrew

Your Backyard Quotes By Caragh M. O'Brien

What happened to your face?' he asked. 'When I was little, my grandmother was making candles and she had a big vat of hot beeswax in the backyard,' she said. 'I walked into the vat.' Usually that ended the conversation. 'I don't remember it,' she added. 'How old were you?' he asked. She tilted her face slightly, watching him. 'Ten months.' 'You were walking at ten months?' he asked. 'Not very well, apparently,' she said dryly. — Caragh M. O'Brien

Your Backyard Quotes By Deeanne Gist

What's going on in your backyard?" He heard her chair creak. "Mr. Bluebird's nowhere in sight. He must be out hunting for food. Mrs. Bluebird is incubating her eggs." "They're married?" "Of course." "How do you know?" "Because . . . they're, you know, they're having a family." "Did Audubon's publication tell you birds who nest are married?" "I'll have you know, sir, bluebirds mate for life." "They do?" "They do." "Well, then. I stand corrected." Across the room a pair of carved cuckoo birds in an ornate clock poked out to announce the quarter hour. "Are cuckoo birds monogamous?" "Mostly." "In that case, Mr. and Mrs. Cuckoo say hello. — Deeanne Gist

Your Backyard Quotes By Patrick Watson

Leave a light on in the wild
Cause I'm coming in a little blind
Dreamer of a lighthouse in the woods
Shining a little light to bring us back home
Went to find you in the backyard
Hiding behind our busy lives
Dreamer of a lighthouse in the woods
To help us get back into the world
Cause I know I've seen you before
Won't you shine a little light on us now?
Won't you shine a little light in your own a backyard?
Won't you shine a little light in your own backyard?
Dreamer of a lighthouse in the woods — Patrick Watson

Your Backyard Quotes By Polly Horvath

There's something about sports. You can be setting fire to cats and burying them in your backyard, but as long as you're playing team sports, people think you're okay. — Polly Horvath

Your Backyard Quotes By Bryan Lee O'Malley

Every time you look up at the stars, it's like opening a door. You could be anyone, anywhere. You could be yourself at any moment in your life. You open that door and you realize you're the same person under the same stars. Camping out in the backyard with your best friend, eleven years old. Sixteen, driving alone, stopping at the edge of the city, looking up at the same stars. Walking a wooded path, kissing in the moonlight, look up and you're eleven again. Chasing cats in a tiny town, you're eleven again, you're sixteen again. You're in a rowboat. You're staring out the back of a car. Out here where the world begins and ends, it's like nothing ever stops happening. — Bryan Lee O'Malley

Your Backyard Quotes By Dana Reinhardt

But no matter what happens, the earth keeps turning. Monday always comes and eventually, sometimes excruciatingly slowly, that Monday is followed by a Friday. You take tests, hand in papers you wrote at two in the morning the day they were due, and your shoes get worn out, and the pollen in the air increases so that you go through an entire package of tissues during the SATs, and you wander through the crowds at parties looking for Natalie Banks because you came with her, and you watch her take off for the backyard with a senior who seems to be in the backyard with a different girl at every party, and you learn to play chess with your dad, and you eat too much ice cream, and your favorite television drama has its two-hour season finale, and then suddenly the school year ends and you pack your bags for Tennessee. — Dana Reinhardt

Your Backyard Quotes By Sher Valenzuela

We have enough to worry about with what's happening in our nation to worry about what's happening in California. Keep your feet grounded in your own backyard and together we're going to build communities that work. — Sher Valenzuela

Your Backyard Quotes By Johnny Rico

I think the responsibility of writers is to convey the feelings that exist in the moment, the moment of that sharp and immediate pang of sour smiles when your heart suddenly starts pumping ice through your veins and becomes difficult and visual perception takes on the appearance of cinematographer on Cops, with unsteady frames and jostling scenes, running through a backyard chasing perpetrators. — Johnny Rico

