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You Are Busted Quotes By Larissa Ione

She crossed her arms over her chest, and his gaze went automatically to her breasts, which were no nicely plumped by her biceps. Yeah, he was a sex demon. Shoot him. "what are you going to do? And eyes up, mister."
Busted. — Larissa Ione

You Are Busted Quotes By Debra Trueman

What? You're just going to stand there and watch me?" she snapped at him.
"You're not very nice," he stated, taking a lesson from his brother.
"I'm not nice? You're the one who busted into a bank and blew a man's hand to kingdom come!" she said. "You shot me, you kidnapped me, you cut off my hair. I've got a bruise in the shape of your handprint on my upper arm. But I'm not a nice person?" she fumed. "Tell me, which of the items on that list would inspire me to be nice to you?" Stacy had worked herself into such a rage that she couldn't stop. "I swear, I'd love to beat the crap out of you! — Debra Trueman

You Are Busted Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

It's not enough to be able to lie with a straight face; anybody with enough gall to raise on a busted flush can do that. The first way to lie artistically is to tell the truth - but not all of it. The second way involves telling the truth, too, but is harder: Tell the exact truth and maybe all of it ... but tell it so unconvincingly that your listener is sure you are lying. — Robert A. Heinlein

You Are Busted Quotes By Jay Leno

President Obama told a group of school children that broccoli was his favorite food, and they believed him. Then he told them Obamacare would reduce the deficit and the kids all busted out laughing. — Jay Leno

You Are Busted Quotes By Charlie Cochet

Ash went over to the closet, and Sloane maintained his stoic expression. There was no way Dex would be hiding in the closet. It was too obvious. Ash opened the door, looking unimpressed. "There's a fuckwit naked in your closet."
Dex looked up at Ash with wide eyes. "This isn't what it looks like. I dropped some change, it rolled under the closet door, and when I went to pick it up, my clothes fell off. True story. — Charlie Cochet

You Are Busted Quotes By Kat Falls

Why you?"

"I don't know, ask him."

"I'm asking you, so, why don't you just come out and say it?"

Rafe released the door, letting it close. "What are we talking about?"

I dug my nails into my palms, letting the pain brace me for his answer. "Is he your father?"

Rafe's smile returned. "Nope. I'm not your brother, Lane. I know that's got to be a disappointment." He paused, considering it. "Or maybe not. Now you can throw yourself at me. Just not when Mack's around okay? He's not my dad, but he is the guy who busted me out of an orphan camp when I was ten. — Kat Falls

You Are Busted Quotes By Debra Anastasia

Duke was already sitting in the passenger seat, waiting for her. She got in and started the car. Duke busted into a Slim Jim of his own.
"You hairy toad fucker. That stuff's nasty. Your toilet must be like a nuclear reactor." Dove turned on her windshield wipers as a light mist seemed to fracture the glass.
"I'm sorry, Whore Basket. I couldn't hear you over the noise of you crapping your pants!" Duke took another huge bite and chewed the waxy meat like gum.
"This stuff is off the charts. I could eat vats of it. — Debra Anastasia

You Are Busted Quotes By Dick Cavett

The authority of depression is horrifying. I felt like my brain was busted and that I could never feel good again. I really thought that I was never gonna heal. — Dick Cavett

You Are Busted Quotes By Estelle

If there is enough space on radio for Busted and McFly, who are basically the same band, or for 50,000 versions of Stereophonics and Coldplay, there must be enough room for all of us. — Estelle

You Are Busted Quotes By Samantha Irby

Maybe in life you get all kinds of soulmates. Multiple people who vibrate at the same level you do. I think that's what Fred is for me. I just don't get to see his penis anymore. So, no, I don't get my happy-ending tongue kiss in the rain, but I did get my friend back. And I don't have to worry about running these busted knees around after any babies. — Samantha Irby

You Are Busted Quotes By Paul Gibbons

Behaviorism was a busted flush, but neo-behaviorist theories, especially choice architecture, achieve behavioral change without coercion or the downsides of carrots and sticks. — Paul Gibbons

