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Top You Amaze Me Love Quotes

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Tom Hanks

The Pixar people continuously amaze me. They come up with something that actually looks as though it takes place in this happy, real-world. Every plot line is not just plausible, but oddly authentic. The stories are full of adventure, humor and love. The characters are written with great human dimension. I don't know how they do it but they astound me. — Tom Hanks

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Marcus Aurelius

It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own. — Marcus Aurelius

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Sparkle Hayter

It never ceases to amaze, how often sex and love lead to murder and hatred. — Sparkle Hayter

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Wendy Mass

I realized that love is stronger than death and that people you barely know can amaze you. — Wendy Mass

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By V.S. Ramachandran

Even though its common knowledge these days, it never ceases to amaze me that all the richness of our mental life - all our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts, our ambitions, our love life, our religious sentiments and even what each of us regards us his own intimate private self - is simply the activity of these little specks of jelly in your head, in your brain. There is nothing else. — V.S. Ramachandran

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By R. Alan Woods

It never ceases to amaze me when God wants to take someone to the next level in their life and they let fear of the unknown rob them of tremendous blessings. I think there are two common problems with Christians- They are scared to death of being truly free and of God's overwhelming love. — R. Alan Woods

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Alicia Keys

Love will come find you
Just to remind you
Of who you are
[ ... ] See that's the thing about love
[ ... ] Then life
It will embrace you
Totally amaze you
So you don't give up — Alicia Keys

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Ohhh. Humanity, I Love You. You never cease to amaze me. This has been amusing, little ghost, and that was not something I expected. But every playtime must come to an end. This dream is over.
- "Playing House" From THE SANDMAN #12 — Neil Gaiman

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Debasish Mridha

To amaze yourself, lift your spirit and see through your love the beauties of life. — Debasish Mridha

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Kevin DeYoung

Grab them with passion. Win them with love. Hold them with holiness. Challenge them with truth. Amaze them with God. — Kevin DeYoung

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Shane K.P. O'Neill

One aspect of the human condition that never ceases to amaze me, is the frequecy with which love can turn to hate. But then, a broken heart no longer possesses a penchant for love. — Shane K.P. O'Neill

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Erica Jong

When I was a ten-year old bookworm and used to kiss the dust jacket pictures of authors as if they were icons, it used to amaze me that these remote people could provoke me to love. — Erica Jong

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Tanya Shaffer

Here's what I love about travel: strangers get a chance to amaze you. Sometimes a single day can bring a blooming surprise, a simple kindness that opens a chink in the brittle shell of your heart and makes you a different person when you go to sleep--more tender, less jaded--than you were when you woke up. — Tanya Shaffer

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Lloyd Alexander

Children's literature is considerably more functional than a good portion of adult literature. If I were cynical, I might say: Children's books are written to be read; adult books are written to be talked about at cocktail parties.
There may be more truth that cynicism in that statement. My impression is that many adult books are written only to shock the reader (a short term goal, since shock quickly turns into boredom) or as calisthenics for the author's ego.
On the other hand, children's literature seems an area where books function as they were meant to; where they amaze, delight, and move our emotions. We can respect and admire any number of current adult books, but I find it hard to love them. — Lloyd Alexander

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Todd William

I love skyscrapers. Visiting cities lush with tall buildings has always been a treat for me. The implications of these immense towers are tremendous - a representation of the power of mind over matter. It never ceases to amaze me that within our minds exist the power to transform earthly materials into these colossal giants. For me, a walk among skyscrapers is a pleasant reminder of the boundless potential of human thought. — Todd William

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By John Keats

Ah! dearest love, sweet home of all my fears,
and hopes, and joys, and panting miseries,
Tonight if I may guess, thy beauty wears a smile of such delight,
As brilliant and as bright
As when with ravished, aching, nassal eyes,
Lost in a soft amaze
I gaze, I gaze — John Keats

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Andrew Goldman

It never ceases to amaze me that Hollywood made "Pretty Woman," a love story between a hooker and her john. — Andrew Goldman

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Helena Christensen

I love breasts. I love the female shape. It's crazy - you can have movie posters with men with machine guns but, oh, God forbid you show the nipples! That never ceases to amaze me. — Helena Christensen

You Amaze Me Love Quotes By Julianna Scott

I loved him because I knew him. Because I'd seen the man he truly was inside, and it never failed to amaze me. I loved him for his heart and his strength. For his endless compassion and his unbreakable spirit even in the face of everything he'd been trough. I loved him because he was the person I wanted to be, and I was a better person just trough the privilege of knowing him. — Julianna Scott