Your Backyard Quotes By Joshua Ferris

We hated not knowing something. We hated not knowing who was going to walk Spanish down the hall. How would our bills get paid? And where would we find new work? We knew the power of the credit card companies and the collection agencies and the consequences of bankruptcy. Those institutions were without appeal. They put your name into a system, and from that point forward, vital parts of the American dream were foreclosed upon. A backyard swimming pool. A long weekend in Vegas. A low-end BMW. These were not Jeffersonian ideals, perhaps, on par with life and liberty, but at this advanced stage, with the West won and the Cold War over, they, too, seemed among our inalienable rights. — Joshua Ferris

Your Backyard Quotes By Robert M. Pirsig

And from time to time you find your "county road" takes you onto a two-rutter and then a single rutter and then into a pasture and stops, or else it takes you into some farmer's backyard. — Robert M. Pirsig

Your Backyard Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

There is nothing quite so delightfully mysterious as a secret in your own backyard. — Patrick Rothfuss

Your Backyard Quotes By Nikki Giovanni

Maybe what will really work is we all need to have a fear tree in our backyard or a small fear plant growing on our apartment windowsill. When we are feeling uneasy we pluck a few leaves and find the right place to put them. Champagne would be the number one choice but spaghetti works, too. Have a little fear at least once a week and you will build up your resistance. Like a vaccination. Then, when wars and hatreds come along you'll be able to recognize that's just another expression of Fear. No thanks, I've had my quota. — Nikki Giovanni

Your Backyard Quotes By Boyd Varty

Wherever you are, with whatever means you have, if you reclaim a piece of land for nature, your world will grow kinder, more benevolent. Create havens - for animals, for other people, for yourself - and let this reflect into the world. Fight for space in your own backyard, in an acre or a flowerpot or simply an embrace of the longing for company that lingers in your wilting heart. If you take this one step toward them, no matter where you are, the elephants will come to you. — Boyd Varty

Your Backyard Quotes By Toby Young

It's very different doing a food show in America and doing one in Britain. I did a 20-part series for the BBC series called 'Eating With the Enemy.' The budget for all 20 episodes was probably the budget for a single episode of 'Top Chef.' It's the difference between making a home movie in your backyard and going to Hollywood. — Toby Young

Your Backyard Quotes By Tim Kreider

Perhaps the reason we so often experience happiness only in hindsight, and that chasing it is such a fool's errand, is that happiness isn't a goal in itself but is only an aftereffect. It's the consequence of having lived in the way that we're supposed to - by which I don't mean ethically correctly so much as just consciously, fully engaged in the business of living. In this respect it resembles averted vision, a phenomena familiar to backyard astronomers whereby, in order to pick out a very faint star, you have to let your gaze drift casually to the space just next to it; if you look directly at it, it vanishes. And it's also true, come to think of it, that the only stars we ever see are not the "real" stars, those cataclysms taking place in the present, but always only the light of the untouchable past. — Tim Kreider

Your Backyard Quotes By Larry Winget

Clean up your own backyard. Change by example. Just be
the way you want others to be and hope they pay attention. — Larry Winget

Your Backyard Quotes By Michael Grant

He wanted to go running home to Mommy, what can I say? Of course, it's hard for me to believe that anyone would choose to step out of the FAYZ. I mean, where else do you get to eat rats, use your backyard for a toilet, and live in fear for nineteen different kinds of scary? -Howard — Michael Grant

Your Backyard Quotes By Renee Carlino

Everything is going to be fine."

"I don't want to live in a storm drain, Jackson."

"Not even with me?" He laughed.

"It's not funny, and no, not even with you!"

"You won't, and we won't. Everything will be fine. You are too fucking smart, Em. Hell, I'm too fucking smart, and we work too fucking hard for this shitty life. It won't happen."

"Swear to me." My voice was tiny.

"I swear on your life," he said, and I believed him. "But right now I'm kidnapping you in some loser's truck so I can hide you in my backyard. Let's just hope we can get past this part. I don't think colleges will look too fondly at a juvenile record. — Renee Carlino

Your Backyard Quotes By Marshall Thornton

So are you doing anything for your anniversary? I mean other than sitting around your backyard with a bottle of wine moping over lost love."