You Are Busted Quotes By James McBride

The old face, crinkled and dented with canals running every which way, pushed and shoved up against itself for a while, till a big old smile busted out from beneath 'em all, and his grey eyes fairly glowed. It was the first time I ever saw him smile free. A true smile. It was like looking at the face of God. And I knowed then, for the first time, that him being the person to lead the colored to freedom weren't no lunacy. It was something he knowed true inside him. I saw it clear for the first time. I knowed then, too, that he knowed what I was - from the very first. — James McBride

You Are Busted Quotes By Alyxandra Harvey

Solange leaned back against the wall, bored. "Are you done yet?"
"Hell no," Lucy said. She'd left nose prints on the glass. Nicholas smirked up at her. She blushed. "Ooops. Busted."
"I told you they could hear your heartbeat," Solange said.
"Even from up here."
"I can't help it. Even if they all know they're pretty and are insufferably arrogant," she added louder. "Can they hear that?"
"Good." She glanced at me. "Yummy, right?"
"I'm sure Isabeau would rather recover, not ogle my brothers,"
Solange said. "You remember how stressed you were after the Hypnos?"
"Please," Lucy scoffed. "This is totally soothing. — Alyxandra Harvey

You Are Busted Quotes By Jimmy Breslin

I busted out of the place in a hurry and went to a saloon and drank beer and said that for the rest of my life I'd never take a job in a place where you couldn't throw cigarette butts on the floor. I was hooked on this writing for newspapers and magazines. — Jimmy Breslin

You Are Busted Quotes By Kristin Cast

They done
Like ink from a busted pen
Thrown away 'cause of someone else
Used up
But he come back
Dressed in night
Fine as a king
With his queen
The wrong
Made right
So right. — Kristin Cast

You Are Busted Quotes By Margaret Mitchell

Everybody's mainspring is different. And I want to say this - folks whose mainsprings are busted are better dead. — Margaret Mitchell

You Are Busted Quotes By Colin Firth

Just driving I just was in a car on flat ground and I couldn't make it go. Having ticked driving and taken three driving lessons, I just was unable to produce any motion whatsoever under perfectly normal circumstances. I think we've all been busted on driving, and riding. — Colin Firth

You Are Busted Quotes By Becca Fitzpatrick

Busted. I'm a monster. Jev is my deceptively harmless-and shockingly handsome-alter ego. — Becca Fitzpatrick

You Are Busted Quotes By Sarah Dessen

For most of us, once something was busted, it was game over. I would have loved to know how it felt, just once, to have something fall apart and see options instead of endings. — Sarah Dessen

You Are Busted Quotes By Denis Johnson

After the film it was raining, a light steady rain. Ruthless neon on the wet streets like busted candy. — Denis Johnson

You Are Busted Quotes By Matthew Neill Null

Labor Day. We could hear their bellow and grind from the Route 19 overpass. Below, the river gleamed like a flaw in metal. Leaving the parking lot behind, we billy-goated down the fisherman's trail, one by one, the way all mountain people do. Loud clumps of bees clustered in the fireweed and boneset, and the trail underfoot crunched with cans, condom wrappers, worm containers. A half-buried coal bucket rose from the dirt with a galvanized grin. The laurel hell wove itself into a tunnel, hazy with gnats. There, a busted railroad spike. The smell of river water filled our noses. — Matthew Neill Null

You Are Busted Quotes By David Mitchell

I'm shoutin' back more'n forty long years at myself, yay, ... Oy, list'n! Times are you're weak 'gainst the world! Times are you can't do nothin'! That ain't your fault, it's this busted world's fault is all! But no matter how loud I shout, ... he don't hear me nor never will. — David Mitchell

You Are Busted Quotes By Rick Riordan

I don't deserve you."
"You're not allowed to say that."
"Why not?"
"It's a breakup line. Unless you're breaking up-"
Jason leaned over and kissed her. The colors of the Roman afternoon suddenly seemed sharper, as it the world had switched to high definition.
"No breakups," he promised. "I may have busted my head a few times, but I'm not that stupid. — Rick Riordan

You Are Busted Quotes By Stephen King

Lisey didn't care if Darla ate, busted a joint, or took a shit in the begonias. She just wanted to get off the phone. — Stephen King

You Are Busted Quotes By Bruce Springsteen

Roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair. The night's busted open. These two lanes will take us anywhere. — Bruce Springsteen