Since those were pretty much my plans, I said,"No. I'm going to hire a masseur, like you suggested."
After that, there was no turning back. — Marshall Thornton

Your Backyard Quotes By Sandra Cisneros

Mice and any rodentia. Guinea pigs. Even rabbits, I can't stand. Rabbits are cousins to rats. It's a class thing. If you had to grow up with rats scampering in your backyard, because the city services were cut in half and the population in your neighborhood doubled, then that also is going to mean that the flora and fauna are going to grow as well. So that's a part of it. That's why I can't go to Hindu countries where they respect rats and mice, and I can't go camping. — Sandra Cisneros

Your Backyard Quotes By Gabrielle Reece

My kids that's their backyard. I think when they're adults, their memories will be mostly of spending time at beach, the exploration, the freedom that you have. You take care of your house that you live in and we make our bed and we clean our cars and we do all that stuff, but yet we neglect sort of the place that really provides us with the greatest form of sustainability, which is the ocean. — Gabrielle Reece

Your Backyard Quotes By Robert Scheid

This is nothing more than a public land grab for private profit. The BLM is literally giving this away to corporations ... This may be out in the desert today, but tomorrow it could be in your backyard ... Already over a dozen projects are proposed in San Diego and Imperial County. — Robert Scheid

Your Backyard Quotes By Katie J. Davis

Into the most joyful places I could imagine. It sounds beautiful, adventurous, even romantic in ways, right? It is beautiful. And the crazy thing is, it is so simple. Don't misunderstand; it is not easy. But it is simple in that each and every one of us was ultimately created to do the same thing. It will not look the same. It may take place in a foreign land or it may take place in your backyard, but I believe that we were each created to change the world for someone. To serve someone. To love someone the way Christ first loved us, to spread — Katie J. Davis

Your Backyard Quotes By Jennie Finch

I think that when young players really see their game rise next level, it's when practices are like competition and there's no separation there. Of course, there are adrenaline and the butterflies; you don't have that so much in practice. You want to fake yourself out and try to get them there because you want to be as close to that game mentality as you can when you step on that field every single day whether it's practice or in your backyard or down the street with your dad. — Jennie Finch

Your Backyard Quotes By Edmund White

In the past, when gays were very flamboyant as drag queens or as leather queens or whatever, that just amused people. And most of the people that come and watch the gay Halloween parade, where all those excesses are on display, those are straight families, and they think it's funny. But what people don't think is so funny is when two middle-aged lawyers who are married to each other move in next door to you and your wife and they have adopted a Korean girl and they want to send her to school with your children and they want to socialize with you and share a drink over the backyard fence. That creeps people out, especially Christians. So, I don't think gay marriage is a conservative issue. I think it's a radical issue. — Edmund White

Your Backyard Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

My mom first knew she was psychic because she saw the future in a dream," Blue said. "A dream, Ronan. It wasn't like she sacrificed a goat in the backyard to see it. She didn't try to see the future. It's not something she became; it's something she is. I could just as easily say that you're evil because you can take things from your dreams! — Maggie Stiefvater

Your Backyard Quotes By Kumar Mangalam Birla

It's not a good idea to always look for new frontiers, especially when you have opportunities in your existing businesses, in your own backyard. — Kumar Mangalam Birla

Your Backyard Quotes By Jeremy Roenick

Football, you can go out and buy a football and play it in your backyard. Basketball, you can go out and play it in the schoolyard or in your driveway. Baseball, you get a glove and a bat and a ball and you go out and play in the neighborhood. You can't do that in hockey. — Jeremy Roenick

Your Backyard Quotes By Katie J. Davis

It may take place in a foreign land or it may take place in your backyard, but I believe that we were each created to change the world for someone. To serve someone. To love someone the way Christ first loved us, to spread His light. This is the dream, and it is possible. — Katie J. Davis

Your Backyard Quotes By Cathrina Constantine

I call it a threat." He checked to ensure the door was locked before making himself comfortable on the chair. "Hey, it's Friday night, let's go out." "Your sneakers are filthy." I scowled, spotting muddy tracks on the floorboards. "What do you expect, your backyard is mucky. — Cathrina Constantine

Your Backyard Quotes By Jennifer Echols

I just happened to be in the neighborhood, walking my dog ... " This was sounding lame. "Several miles from my home,in the middle of the night,in the snow.And I found myself in your backyard."
His eyes flew open. "With the cats?"
"If that's what you call them. — Jennifer Echols

Your Backyard Quotes By Douglas Coupland

Data transmission is no longer something scary you don't want in your backyard. Now you want it directly in front of your house. — Douglas Coupland

Your Backyard Quotes By Robyn L. Reynolds

How cool is it to go into your own backyard, talk directly to the spirit of your own loved one and request a response from them in the form of a spirit photograph. — Robyn L. Reynolds

Your Backyard Quotes By Harper Lee

Atticus said to Jem one day, "I'd rather you shot at tin cans in the backyard, but I know you'll go after birds. Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." That was the only time I ever heard Atticus say it was a sin to do something, and I asked Miss Maudie about it. "Your father's right," she said. "Mockingbirds don't do one thing except make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up people's gardens, don't nest in corn cribs, they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird. — Harper Lee

Your Backyard Quotes By Shannon Delany

He leaned forward and plucked something out of my hair. 'What - ?' He held the dead leaf before me.
'Must have gotten that rolling around with Alexi in the backyard.' I blinked and looked at him. 'That sounded so wrong.'
He nodded, eyebrow quirked. Waiting.
'I'm trying to learn a few things from your more experienced brother so I'm ready for our big event.'
His expression didn't change.
'Yee-ahhh. Not any better, huh?' I laughed. Our big event could mean two vastly different things to Pietr. 'Lemme just run through the other ways I could get this wrong: Alexi's teaching me some moves. He's trying to put the hurt on me. He was putting me into some positions I've never tried before ... I snorted. I couldn't help myself.
A muscle near Pietr's left eye twitched.
'He's teaching me to fight!' I laughed, grabbing his wrists. — Shannon Delany

Your Backyard Quotes By Christopher Gorham

Talk about songs that make me cry: Track 7 on the 'Phineas and Ferb' soundtrack, 'Summer (Where Do We Begin?).' When you get to the part about sitting with your brother underneath the shade of a big tree in the backyard, ohmygod. Turn on the waterworks. — Christopher Gorham

Your Backyard Quotes By Sibylla Matilde

Where's Melanie, asshole? Does she know you're up here?"

Jake's expression flitted between anger at Ronin's crude address and fear of the bigger man's obvious anger with him. "She's in the backyard, with some friends."

Ronin's jaw clenched. "I suggest you go find your girlfriend, then."

"Devin's in there. She's upset," Jake said without thinking.

"I know that, fucker. Why the hell do you think that is? GET. THE. FUCK. AWAY. — Sibylla Matilde

Your Backyard Quotes By Cathie Pelletier

Now I'll give you some advice, since you been asking for it. Happiness is like them plants you been yapping about. Sometimes it's growing right in your own backyard and you don't even know it. — Cathie Pelletier

Your Backyard Quotes By Henry Rollins

Don't go to summer camp. Bury your parents in the backyard and have the place to yourself. — Henry Rollins

Your Backyard Quotes By Jessica Hendry Nelson

Take gazillion and one.
This time with a little less weepy-weepy, please. A little less improvisation. A little less lip. A little more faith. A little more higher power. A little more prayer, a little less wine. Cut the crap. Cut the line. Tuck the chin. Look left, right, faster, slower. Pick seven dandelions on the first day of spring. Hate less or more. Work harder. Chew slower. Be better. Look to god, God, GOD. Watch your language. Watch your back. Collect rocks. Lick 'em clean. Count the pigeons in the backyard and multiply times forever. Give it up, let it go, take it back, take control. Say yes, say no. Say no, no, no. Stick to the script. Steps One through Twelve. One through Twelve. Keep coming back. It works if you work it. — Jessica Hendry Nelson