You Are Busted Quotes By L.A. Casey

You are the one with the cut eyebrow and busted up face, you need the ice more than I do, princess."
Dominic's brothers snorted.
"I like her," Ryder said.
"I like her more and more each time she insults him," Damien chuckled.
"Fuck you both," Dominic grinned as he continued to move towards me. — L.A. Casey

You Are Busted Quotes By Terry Kiser

It's interesting to me; you do four, five or six of these Comic Cons or things like that across the country a year. Obviously, I get busted a lot of 'Weekend at Bernies,' but the fans for horror movies are so wonderful and so loyal. — Terry Kiser

You Are Busted Quotes By George W. Bush

The budget caps were busted, mightily so. And we are reviewing with people like Judd Gregg from New Hampshire and others some budgetary reform measures that will reinstate - you know, possibly reinstate budgetary discipline. But the caps no longer - the caps, I guess they're there. But they didn't mean much. — George W. Bush

You Are Busted Quotes By Vicki Pettersson

So. You're a fallen angel." She folded her arms.
"I'm not fallen," he said roughly.
"Then what are you?"
He shrugged. "Busted. — Vicki Pettersson

You Are Busted Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Anyway, I think you guys need to talk or ... I don't know. Cave to your passions."
I busted out laughing. "Oh my God, are you serious?"
She grinned. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

You Are Busted Quotes By Hubert Selby Jr.

The natives knew better than to screw around with Tarzan. He was one bad dude. Lions, rhinos, just him and his knife. Great penthouse and elevator. Wouldnt last long in Brooklyn. Busted for indecent exposure. Me Tarzan you Judge. That is absolutely correct, and you are going to do sixty days. Try dressing as Beau Brummel the next time. Next case! — Hubert Selby Jr.

You Are Busted Quotes By Adam McKay

If someone busted into your house and robbed you, would you then forgive them if you found out they were a veteran? Of course not. So why are we forgiving McCain for selling out his country by supporting the Bush agenda? — Adam McKay

You Are Busted Quotes By Robert James Thomson

Over the decades, you got various companies involved in making escalators and you've got Metro varying between internal repair crews and contractors. They're dealing with old equipment, which of course is prone to break down, and the repair crews don't even know what's busted or who made the busted parts till they tear the things open. Then sometimes they have to go back to the shop and manufacture parts, because the original maker has gone out of business. — Robert James Thomson

You Are Busted Quotes By Laird Barron

Arthur said, "Let's be cool and not get busted. I advise rest and relaxation, and definitely a bath. You guys smell like booze and cheap whores."
Dred sniffed. "He's right. We do. Woof. — Laird Barron

You Are Busted Quotes By Joe R. Lansdale

Yeah, things are better for blacks and women and gays, but it was the blacks and women and gays that did it, not fuck-ups like this bunch. Whites and straights came along to give help, all right, after the blacks said 'enough' and got their heads busted, and it's the same for the gays and the women. The whites and straights, they control things, and they could have changed it anytime. — Joe R. Lansdale

You Are Busted Quotes By Assata Shakur

When i heard on the radio that the New York Panthers had been busted, i was furious. The so-called conspiracy charges were so stupid that even a fool could see through them. The police actually had the audacity to charge them with plotting to blow up the flowers in the Botanical Garden. — Assata Shakur

You Are Busted Quotes By Paullina Simons

We thought the hard part was over - but we were wrong. Living is the hardest part. Figuring out how to live your life when you're all busted up inside and out - there is nothing harder. — Paullina Simons

You Are Busted Quotes By Forbes West

George Lucas, go fuck yourself. I hope you're dead. I hope a fuckin' zombie busted in your house and knocked over your golden Yoda statue right onto your once creative head. These movies are terrible." An — Forbes West

You Are Busted Quotes By Rick Riordan

Besides, if she's a goddess, why hasn't she busted herself out? — Rick Riordan

You Are Busted Quotes By Theophilus London

I'll buy an old jacket and attach gold buttons and a couple royal patches. Or I'll find an old busted sweatshirt, tear out the zipper, and replace it with a $700 zipper. I make things my own. — Theophilus London