Your Backyard Quotes By Jeff Belanger

Ghostly legends dot the Prairie State from its big cities to its small towns. These stories make each community unique in a way that no other landmark ever could But Michael Kleen understands that these ghosts are more than just stories. As a folklorist and historian, Kleen shows readers the connection between our past and our present. Haunting Illinois is more than just a ghostly travel guide, it's an adventure offering new insight on the haunts you know, but also takes you on a trip to the spirits in your own backyard. — Jeff Belanger

Your Backyard Quotes By Greg Peterson

No matter where you are you can grow something to eat. Shift your thinking and you'd be surprised at the places your food can be grown! Window sill, fire escape and rooftop gardens have the same potential to provide impressive harvests as backyard gardens, greenhouses and community spaces. — Greg Peterson

Your Backyard Quotes By Melissa Fay Greene

A Georgia peach, a real Georgia peach, a backyard great-grandmother's orchard peach, is as thickly furred as a sweater, and so fluent and sweet that once you bite through the flannel, it brings tears to your eyes. — Melissa Fay Greene

Your Backyard Quotes By Amanda Hocking

I could win you a goldfish."
"I don't think that's be fair to the goldfish," Gemma said. "I've had about a dozen of them, and they all seem to die within days of me getting them."
"Oh, yeah." Alex smiled crookedly. "I remember you making your dad bury them out in the backyard."
"They were my pets, and they deserved a proper burial."
"I better be careful around you." Alex stepped back from her cautiously, giving her a wide berth. "You're a goldfish mass murderer. I don't know what you're capable of."
"Stop!" Gemma laughed. "I didn't kill them on purpose! I was little. I think I overfed them. Out of love, though."
"That's even scarier," he teased. "Do you plan to kill me with kindness?"
"Maybe." She narrowed her eyes at him and tried to look menacing, making him laugh. — Amanda Hocking

Your Backyard Quotes By Anne Sexton

The summer has seized you,
as when, last month in Amalfi, I saw
lemons as large as your desk-side globe-
that miniature map of the world-
and I could mention, too,
the market stalls of mushrooms
and garlic bugs all engorged.
Or I even think of the orchard next door,
where the berries are done
and the apples are beginning to swell.
And once, with our first backyard,
I remember I planted an acre of yellow beans
we couldn't eat. — Anne Sexton

Your Backyard Quotes By Ernie J Zelinski

Don't believe you have to travel far and wide to discover opportunities. The best opportunities will always be found in your own back yard, and not half way around the world in someone else's backyard. You have to look for them, however. — Ernie J Zelinski

Your Backyard Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

When I wake up on Sunday Mornings - late, you always let me sleep in - I come looking for you, and you're in the backyard with dirt on your knees and two little girls spinning around you in perfect orbit. And you put their hair in pigtails and you let them wear whatever madness they want, and Alice planted a fruit cocktail tree and Noomi ate a butterfly, and they look like me because they're round and golden, but they glow for you. — Rainbow Rowell

Your Backyard Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

When a man comes to your house with a bag full of money, he certainly has seen more in your backyard than in the bag. — M.F. Moonzajer

Your Backyard Quotes By Beth Kephart

When I was a boy, that was all I wanted - to grow a pair of wings and get up into the sky. I had a basement full of failed wing projects. Boards and capes and motors, even a pile of found feathers I once tried to glue together with a bottle of Elmer's; you should have seen your grandmother's face. But I never got any higher than the backyard fence I'd launch from. I never got inside a cloud. Your raven did. — Beth Kephart

Your Backyard Quotes By Nina Guilbeau

Learn to be brave and adventurous because you'll never discover your place in the world, if you're too afraid to leave your own backyard. — Nina Guilbeau

Your Backyard Quotes By Ilona Andrews

I leaned forward. "How did I turn out? Are you proud of the monster you made?"
Roland smiled. Hugh and Landon were right. It was like the sun had risen. Like digging a hole in your backyard and finding a glittering jewel in the dirt.
"Child, my dangerous one, my beautiful one. You've claimed your city. You shouldn't have been able to do that for another hundred years. I'm so proud that my pride could topple mountains. If you let me, I would show you to the world. I would show the world to you."
"So I could see it through your eyes?"
"So you could see it through your own. — Ilona Andrews

Your Backyard Quotes By Stephen King

Chris: How do you know if a Frenchman has been in your backyard?
Teddy: Hey, I'm French, okay?
Chris: Your garbage cans are empty and your dog's pregnant.
[Chris and Gordie laugh]
Teddy: Didn't I just say I was French? — Stephen King

Your Backyard Quotes By Sarah Addison Allen

What Claire could do with the edible flowers that grew around the cranky apple tree in the backyard was the stuff of legend. Everyone knew that if you got Claire to cater your anniversary party, she would make aioli sauce with nasturtiums and tulip cups filled with orange salad, and everyone would leave the party feeling both jealous and aroused. And if you got her to cater your child's birthday party, she would serve tiny strawberry cupcakes and candied violets and the children would all be well behaved and would take long afternoon naps. Claire had a true magic to her cooking when she used her flowers. — Sarah Addison Allen

Your Backyard Quotes By Hillary Rodham Clinton

You can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors. You know, eventually those snakes are going to turn on whoever has them in the backyard. — Hillary Rodham Clinton

Your Backyard Quotes By Carrie Fisher

I mean, there's a lot of other things I could do for money. I could sell autographed ECT machines or rhinestoned mood stabilizers or even Star Wars scented laxatives. But do I do that? Do I do a commercial on television to (attempt to) sell a medication while running around some random backyard with some rented golden retriever laughing and looking cured and totally amazed to be so worry-free while a voice comes on and says, "Reginol is not recommended for wayward fish or Libras with dementia. If you notice swelling in your femur or notice a subtle beam of backlight glowing northward from your anus or the anus of someone you went to school with, call your doctor immediately as this could be a symptom of hydrocephalus that could lead to roughhousing and misguided bloat. Reginol is not recommended for pregnant Nazis or yodelers over seventy. Reginol does not protect you from unpopularity or autism . . . " All — Carrie Fisher

Your Backyard Quotes By Paulo Coelho

I don't know anyone around here who would want to cross the desert just to see the Pyramids," said the merchant. "They're just a pile of stones. You could build one in your backyard. — Paulo Coelho

Your Backyard Quotes By Gretchen Rubin

Nature is impersonal, awe-inspiring, elegant, eternal. It's geometrically perfect. It's tiny and gigantic. You can travel far to be in a beautiful natural setting, or you can observe it in your backyard - or, in my case, in the trees lining New York City sidewalks, or in the clouds above skyscrapers. — Gretchen Rubin

Your Backyard Quotes By Lattis R. Richards

Don't go digging for silver in somebody else's backyard when you've got gold in your own. — Lattis R. Richards

Your Backyard Quotes By Alice Hoffman

Do you think your mother came back?" Shelby asks him.
"Definitely. She's a cardinal who lives in my backyard. — Alice Hoffman

Your Backyard Quotes By Mitchell Hurwitz

They say to just write about what's happening in your backyard because that's where you find the most creativity. It's in the DNA of the show. There's no question. — Mitchell Hurwitz

Your Backyard Quotes By Iman

When I lived in Egypt, we always wore kaftans. I had cashmere kaftans from Halston. You put on a kaftan in your backyard, and it's like you're in Ibiza. — Iman

Your Backyard Quotes By Matt Dillon

I'm drawn to women who live in a world different from my own. I don't believe you have to marry someone from your own backyard. James Joyce married a woman who never read any of his books. — Matt Dillon

Your Backyard Quotes By Morgan Matson

If you have to look any further than your own backyard to find your hearts desire, you never really lost it to begin with — Morgan Matson

Your Backyard Quotes By Michael Ian Black

You keep your gods in your backyard and I'll keep my lack of God in mine. — Michael Ian Black