You Are Busted Quotes By Brendan I. Koerner

Back in the NBA's pre-mask era, ballers with busted noses or orbital bones had two unappealing options: Sit out and heal, or strap on a Michael Myers-looking opaque face shield closely related to that worn by hockey goalies. — Brendan I. Koerner

You Are Busted Quotes By Kevin Eubanks

Dad made it to Gold Shield Detective, so he always busted Robin, my oldest brother, and me. Always got caught, whatever we were doing. — Kevin Eubanks

You Are Busted Quotes By Ted Nugent

I have busted more hippies' noses than all the narcs in the free world. — Ted Nugent

You Are Busted Quotes By Richard Ford

And there are words, significant words, you do not want to say, words that account for busted-up lives, words that try to fix something ruined that shouldn't be ruined and no one wanted ruined, and that words can't fix anyway. Telling — Richard Ford

You Are Busted Quotes By John Steinbeck

This is just a nigger talkin', an' a busted-back nigger. So it don't mean nothing, see? You couldn't remember it anyways. I seen it over an' over-a guy talkin' to another guy and it don't make no difference if he don't hear or understand. The thing is, they're talkin', or they're settin' still not talkin'. It don't make no difference, no difference. — John Steinbeck

You Are Busted Quotes By Paullina Simons

Tatiana sat on the bench by the bay, by the morning water, and watched her son push himself on a tire swing. Her arms were twisted around her stomach. She was trying not to rock like Alexander rocked at three o'clock in the morning. Has he left me? Did he kiss my hand and go? No. It wasn't possible. Something's happened. He can't cope, can't make it, can't find a way out, a way in. I know it. I feel it. We thought the hard part was over - but we were wrong. Living is the hardest part. Figuring out how to live your life when you're all busted up inside and out - there is nothing harder. Oh dear God. Where is Alexander? — Paullina Simons

You Are Busted Quotes By Micalea Smeltzer

Hey ya'll, you'll never believe what I just heard! Apparently some girl totally flipped out on the Ferris wheel."
I paled.
"Oh God, it was you wasn't it?" he looked at me and busted out laughing. "It figures. — Micalea Smeltzer

You Are Busted Quotes By Elle Varner

I love all things crafty. I love to make jewelry. I love to cut up old clothes and turn them into something new. I love projects like transforming a busted table into a shiny new table. I'm really into restoration and little side projects. — Elle Varner

You Are Busted Quotes By Kenny Loggins

We busted a lot of family secrets with this. But to make a long story short, my parents relationship was built heavily on security issues for my Mom, and when my Dad couldn't provide security, the relationship unraveled. — Kenny Loggins

You Are Busted Quotes By Anonymous

A TRACTOR-TRAILER driver carrying 80,000 pounds of wine was busted on a drunken driving charge, upstate New York officials said. — Anonymous

You Are Busted Quotes By Charlie Simpson

Busted is not the ideal band I'd like to be in by any stretch of the imagination. — Charlie Simpson

You Are Busted Quotes By John Green

You're awfully philosophical for a girl that just got busted. — John Green

You Are Busted Quotes By Ice-T

When I got a chance to rap, I just busted my ass. When I got a chance to act, I busted my ass. Anytime I get a chance. I'm not wasting time. I won't do it if I'm not doing it 110 percent. You've got to work hard if you want to play hard. I like to play, but I know I gotta bust my ass. — Ice-T

You Are Busted Quotes By Brandy Nacole

Are we safe from human exposure? I don't want the owners to find a busted-up angel and a buzzed vampire lurking in their shed and freak out. — Brandy Nacole

You Are Busted Quotes By Jeffery Deaver

Somebody you busted?" Amanda asked matter-of-factly. — Jeffery Deaver

You Are Busted Quotes By Dorothy Parker

All I have to be thankful for in this world is that I was sitting down when my garter busted. — Dorothy Parker

You Are Busted Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

He continues to believe, here on his French leave, and at his ease, that the interference is temporary and paper, a matter of messages routed and orders cut, an annoyance that will end when the War ends, so well have They busted the sod prairies of his brain, tilled and sown there, and subsidized him not to grow anything of his own... — Thomas Pynchon

You Are Busted Quotes By Dennis Rodman

I go out there and get my eyes gouged, my nose busted, my body slammed. I love the pain of the game. — Dennis Rodman