Your Backyard Quotes By Marjorie M. Liu

So what's all the fuss?" he asked instead. "Where's all the shit coming from?"
Dean told him. He tried to make it concise, using flash words such as "fire" and "conspiracy" and "big
freakin' shape-shifter," and told Roland, too, about Miri and Robert and Kevin. The red jade.
"You're both fucked," Roland said. "Seriously. I'll start arranging the funeral now."
"I want a happy boss. Where's the positive reinforcement?"
"Buried with Pollyanna in my backyard. Which is where you'll be if you don't play your cards right. — Marjorie M. Liu

Your Backyard Quotes By John Green

Desperately Lonely Swing Set Needs Loving Home
"One swing set, well worn but structually sound, seeks new home. Make memories with your kid or kids so that someday he or she or they will look into the backyard and feel the ache of sentimentality as desperately as I did this afternoon. It's all fragile and fleeting, dear reader, but with this swing set, your child(ren) will be introduced to the ups and downs of human life gently and safely, and may alos learn the most important lesson of all: No matter how hard how you kick, no matter how high you get, you can't go all the way around."
Swing set currently resides near 83rd and Spring Mill. — John Green

Your Backyard Quotes By Ian Lamont

Being able to sync the same content among multiple devices provides a very convenient backup for Dropbox data. If your Mac laptop gets dropped in your backyard swimming pool, as long as it's been recently synced, you'll still be able to quickly access all of the files and folders stored in Dropbox folder on the desktop PC. — Ian Lamont

Your Backyard Quotes By Rod Taylor

Apart from being interested in a good role, I think it's necessary to make up your mind as to whether it will make a movie that will entertain an audience all over the world and not just in your own backyard. — Rod Taylor

Your Backyard Quotes By Summer Sanders

When you're at a public pool or in your friend's backyard, knowing that your kids can get in and out of the water and protect themselves can make all the difference in the world. Something as simple as being able to flip over and get to the ladder can save a life. You can start your kids in lessons as early as you want - it's never too soon. — Summer Sanders

Your Backyard Quotes By Joel Achenbach

Right-thinking people are not supposed to discuss any meteorological or geophysical event - a hurricane, a wildfire, a heat wave, a drought, a flood, a blizzard, a tornado, a lightning strike, an unfamiliar breeze, a strange tingling on the neck - without immediately invoking the climate crisis. It causes earthquakes, plagues and backyard gardening disappointments. Weird fungus on your tomato plants? Classic sign of global warming. — Joel Achenbach

Your Backyard Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

God, the three of you.
When I wake up on Saturday mornings
late you always let me sleep in
I come looking for you, and you're in the backyard with dirt on your knees and two little girls spinning around you in perfect orbit. And you put their hair in pigtails, and you let them wear whatever madness they want, and Alice planted a fruit cocktail tree, and Noomi ate a butterfly, and they look like me because they're round and golden, but the glow for you.
And you built us a picnic table.
And you learned to bake bread.
And you've painted a mural on ever west-facing wall.
And it isn't all bad, I promise. I swear to you.
You might not be actively, thoughtfully happy 70 to 80 percent of the time, but maybe you wouldn't be anyway. And even when you're sad, Neal
even when you're falling asleep at the other side of the bed
I think you're happy, too. About some things. About a few things. — Rainbow Rowell

Your Backyard Quotes By John Green

One swing set, well worn but structurally sound, seeks new home. Make memories with your kid or kids so that someday he or she or they will look into the backyard and feel the ache of sentimentality as desperately as I did this afternoon. It's all fragile and fleeting, dear reader, but with this swing set, your child(ren) will be introduced to the ups and downs of human life gently and safely, and may also learn the most important lesson of all: No matter how hard you kick, no matter how high you get, you can't go all the way around. — John Green

Your Backyard Quotes By Brennan Manning

We must go out into a desert of some kind (your backyard will do) and come into a personal experience of the awesome love of God. — Brennan Manning

Your Backyard Quotes By Garrison Keillor

Minnesota is a state of public-spirited and polite people, where you can get a good cappucino and eat Thai food and find any book you want and yet live on a quiet tree-lined street with a backyard and send your kids to public school. When a state this good hits the jackpot, it can only be an inspiration to everybody. — Garrison Keillor

Your Backyard Quotes By Isabella Rossellini

I always dreamed when I was a little girl interested in animals that I would go live in Africa. Then I found out that you can look in your backyard, and you can do your own safari. — Isabella Rossellini

Your Backyard Quotes By Ali Benjamin

this is real, and it is happening now, just as it happened before: We are under the big tree in my backyard, on that patch of dirt where we used to build fairy houses from moss and sticks and scraps of birch. It is late afternoon. All around us is golden light. We have been together all day, in our cutoff shorts and bare feet. It is the start of fifth grade, the start of being the oldest in the school. Next year, we will be the youngest all over again. But not yet. We are playing that hand-slapping game, the one we like to play at recess. You hold your hands out, palms up, and I place mine lightly on top. You pull yours out and try to slap mine. You hit air three times. On the fourth try, your — Ali Benjamin

Your Backyard Quotes By Patricia Briggs

Argued with your back-fence neighbor," Adam said, his voice very gentle.
"And watched him when he wasn't looking," I agreed. "Because every once in a while, especially after a full moon hunt, he'd forget that I could see in the dark, and he'd run around naked in the backyard."
He laughed silently. "I never forgot you could see in the dark," he admitted. — Patricia Briggs

Your Backyard Quotes By Justin Halpern

On my seventh birthday party:
No, you can't have a bouncy house at your birthday party ... What do you mean, why? Have you ever thought to yourself, where would I put a god-damned bouncy house in our backyard? ... Yeah, that's right, that's the kind of shit I think about , that you just think magically appears. — Justin Halpern

Your Backyard Quotes By Russell H. Conwell

You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success, but if you're lucky, you will discover happiness in your own backyard. — Russell H. Conwell

Your Backyard Quotes By Carmela Dutra

Anyone can take an adventure even if it's only in your own backyard. Let your imagination be your adventure and see where it takes you. — Carmela Dutra

Your Backyard Quotes By Mari Mancusi

Anyway, I'm sure the guy lives a million miles away."
"Or he could live right in your backyard. You never know."
I nodded, keeping a poker face, even though the idea of Sir Leo living in my backyard was extremely appealing. — Mari Mancusi

Your Backyard Quotes By Stephen Colletti

My costar James Lafferty, and his little brother Stuart Lafferty, and another buddy of ours, Ian Shive, are working on this project called 'Generation Wild.' It's about getting people to realize that being outdoors is not scary - you can go on adventures like we do, in national parks, and practically in your own backyard. — Stephen Colletti

Your Backyard Quotes By Nick Kelsh

The world of your photography is limitless-just like your backyard. — Nick Kelsh

Your Backyard Quotes By Kurt Angle

In Canada, you can't even have a barbecue in your backyard without being attacked by a moose or even a grizzly bear. Then again, the grizzlies don't beat anyone here in Vancouver; oh, it's true, it's true. — Kurt Angle

Your Backyard Quotes By Russell H. Conwell

Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them. — Russell H. Conwell

Your Backyard Quotes By Abbi Glines

So, I come here to check on you and low and behold you're here. I wasted an entire night in Miranda's backyard when I could've been ratting food in your kitchen and watching the bad ass Chuck Bass on the television screen. — Abbi Glines

Your Backyard Quotes By Tony Kushner

If you [c]annot find your [h]eart's desire in your own backyard, you never lost it to begin with — Tony Kushner

Your Backyard Quotes By Rebecca Donovan

I looked over at Sara. "I like it," I declared, beaming at the image in front of me. The sun's bright rays filtering through the leaves made me want to squint. With the heavy strokes of the bark, I could imagine dragging my fingertips along the rough texture. "Of course you do," Sara stated, shooting me a look out of the corner of her eye. "She pained the tree in your backyard with the swing you made for her. — Rebecca Donovan